Wednesday, October 31, 2012

White knuckles and sweaty palms from hanging on too tight

My family used to tease me about being a Sleeping Beauty because I could sleep anywhere at any time and any how. I could sleep standing up, I could sleep while eating and even mid-way through conversation. My favourite spot to fall asleep in though would be in my bed and on the family sofa. And the best part was that no alarm clocks could ever wake me up, regardless of its size or noise. If kids had talent, mine would have been deaf ears. *action face* 

Ho boy, do I miss whiling away an entire day just by sleeping and resting! It's 1:30AM now and I'm still awake fussing over work. Nevermind, off to bed I go!

P/S - I have recently completed the Nodame Cantabile manga series. It makes me want to wear more skirts and dresses, just like Baby-chan! And practise my saxophone a lot more. Maybe after I get some more sleep. Yeah.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All I wanna do is love your body.

I've been a Christina Aguilera fan for 15 years! 
Ho boy, I am SO TOTALLY READY for a serious Christina Aguilera music comeback! Although... even though I am a serious fan girl, I am not happy about Christina being fat. Go back to being skinny and bad ass, Christina!!!

I am also currently into watching episodes of Modern Family and I've recently finished Kaikan Phrase (18SX) and caught up with the latest chapters of Toriko. I'm currently breezing through Nodame Cantabile manga and Legend of Tyre at the same time to evenly balance out the girly-ness with the testosterone-laden storyline.

Man Plans, God Directs

I have had a couple more divine interventions lately. Seriously.

Incident One

We randomly decided to register our marriage on a Wednesday and while I had my doubts about it, standing true to the chosen date became the reason why Wewo had to reshuffle his work trips and the next thing I know, I'm treated to an all-expenses paid trip to Universal Studios Singapore plus transport and stay in a five-star hotel. If we had opted to be married on any other day, none of these would have been possible.

Incident Two

I randomly mentioned to Wewo that October is Gourmet Month in Malaysia, where lots of nice gastronomic treats are at discount pricing, and because I already felt guilty about spending so much money on the wedding, I decided that we would till next year to sample delicious gourmet fair. Boom! Wewo unintentionally gets a free gourmet meal for both of us.

Incident Three

I asked for a wedding planner and now I have three options. THREE. Woo hoo!

Incident Four 

I've been in several near-accidents these couple of weeks, but nothing bad has happened at all (thank you God, amen). E.g. just this evening, the car of me suddenly braked and came to a standstill while I was travelling at 80kmph on the highway. Phew.


Well, OK, there are probably a lot more divine touches in my life that I am probably too oblivious to identify. It's nice though to know that Someone is watching over me and taking care of my needs really well. I want to always be healthy and wealthy (enough) and pretty and happy!

It reminds me of a Neil Gaiman short story where he mentions that all happiness never lasts. It makes me worried about losing all that is precious to me sometimes but then I remember that I have a pretty good antidote to such loss and worry.

Grateful. I want to always be grateful for all that I had, have and will experience thereafter.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fine Dining at il Lido

Gourmet achievement unlocked today!

Today marks the first time I actually went out for fine dining in KL! I am a true-and-true burger, pizza and laksa type of girl, and while I must say that eating out of a Really Big Plate is expensive, it is also pretty fun to dress up and act all grown up and proper with your loved one.

They were pretty generous with the bread served with olive oil and vinegar.
They kept topping up the bread, so I stopped finishing mine whereas Wewo had three. 

Amuse Bouche. Just tastes like fish.

The actual size of the Amuse Bouche. One mouthful,  just like in Top Chef! 

Home smoked tuna with beet root and horse radish.
This was Wewo's favorite! I liked it too, I just rolled everything up and ate it really fast.
Wewo gently sliced his way through the dish like a gentleman. 

We skipped fancy wine and opted for fancy sparkling water instead.
Sparkling water is really, really surprising! How does Mariah Carey drink this everyday?
 It makes me feel thirsty, LOL.

Squid Ink Tanglierini with Crab and Safron. This was all right.  

Veal with Mushrooms and Creamy Polenta! Wewo had this and remarked that it was delicious. 

This was my main course. Seabass fillet with leeks, olives and new potatoes.
Mmmm. This was really, really, really, really delicious!
Even Wewo had some, and he doesn't even like fish.

And my personal favourite dish of all was the heavenly dessert!

Just look at it. Seriously. 

Poetry. I am eating poetry. 
Vanilla Pannacotta with Red Berries.
I spent nearly twenty minutes on this plate, while enjoying sips of really good coffee in between.
I felt as though I leveled up, just like TORIKO! 

Petit Four served with our coffee. It tastes great when eaten with the gorgeous pannacotta.

 So, there you have it --- fine dining at iL Lido restaurant. It was a lucky thing, because the promo menu set was in conjunction with The Week of Taste Malaysia festival. A five course meal is usually nearly RM300 per pax, so this was a bargain. The service was wonderful, everyone was awesome and the lady boss even dropped by to talk to us.

We also really, really liked the privacy of the place. It seemed as though it would be the kind of place where wedding proposals happened or where shoddy deals are made by fat businessmen. Probably one minor problem would be that the soft, dark lighting made photography a challenge.

See? We look weird and scary-looking. I guess this is also a great place to be telling ghost stories, mwahahaha. I'm definitely going back again! I'm sooooo seriously in LOVE with the Pannacotta! (´∀`)

And just in case you're wondering why we'd randomly treat ourselves to a fine dining experience...

The Damage

Wewo's Company is footing bill! Ah hard work, thou taste so sweet!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The 20% Rule


Engagement Shoot.


So I collected our engagement proofs today. Over 500 photos of awesomeness was catalogued that day. Our photos and video (coming soon, next month) were taken by One Way Ticket, whom I absolutely adore. (´∀`)I wish I could shrink all of them and tuck them in my pocket! All three of them (the camera girl, designer and video guy) are all so cute!!!


Perspective is always interesting, because perspective is what gives a story a lifeline. Perspective also happens to be something I am struggling with right now because it's so much more comfortable to see things from one single point of view. Starting from today, I'm going to take a step back and look at things a little more differently.

A wedding ceremony is just a fun, epic party with your loved ones.

A job is not a chore, it is a method of adding value to society.

My dog is not a pet, he is a friend who really needs me.

And so on and so forth.

I'm also going to attempt working seriously only 20% of the time on my off days to increase productivity and lessen the stress/guilt of feeling as though I have to be working 24/7 even on weekends! Since I'm awake an average of 18 hours, that would mean that I'll only have to work about 4 hours from Thursdays to Sundays.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Phoenix Ring Rising

So around August this year, we discovered that my poor engagement ring broke. Like, irreparably and irrevocably.

This is what your Habib ring will look like after 4 months. Well done, Habib.

The whole event was very sad. Wewo dropped by the shop to talk to the manager, who made him wait one whole hour, and then said that we'll need to go through paperwork and MAYBE, just MAYBE someone will fix the ring for us. HABIB is not a premium jeweller's place, it is quite simply a CON SHOP. The next time you want to propose, go to BVALGARI or Tiffany. Seriously, when it comes to rings, BRAND NAMES COUNT.

Anyway. I don't really want to harp on about how downright horrible the service at Habib is. Mortals, thou hath been warned! 

The good news is that this event united me with this Husband and Wife team who specialize in customizing jewellery (visit Materialise Creativity). For less than RM800, they melted and reshaped my ring so I could still wear The Very First Ring Wewo Has Ever Bought for Me. 

And boy, does it look good! 

Renewed ring at the bottom, the top ring is my replacement engagement ring from Radiance Diamond

When you think good things, good things will come to you! 

Another positive thing about this event was that it allowed us to laugh over trivial matters and deal with this calmly and swiftly. At the end of the day, a ring is just a ring. It is replaceable, but your smile, your soul is not. 

And I'm going to advocate the application of cubic zirconia for engagement/wedding rings, now! It's cheaper and looks just the same as diamonds! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

F-you, Thunder! You can suck my-

 It's a Wednesday night, and work at the studio is followed by dinner followed by even more work at home. And then I look down and there's my dog, Oscar, looking sheepish and bug-eyed just because it's raining and thundering nefariously outside. I know, I'm scared too, Oscar. Ho boy, do I need a Thunder Buddy. 

So I hold my dog on my lap and try to squish his little flat head under the crook of my neck, just so he knows that everything will be OK pretty soon. There was a water shortage earlier today and it might flood at my housing area tomorrow, but for now, at this moment, it's all OK.

I will be up and running the whole day tomorrow, starting from 8AM till 11PM. But I'll be picking up my newly refurbished ring also, so it's all very exciting and... and... shiny! Stay tuned for a bling update tomorrow!

PS - I found my videographer and studio simply by mentioning it offhandedly on this blog, so I was wondering... does anyone happen to have an actual day wedding planner's contact? The ones I found cost an arm and a leg (like, at least RM2,2000 for 3 hours of work... seriously, geez.)

Also, I'm halfway through R.A. Salvatore's Hunter's Blade Trilogy:


It's all right. I generally like anything with Wulfgar, Buenor and the Gutbuster team in it. And let us not forget - it's written by R.A. (freaking) Salvatore!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

something blue!

With my sweet sweet cousin, seconds before devouring  delectable mango desserts 

OK, so I've decided to switch up my template and install NuffnangX. Tinkered around with installing Pinterest buttons but it was a disappointing failure ... m(_ _)m ゴメンナサイ

Naturally, I decided to do all this at 1 in the morning, when I really should be in bed resting and plotting my work for Wednesday. Ahem.

I've been devouring all kinds of manga lately! Some of the better recommended ones are:
1. Half Prince (Korean manhwa)
2. Hapi Mari (for the girls)
3. King of Hell (Korean manhwa)
4. Sun-ken Rock (Korean manhwa)
5. Tokyo Crazy Paradise (from the same writer of SKIP BEAT!!!)

And I'm almost catching up with Toriko by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi... going to tuck into bed now so I can read a few more chapters before fatigue catches up with me. Sleep? Pffft...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

it's been two weeks since you looked at me

('-'*)オヒサ♪ !!! Long time no see!!!

It's been a topsy turvy two weeks at camp Pam!

We began our Marriage Preparation Course last week and it ended with me getting bitten by something weird on the neck:

That is NOT a hickey mark :( 
At least... I think I was bitten by something as I'm actually not allergic to anything, besides ugly things. Lo and behold, I suffered a pretty bad allergic reaction and itched all over my body. By the time I went to bed at 3am, my body was swollen and red and uncomfortable-ish. The best part was that I managed to troop down to a college friend's wedding in KL just as the allergic reaction was breaking out.

If your body suddenly itches all over uncontrollably (mine lasted for like 3 hours):
1. Take a very, very cold shower
2. If you're anaemic, take iron pills
3. Take antihistamine medicine to counteract the allergic reaction
4. Loose clothing
5. Try not to scratch, OK?
6. Apply cold creams like Mopiko, Aloe Vera Gel or Vaseline on super itchy areas

For some strange reason, we thought a hot shower would help so I had TWO HOT SHOWERS before Googling up my symptoms and then realized that we should've just tried super cold water instead (゚ペ). Everything eased down after my cold shower and I quickly tucked into bed. I woke up fine the next day, so I guess we will never know what triggered the dramatic rash.

After resting a fair bit, we trooped off to watch a Muay Thai match with  a forest ranger-cum-IT guy, market research guy and graphic designer guy.

The ticket. RM15 for two days match, but we only went for the finals. 
Polis DiRaja Malaysia versus a nobody from Thailand. Look at the difference in body weight and stature!
It was a very unfair fight. 

But the PDRM guy was kinda awesome, although... I wish it was a grittier fight.
He won because the Thailand nobody gave up halfway and conceded the fight. Boo.
I usually like a good knock out fight, but everything about the event was bad. It started 1.5 hours late. The ventilation was off and lots of people thought it would be a good idea to smoke in an enclosed area despite the numerous NO SMOKING signages pasted on every wall and post. And some other parents thought it would be cool to have babies and little kids hanging around clouds of smoke in a non-ventilated area. I'm not pointing any fingers but... you guys. Geez.

So by the time all 8 fights were done, it was already way past midnight on a Sunday night. The company was great though, so we'll probably go for more kickass martial arts tournaments. My advise is to stay away from events held by small/government-ish organizations as they always start SUPER LATE and NEVER EVER EVER LIKE EVER attend any function at Stadium Titiwangsa unless you'd like to die from smoke asphyxiation.  Seriously, by the end of the tournament, our eyes were dry and we all just wanted it to end really, really quickly. Did I mention that despite starting 1.5 hours late, the organizers also decided to hold a 45 minute break interval as well?

Aaaaaanyway, I also tested out gelish nails at Bangsar Village 2 on a whim last week:

Sparkling purple for the toes. I know. I have pretty well formed nails. *action face* 

Tomato red! Apparently it's  a popular color right now, who knew?
Maybe it's because Taylor Swift's new album is coming out. 
GELISH NAILS ARE AWESOME! No more chipping or smudging my nails, and it can last for about 3 weeks! I'm looking forward to switching it up again next week as that will be my chosen nail color as I sign my wedding ROM. Woo hoo!

My DIY wedding card! In a doily envelope! It happened, you guys!!!
All that's missing is the Location Map, which is currently work in progress.
Cards to be distributed next month, I'm psyched!

Soo Hoo, you don't have Facebook so I'm letting you know now that you're invited!!! 

Every wedding card will come with a little photo of us from Wedoo.
Wedoo services is kind of iffy. I ordered like about 150 pieces of these cards, and they only sent 45 pieces. 

So that brings us to this week.

Wewo just had a mega office party yesterday and I'm still recovering from some physical problems, so we decided to take it slow today. After our Marriage Preparation Course session (which is held weekly), we shared 2kg of fresh crab followed by 2 hours of full body massage, served with complimentary fresh ginger tea. Decadence is OK once in awhile, especially since we'll be having oats for the rest of the week.

Followed by fine dining next Saturday, fingers crossed! 

Oh yeah, and I also saw Bangsar Babe today at the Marriage Preparation Course. Man, she's hotter in real life! *girl crush mode on*

And in other news...

Oscar still hates his baths, but really, really likes to drink out of the shower every night. He's a punk.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Of assholes and happiness

It has become quite common for people to tell me that I'm living the Good Life, that I'm playful and bashful despite having my own fair share of drama. While we may all agree that my life is pretty FABULOUS right now, I'd like to point out that you too can have a stress-free, drama-void Happy Life too.

Repeat after me: 

The secret to being happy is to avoid assholes.

Like this asshole right here. This is an SMS I randomly received last week from my ex-boyfriend

I did not jilt this poor sod suddenly.  I broke up with him THREE YEARS AGO and he was never heard from again until two weeks back, when he suddenly phone texted me (not even a phone call, because that would require way too much balls), congratulating me about my engagement.

Like, ew. He is not broken hearted, not after three years of lost contact. He is just an asshole who wants to see if he can break up a blessed engagement. Asshole. As if any other man can measure up to my dashing fiance. Wewo can even trump Edward Cullen and Robert Pattinson, OK?! 

So anyway, yes. That is basically how I live my life now. I only do fun things and whenever I detect an asshole within the vicinity, I do an about turn and go about my merry way. Assholes cannot be annihilated or frightened, as they feed off intellectual conversation. Do not engage in any form of communication, pass go and move on with your life. 

And with that, I will let this issue go! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

p / s - I guess it can be said that another secret to a happy life is to find the humor in everything. Wewo and I laughed about this for awhile, but then dinner became a much more interesting affair and we also moved on from this sad, twisted asshole whom I'm so grateful I had the sane mind to ditch. ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ yahoo! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

72 hour foodie post

Ding dong, it's 2am in the morning! I just got back from Singapore today/yesterday. Behold, an image heavy post on all the stuff I've eaten in the past 48-hours!

Day One - Matching Passports! Cute eh ~ purchased from Daiso for only RM5 
9:30am Breakfast before boarding the bus to Singapore

Every holiday must include a token couple shot (in the bus)

The purple scrunchie is my latest impulse purchase. Can you guess whose hand is whose? :3 
Bland corn in the cup from Daily Fresh. Meh.

We consumed plenty of cut fruits on this journey. In total, we spent close to RM40! On fruits! 

So when we got to Singapore, we had some fun exploring Marina Mandarin Hotel, took a long nap and then attended Wewo's childhood friend's wedding. It was fun meeting beloved's classmates. No photos of the luxurious dinner which included lobster, shark fin, cod fish, jumbo king prawns and expensive ice-cream.

The Next Day~

Creme Brulee the size of my head! 
Double patty beef burger for breakfast, because we are just that bad ass 

We discovered that Marina Mandarin is connected to a shopping mall! Had a beefy breakfast at a restaurant called Hippoptamus, and was greatly amazed by how cheap everything was and how large the portions were. Yummy. 

Dessert at Professor Brawn 
Imported Root Beer for Me, Lemonade for Him

 After checking out, we travelled back to Novena Square to meet up with Jason and catch our bus. We discovered this really cute place called Professor Brawn cafe which apparently operates on a goodwill/charity basis. Once again the portions were really, really big. Why aren't Singaporeans fat???

When you get there, you must try the brownies! AMAZING! 

At my insistence, we then had a latte from Spinelli cafe, but it tasted OK only. It used to taste CRAZY AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS two years ago! Oh, how you have changed, Spinelli! So to make up for that one bad decision, I decided to takeaway MOS burgers to be eaten on the bus trip back to KL 

Ebi Rice Burger! Yummy!

BBQ pizza with extra cheese from Domino's 

Crazy Chicken Crunchies? 

And much later that night, we unpacked, showered and celebrated the good trip with pizza from Domino's. The night was made even better by watching The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982). Seriously, that movie is officially one of my most favorite movies of all time. La! I hope they never do a remake because they could never do it justice!

"My dear chap, I never would have dreamt of depriving you of your moment of triumph. Alas, a moment was all I could spare."  ~ a cutting remark by the elegant Sir Percy

And then we proceeded to pass out from all the excessive travelling we've experienced in the past 24 hours.

We had brunch the next day at Ben's, KLCC

Hearty Chicken soup. Really hearty! 

Really Delicious House Salad

Since I was too lazy to work, I spent the day reading manga at Du Viet while waiting for Wewo to finish some work accompanied by coffee and dessert.

This caramel custard thingy cost almost RM10! It was only OK.
Drip coffee with vanilla ice-cream. It was only OK.

Wewo joined me later for dinner - rice spring roll for appetizers 

And we shared a bowl of beef noddles. It was OK only. I think we liked Pho Hoa restaurant much better. 

Lemongrass Ginger thingy for me 
Apple cider fizzy drink for him

OK, so that was my three day weekend! Back to the daily grind tomorrow! :)

This are is left blank on purpose