Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fine Dining at il Lido

Gourmet achievement unlocked today!

Today marks the first time I actually went out for fine dining in KL! I am a true-and-true burger, pizza and laksa type of girl, and while I must say that eating out of a Really Big Plate is expensive, it is also pretty fun to dress up and act all grown up and proper with your loved one.

They were pretty generous with the bread served with olive oil and vinegar.
They kept topping up the bread, so I stopped finishing mine whereas Wewo had three. 

Amuse Bouche. Just tastes like fish.

The actual size of the Amuse Bouche. One mouthful,  just like in Top Chef! 

Home smoked tuna with beet root and horse radish.
This was Wewo's favorite! I liked it too, I just rolled everything up and ate it really fast.
Wewo gently sliced his way through the dish like a gentleman. 

We skipped fancy wine and opted for fancy sparkling water instead.
Sparkling water is really, really surprising! How does Mariah Carey drink this everyday?
 It makes me feel thirsty, LOL.

Squid Ink Tanglierini with Crab and Safron. This was all right.  

Veal with Mushrooms and Creamy Polenta! Wewo had this and remarked that it was delicious. 

This was my main course. Seabass fillet with leeks, olives and new potatoes.
Mmmm. This was really, really, really, really delicious!
Even Wewo had some, and he doesn't even like fish.

And my personal favourite dish of all was the heavenly dessert!

Just look at it. Seriously. 

Poetry. I am eating poetry. 
Vanilla Pannacotta with Red Berries.
I spent nearly twenty minutes on this plate, while enjoying sips of really good coffee in between.
I felt as though I leveled up, just like TORIKO! 

Petit Four served with our coffee. It tastes great when eaten with the gorgeous pannacotta.

 So, there you have it --- fine dining at iL Lido restaurant. It was a lucky thing, because the promo menu set was in conjunction with The Week of Taste Malaysia festival. A five course meal is usually nearly RM300 per pax, so this was a bargain. The service was wonderful, everyone was awesome and the lady boss even dropped by to talk to us.

We also really, really liked the privacy of the place. It seemed as though it would be the kind of place where wedding proposals happened or where shoddy deals are made by fat businessmen. Probably one minor problem would be that the soft, dark lighting made photography a challenge.

See? We look weird and scary-looking. I guess this is also a great place to be telling ghost stories, mwahahaha. I'm definitely going back again! I'm sooooo seriously in LOVE with the Pannacotta! (´∀`)

And just in case you're wondering why we'd randomly treat ourselves to a fine dining experience...

The Damage

Wewo's Company is footing bill! Ah hard work, thou taste so sweet!


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