Thursday, September 20, 2012

so I was busy... and...

Dear Diary,

The past week has been filled with random gifts and plenty of junk food.

RM60 worth of sushi from Isetan
I tried the Salted Caramel Mocha thingy from Starbucks. Bleh. Total hot mess. 

Tiramisu! I was very stressed with work that day.
But everything's OK now so I can take a breather for the next couple of days. Yay. 

And then there was the double decker cheesy pizza from dominos with BBQ wings and chicken crunchies plus a bucket of original KFC chicken with cheesy wedges and coleslaw ... In short, it has become pretty apparent that our busy schedule is in direct proportion to the amount of junk food we eat. Oh well. Fingers crossed I'll be having my very own kitchen one year from now!

Wewo also bought me this pair of Yoga Sandals due to my poor posture and darn scoliosis. How cute are they?!!! \(^ ^)/

They're basically expensive orthopaedic shoes and are supposed to help with things like posture, Achilles tendons and plantar fasciitis. And they're so fluffy! I wear them to work, Wewo's place and even at home too. 

Oscar is investigating my Oprah Winfrey-approved sandals
Messing around with Oscar late at night. Yes, he needs a bath. Again.
Being so busy also makes me worried that I'm not spending enough quality time with Oscar, too. He's growing old too and it's important to me that he fully experiences all the perks of being a big ball of fur with googly eyes. 

Say hi, Oscar! 

Things That Have Been Occupying My Time
1. Work
2. Studio Work
3. Writing
4. Taking Care of Wewo
5. Being Taken Care of Wewo
6. Saxophone Class
7. Learning Tech Stuff
8. Learning Japanese 
9. Reading Books
10. Cooking
11. Planning World Domination
12. Juggling you know... the wedding thing

And speaking of which, I just received my very first souvenir wedding gift today! 

It's a Passport to Being the Perfect Lou Poh (Wife) 

I dunno, LOL

Look, I can stick my photo there! 

So in summary,

I am barely getting enough sleep 

I am starting to lose track of things

But everyday is fun, fun, fun filled with plenty of pretty adventures and rainbow coloured surprises. I'm off to give Oscar another kiss on the head before turning in for the night. Good night, diary! 


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