Sunday, October 14, 2012

it's been two weeks since you looked at me

('-'*)オヒサ♪ !!! Long time no see!!!

It's been a topsy turvy two weeks at camp Pam!

We began our Marriage Preparation Course last week and it ended with me getting bitten by something weird on the neck:

That is NOT a hickey mark :( 
At least... I think I was bitten by something as I'm actually not allergic to anything, besides ugly things. Lo and behold, I suffered a pretty bad allergic reaction and itched all over my body. By the time I went to bed at 3am, my body was swollen and red and uncomfortable-ish. The best part was that I managed to troop down to a college friend's wedding in KL just as the allergic reaction was breaking out.

If your body suddenly itches all over uncontrollably (mine lasted for like 3 hours):
1. Take a very, very cold shower
2. If you're anaemic, take iron pills
3. Take antihistamine medicine to counteract the allergic reaction
4. Loose clothing
5. Try not to scratch, OK?
6. Apply cold creams like Mopiko, Aloe Vera Gel or Vaseline on super itchy areas

For some strange reason, we thought a hot shower would help so I had TWO HOT SHOWERS before Googling up my symptoms and then realized that we should've just tried super cold water instead (゚ペ). Everything eased down after my cold shower and I quickly tucked into bed. I woke up fine the next day, so I guess we will never know what triggered the dramatic rash.

After resting a fair bit, we trooped off to watch a Muay Thai match with  a forest ranger-cum-IT guy, market research guy and graphic designer guy.

The ticket. RM15 for two days match, but we only went for the finals. 
Polis DiRaja Malaysia versus a nobody from Thailand. Look at the difference in body weight and stature!
It was a very unfair fight. 

But the PDRM guy was kinda awesome, although... I wish it was a grittier fight.
He won because the Thailand nobody gave up halfway and conceded the fight. Boo.
I usually like a good knock out fight, but everything about the event was bad. It started 1.5 hours late. The ventilation was off and lots of people thought it would be a good idea to smoke in an enclosed area despite the numerous NO SMOKING signages pasted on every wall and post. And some other parents thought it would be cool to have babies and little kids hanging around clouds of smoke in a non-ventilated area. I'm not pointing any fingers but... you guys. Geez.

So by the time all 8 fights were done, it was already way past midnight on a Sunday night. The company was great though, so we'll probably go for more kickass martial arts tournaments. My advise is to stay away from events held by small/government-ish organizations as they always start SUPER LATE and NEVER EVER EVER LIKE EVER attend any function at Stadium Titiwangsa unless you'd like to die from smoke asphyxiation.  Seriously, by the end of the tournament, our eyes were dry and we all just wanted it to end really, really quickly. Did I mention that despite starting 1.5 hours late, the organizers also decided to hold a 45 minute break interval as well?

Aaaaaanyway, I also tested out gelish nails at Bangsar Village 2 on a whim last week:

Sparkling purple for the toes. I know. I have pretty well formed nails. *action face* 

Tomato red! Apparently it's  a popular color right now, who knew?
Maybe it's because Taylor Swift's new album is coming out. 
GELISH NAILS ARE AWESOME! No more chipping or smudging my nails, and it can last for about 3 weeks! I'm looking forward to switching it up again next week as that will be my chosen nail color as I sign my wedding ROM. Woo hoo!

My DIY wedding card! In a doily envelope! It happened, you guys!!!
All that's missing is the Location Map, which is currently work in progress.
Cards to be distributed next month, I'm psyched!

Soo Hoo, you don't have Facebook so I'm letting you know now that you're invited!!! 

Every wedding card will come with a little photo of us from Wedoo.
Wedoo services is kind of iffy. I ordered like about 150 pieces of these cards, and they only sent 45 pieces. 

So that brings us to this week.

Wewo just had a mega office party yesterday and I'm still recovering from some physical problems, so we decided to take it slow today. After our Marriage Preparation Course session (which is held weekly), we shared 2kg of fresh crab followed by 2 hours of full body massage, served with complimentary fresh ginger tea. Decadence is OK once in awhile, especially since we'll be having oats for the rest of the week.

Followed by fine dining next Saturday, fingers crossed! 

Oh yeah, and I also saw Bangsar Babe today at the Marriage Preparation Course. Man, she's hotter in real life! *girl crush mode on*

And in other news...

Oscar still hates his baths, but really, really likes to drink out of the shower every night. He's a punk.


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