Thursday, October 18, 2012

F-you, Thunder! You can suck my-

 It's a Wednesday night, and work at the studio is followed by dinner followed by even more work at home. And then I look down and there's my dog, Oscar, looking sheepish and bug-eyed just because it's raining and thundering nefariously outside. I know, I'm scared too, Oscar. Ho boy, do I need a Thunder Buddy. 

So I hold my dog on my lap and try to squish his little flat head under the crook of my neck, just so he knows that everything will be OK pretty soon. There was a water shortage earlier today and it might flood at my housing area tomorrow, but for now, at this moment, it's all OK.

I will be up and running the whole day tomorrow, starting from 8AM till 11PM. But I'll be picking up my newly refurbished ring also, so it's all very exciting and... and... shiny! Stay tuned for a bling update tomorrow!

PS - I found my videographer and studio simply by mentioning it offhandedly on this blog, so I was wondering... does anyone happen to have an actual day wedding planner's contact? The ones I found cost an arm and a leg (like, at least RM2,2000 for 3 hours of work... seriously, geez.)

Also, I'm halfway through R.A. Salvatore's Hunter's Blade Trilogy:


It's all right. I generally like anything with Wulfgar, Buenor and the Gutbuster team in it. And let us not forget - it's written by R.A. (freaking) Salvatore!


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