Sunday, September 9, 2012

of self fulfilling prophecies

I spent a good thirty minutes at the fruits section of ISETAN KLCC just marvelling at how expensive everything was. Grapes imported from Japan cost almost RM100 per pack. I almost bought it because it looked so round and juicy and yummy... ... ... but I couldn't. It would feel exactly like swallowing MONEY! 

Wewo's dad told us about how he used to cycle past his dream home and tell himself that he would own it someday. Considering that I have been thinking about the grapes for the past 48 hours, I believe that I will eventually be able to sit down and enjoy those bloody expensive grapes with a clear conscience and a nice, fat bank account. One day. That day will come, just you wait and see! 

In related but separate news, I have introduced a new young lady into my life - Lady Ducky! 

Sorry about the messy table - I was unpacking lots of stuff at that time
Lady Ducky's function is to help me save up every RM5 I come across. Most people practise the $5 dollar savings in a jar, but leaving money out in the open is both tempting and dangerous. Better to stuff it in a pearl necklace wearing yellow duck! I don't really know why I started up the RM5 savings duck. It is quite possible that it is because I wanted to see if I too can accumulate RM12,000 in 3 years just by putting RM5 away every chance I get (like in this story). That, plus I'm thinking about getting an iMac next year. Tee hee. 

Lady Ducky with one weeks' worth of accumulation 
I didn't have time to slot the notes in one by one, so I did it uhm, rather unorthodoxly. 

Now Lady Ducky sits next to the TV, happy and full! 

Starting Date: 01 Sep 2012


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