Monday, October 1, 2012

72 hour foodie post

Ding dong, it's 2am in the morning! I just got back from Singapore today/yesterday. Behold, an image heavy post on all the stuff I've eaten in the past 48-hours!

Day One - Matching Passports! Cute eh ~ purchased from Daiso for only RM5 
9:30am Breakfast before boarding the bus to Singapore

Every holiday must include a token couple shot (in the bus)

The purple scrunchie is my latest impulse purchase. Can you guess whose hand is whose? :3 
Bland corn in the cup from Daily Fresh. Meh.

We consumed plenty of cut fruits on this journey. In total, we spent close to RM40! On fruits! 

So when we got to Singapore, we had some fun exploring Marina Mandarin Hotel, took a long nap and then attended Wewo's childhood friend's wedding. It was fun meeting beloved's classmates. No photos of the luxurious dinner which included lobster, shark fin, cod fish, jumbo king prawns and expensive ice-cream.

The Next Day~

Creme Brulee the size of my head! 
Double patty beef burger for breakfast, because we are just that bad ass 

We discovered that Marina Mandarin is connected to a shopping mall! Had a beefy breakfast at a restaurant called Hippoptamus, and was greatly amazed by how cheap everything was and how large the portions were. Yummy. 

Dessert at Professor Brawn 
Imported Root Beer for Me, Lemonade for Him

 After checking out, we travelled back to Novena Square to meet up with Jason and catch our bus. We discovered this really cute place called Professor Brawn cafe which apparently operates on a goodwill/charity basis. Once again the portions were really, really big. Why aren't Singaporeans fat???

When you get there, you must try the brownies! AMAZING! 

At my insistence, we then had a latte from Spinelli cafe, but it tasted OK only. It used to taste CRAZY AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS two years ago! Oh, how you have changed, Spinelli! So to make up for that one bad decision, I decided to takeaway MOS burgers to be eaten on the bus trip back to KL 

Ebi Rice Burger! Yummy!

BBQ pizza with extra cheese from Domino's 

Crazy Chicken Crunchies? 

And much later that night, we unpacked, showered and celebrated the good trip with pizza from Domino's. The night was made even better by watching The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982). Seriously, that movie is officially one of my most favorite movies of all time. La! I hope they never do a remake because they could never do it justice!

"My dear chap, I never would have dreamt of depriving you of your moment of triumph. Alas, a moment was all I could spare."  ~ a cutting remark by the elegant Sir Percy

And then we proceeded to pass out from all the excessive travelling we've experienced in the past 24 hours.

We had brunch the next day at Ben's, KLCC

Hearty Chicken soup. Really hearty! 

Really Delicious House Salad

Since I was too lazy to work, I spent the day reading manga at Du Viet while waiting for Wewo to finish some work accompanied by coffee and dessert.

This caramel custard thingy cost almost RM10! It was only OK.
Drip coffee with vanilla ice-cream. It was only OK.

Wewo joined me later for dinner - rice spring roll for appetizers 

And we shared a bowl of beef noddles. It was OK only. I think we liked Pho Hoa restaurant much better. 

Lemongrass Ginger thingy for me 
Apple cider fizzy drink for him

OK, so that was my three day weekend! Back to the daily grind tomorrow! :)


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