Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All I wanna do is love your body.

I've been a Christina Aguilera fan for 15 years! 
Ho boy, I am SO TOTALLY READY for a serious Christina Aguilera music comeback! Although... even though I am a serious fan girl, I am not happy about Christina being fat. Go back to being skinny and bad ass, Christina!!!

I am also currently into watching episodes of Modern Family and I've recently finished Kaikan Phrase (18SX) and caught up with the latest chapters of Toriko. I'm currently breezing through Nodame Cantabile manga and Legend of Tyre at the same time to evenly balance out the girly-ness with the testosterone-laden storyline.

Man Plans, God Directs

I have had a couple more divine interventions lately. Seriously.

Incident One

We randomly decided to register our marriage on a Wednesday and while I had my doubts about it, standing true to the chosen date became the reason why Wewo had to reshuffle his work trips and the next thing I know, I'm treated to an all-expenses paid trip to Universal Studios Singapore plus transport and stay in a five-star hotel. If we had opted to be married on any other day, none of these would have been possible.

Incident Two

I randomly mentioned to Wewo that October is Gourmet Month in Malaysia, where lots of nice gastronomic treats are at discount pricing, and because I already felt guilty about spending so much money on the wedding, I decided that we would till next year to sample delicious gourmet fair. Boom! Wewo unintentionally gets a free gourmet meal for both of us.

Incident Three

I asked for a wedding planner and now I have three options. THREE. Woo hoo!

Incident Four 

I've been in several near-accidents these couple of weeks, but nothing bad has happened at all (thank you God, amen). E.g. just this evening, the car of me suddenly braked and came to a standstill while I was travelling at 80kmph on the highway. Phew.


Well, OK, there are probably a lot more divine touches in my life that I am probably too oblivious to identify. It's nice though to know that Someone is watching over me and taking care of my needs really well. I want to always be healthy and wealthy (enough) and pretty and happy!

It reminds me of a Neil Gaiman short story where he mentions that all happiness never lasts. It makes me worried about losing all that is precious to me sometimes but then I remember that I have a pretty good antidote to such loss and worry.

Grateful. I want to always be grateful for all that I had, have and will experience thereafter.


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