Saturday, September 8, 2012

Best. Second. Proposal. Ever.

Well, technically it is the third proposal because the first proposal was when he proposed with a gold saxophone and the second proposal was when he bent his knee and put the ring on my finger. I promise you, I'm totally not a demanding girl, but this man is seriously crazy romantic.

I received a package from UPS today, but I wasn't allowed to open it until Wewo got off work. He's terrible! He made me wait for an hour before I could open my package! All I knew was that it was a book that was sent to New York....

So this is me, drinking cappucino at Gino (Isetan, KLCC)
Incidentally, the Gino coffee is really good! I actually prefer it over Starbucks. 

I peeked and saw the name R.A. SALVATORE!!!

*mind blown*

I was driving when Wewo opened up the package to ensure that everything was in order. Truth be told, just watching his face light up after a long day at work made everything totally worth it. He was so grooved up about the whole thing.See? I can be romantic too. Hehe. I love you!

He planned to let me read the book as a surprise, but I couldn't wait any more -- so our third proposal happened in my car, at some traffic light outside KLCC. He showed me the page and then I giggled. Then I looked at it again and then I cackled like a witch. And then I glanced at it again and I laughed hysterically.

Because there are no words to describe what it feels like to have someone you admire so much write to you and wish you all the best in your life. There are no words. And Wewo is awesome.


Congratulations, I hope! And may you (two) find a long, exciting and loving journey. 

R.A. (freaking) Salvatore. 

Wewo accompanied the presentation of the book with some discussion on why the Sellswords trilogy was chosen. Sellswords are mercenaries. They only want money, fame and fortune with loyalty only to each other. Wewo says that's us against the world. We're bad ass, we're serious and well, OK, we have a whole lot more integrity too.

I chose to be Jarlaxle because he's super cunning and fun, even though he's bald. Wewo approves because he says that Jarlaxle is the most dangerous although Artemis is much more proficient with the sword (but then again Artemis is mostly human, and Jarlaxle is a drow, which already gives him the physical advantage). 

My life is complete. I had a great Friday evening!


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