Monday, November 26, 2012

The Dusun (continued)

Day Three! (ahem, continuation from the Previous Post on Day 1/2)

We went to bed pretty early the night before (I'm guessing before 10pm) so we were up bright eyed and bushy tail by 7am the next day. I LOVED breakfast provided on the second day. We opened the door and there was a pot of fried noodles, eggs and a whole freakin' DURIAN just for us. It's like Wonderland up here.

First Breakfast at 8am 

Second breakfast at 10am + Durian
Good job, good job 

Packed up and ready to leave. Bye, Dusun! (T_T) 

This is a two way road. Seriously. 

At some paths, the road slopes at a serious 30 degree angle. 

Breakfast was followed by a full hour snooze followed by packing. Sadly, we left behind a really important umbrella so we will be dropping by again next month to collect our dropped loot. 

1. Don't bother looking it up on your GPS. On my Garmin GPS, the Dusun is a random dot located off road. Instead, use the directions and map available on the Dusun website.
2. Only travel during the day. Go slow, and be sober. Seriously, the roads are very narrow.
3. Only travel with 4WD vehicles. Otherwise, you'll definitely risk scratching your under carriage. 

1. Make a stop at a grocer/mart to stock up on junk food, cup noodles, fruits, yoghurt, beverages etc. because you don't really want to drive all the way down again midway through your holiday. Shopping for food just before your trip also saves you from the effort of having to pack and unpack.
2. There is no air-conditioning, so you might want to bring insect repellent (but we didn't pack this, and we turned out fine).
3. Pack your own soap, toothpaste and other amenities. The Dusun is not a hotel. However, you will be provided with towels and a hair dryer.
4.There are plenty of activities nearby the Dusun, so pack the right footwear if you want to go jungle trekking, river wading, bird watching, etc. 

OK, have fun! Click here to go to the DUSUN website.

Fun fact of the day: Tomorrow is my first day back to work as a married woman. Bracing myself for the jokes and questions! 

With lots of love, an offbeat, sleepy Pam 


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