Monday, November 5, 2012

born to live, not stress

She's so awesome! 

This weekend was a blast! Spent my days blazing through the entire Gantz manga series -- all 372 chapters of 'em! I'm a Reika fan, so I'm pretty bummed about what happened to her (cough)... but still, fingers crossed that the series will end with a happy ending for all! Who knew I liked alien carnage, eh! Wewo has the feature film in DVD format kept safe somewhere, so I'll be digging it out to watch next weekend.

Everytime NanoWrimo comes around in November, I always find myself caught off guard and I can never commit to it because I either find out about it too late, or already have things planned for November. This year, I promptly registered an account and then decided that that would be the maximum extent of my contribution to this year's NanoWrimo.

After all, I am getting married in about two weeks (technically it is 16 days), and although it is just a civil ceremony, the last thing I want is to panic about having to write 50,000 words by the end of November, especially since I haven't decided on how I want to cut my hair or what dress I will be wearing to the ceremony. Sigh. At some point in my life, I just didn't have the time to care about fashion anymore, which is pretty bad, as all girls should be pretty all the time. 

What with the business and studio work plus taking care of Wewo plus Oscar plus saxophone plus wedding plans plus moving home plus iPhone app classes, etc. etc. etc. I think a girl can only take so much before she self implodes. Why can't I just sit still and focus on one project at a time? Is there a job where all I need to do is proof read Gantz latest chapters for a hefty salary? (====____====)


Also, I will be heading to Singapore soon.I plan to swim a lot there and hunt down the elusive Bugs Bunny. 

Also, I have been sleeping at 3am lately. I am stressed, can you tell? So no NanoWrimo for me this month. Oh well, something to add to next year's New Year Resolution, I guess! 

And so, November begins... 


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