Wednesday, October 31, 2012

White knuckles and sweaty palms from hanging on too tight

My family used to tease me about being a Sleeping Beauty because I could sleep anywhere at any time and any how. I could sleep standing up, I could sleep while eating and even mid-way through conversation. My favourite spot to fall asleep in though would be in my bed and on the family sofa. And the best part was that no alarm clocks could ever wake me up, regardless of its size or noise. If kids had talent, mine would have been deaf ears. *action face* 

Ho boy, do I miss whiling away an entire day just by sleeping and resting! It's 1:30AM now and I'm still awake fussing over work. Nevermind, off to bed I go!

P/S - I have recently completed the Nodame Cantabile manga series. It makes me want to wear more skirts and dresses, just like Baby-chan! And practise my saxophone a lot more. Maybe after I get some more sleep. Yeah.


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