Sunday, November 25, 2012

first post post marriage

Spot my wedding ring!
So this photo basically sums up what happened on my wedding registration day, LOL.

Basically, I suffered from severe fatigue on the eve of my important day. Well, I'm not sure what the medical term for it is but it basically feels as though your whole body is aching, your body rejects food and all you want to do is sleep. So I did - I slept over 30 hours without drinking or eating anything, so you can imagine the state I was in when I finally pulled myself together.

Amazingly, I had a lot of fun at the registration center! There was a lot of love in the room and it's pretty hard to feel down when you're getting hitched to the most delicious manly specimen ever created, hur hur hur. So there you go, I am married and this is my first post. I am married. Holy cow.

No pics taken on my personal camera (you can imagine the state of daze I was in) but I had the foresight to get Anna-Rina to take snapshots for me instead! So... watch this space! Photos will be posted in 4-5 weeks!

Wedding After Party at The Dusun 

So after we got hitched and we celebrated with Japanese food + Wewo's lovely parents, we then packed up and headed off to Wewo's birthday-cum-wedding celebration! I picked the Dusun just because it looked purrrddddy. We arrived pretty late in the evening (just before dark), so there was no photo taken because I was busy consoling Wewo on the lack of air-conditioning and civilization, heh.

Day Two

Every morning, breakfast mysteriously appears outside our bedroom. Like magic! 

Breakfast with a view

Nasi lemak and fresh grounded coffee for breakfast

Happy Wewo approves of "Ang Moh" Nasi Lemak. The owner of the Dusun is a white lady named Helen. She's cool!
The food is delicious --- and I don't even like Nasi Lemak. 
And then we proceeded to snooze for the rest of the day ~ 

The only cute photo of me. (T_T) Cup noodles for lunch later on!
We waited until it was raining heavily to have hot kimchi noodles. Yummm.

That's a durian tree! 

Yup. All of this was ours. 

Baby durian! 
Additional Malay dessert! We had the Yam Tuan Minangkabau Set for dinner on the first day we arrived. Order it, if you like Malay food. It is seriously delicious. 

The dessert was just OK only. I had a few bites as my appetite was still waning, but Wewo finished the rest. 

After a little more snoozing, we decided to wake up and have some tea!

Melancholic view of Wewo. 

The pool view from our bed 

I bought this on a whim and decided to experiment Hot Stone massage on Wewo. He said it was good and fell asleep halfway. *shrug* It certainly is cheaper than getting a professional to do it! :P 

Our teatime which ironically is lacking in tea. Our delights include beer, cheese and coffee. 

Wewo is a cheese kinda guy. 
There is a herb garden in the kitchen! You can also ask Helen for fresh vegetables growing in her garden, too. 

I'm a great camera person, ne? ^_^ 

Wewo's attempt ^_^ 

It's really, really important to light up the mosquito coil

Our helpers are setting up the BBQ pit for dinner! Yes, all we do is eat, sleep and roll around talking about how our life will change now that we're married. 

Heavy rain followed by warm BBQ. Excellent. 

Yes, excellent. 

For a city boy who doesn't like nature, Wewo was surprisingly knowledgeable when it came to the right way to BBQ stuff. He tells me that all guys know these things. *suspicious*

I regret that I forgot to pack marshmallows for the trip! Roasted marshmallows would have been DIVINE! 

This is seriously the best way to sip on soda water. I highly recommend bringing up two bottles of Australian SOLO lemon drink. 

Banana with lime and palm sugar, BBQ-ed to perfection thanks to my beloved 

We BBQ-ed while watching the sun go down 

After dinner, Wewo befriended a praying mantis. This is a photo of that superficial friendship. 

OK! Will continue with Day 3/last day at The Dusun tomorrow! Off to bed I go!

With lots of love, a very seriously officially totally married Pam


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