Friday, October 19, 2012

Phoenix Ring Rising

So around August this year, we discovered that my poor engagement ring broke. Like, irreparably and irrevocably.

This is what your Habib ring will look like after 4 months. Well done, Habib.

The whole event was very sad. Wewo dropped by the shop to talk to the manager, who made him wait one whole hour, and then said that we'll need to go through paperwork and MAYBE, just MAYBE someone will fix the ring for us. HABIB is not a premium jeweller's place, it is quite simply a CON SHOP. The next time you want to propose, go to BVALGARI or Tiffany. Seriously, when it comes to rings, BRAND NAMES COUNT.

Anyway. I don't really want to harp on about how downright horrible the service at Habib is. Mortals, thou hath been warned! 

The good news is that this event united me with this Husband and Wife team who specialize in customizing jewellery (visit Materialise Creativity). For less than RM800, they melted and reshaped my ring so I could still wear The Very First Ring Wewo Has Ever Bought for Me. 

And boy, does it look good! 

Renewed ring at the bottom, the top ring is my replacement engagement ring from Radiance Diamond

When you think good things, good things will come to you! 

Another positive thing about this event was that it allowed us to laugh over trivial matters and deal with this calmly and swiftly. At the end of the day, a ring is just a ring. It is replaceable, but your smile, your soul is not. 

And I'm going to advocate the application of cubic zirconia for engagement/wedding rings, now! It's cheaper and looks just the same as diamonds! 


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