Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Christmas Wrapping

Wah, it's already 2am and I need to wake up at 7am to catch a bus to Penang! 

All is well, I've managed to shop, wrap and pack up all the Christmas presents in time! Yay! I have two families to celebrate Christmas with now. The feeling is pretty intense (and totally trippy), but I am GRATEFUL and GLAD that I have so many loved ones about me. 

Here's Oscar, trying to be helpful

Oscar, shortly after catching him eating the Christmas wrapper

All of this... 

Was transformed into this! 

And this! 

Seriously, just use proper wrapping paper for your presents. I wrapped some in magazine pages previously, and the gifts just looked unappetizing. Also, my wrapping skills are pretty bad, so I need all the help I can get in the form of cute wrapping paper. Ohohoho.

I didn't want to waste money on ribbons, so I just used the white office string. Pretty!

I also downloaded and printed the labels from the Internet! God bless Pinterest! Click here to download cute printable gift tags --- click

OK, good night world. I'm out! Need to be fresh and hungry when I meet the family tomorrow for a long Christmas weekend!

P/S - I've finished reading Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series. I'm on to her Highlander series right now. Happy!

Monday, December 17, 2012

I have a serious crush on Jericho Barrons.

Ho, mama.

“Leave it alone, I'm handling this," Barrons told Ryodan.
"I suggest you do a better job."
"And I suggest you go fuck yourself.” 

- quote from Shadowfever, by Jericho Barrons 

I am officially infected with Karen Marie Moning's Fever series. Yes, I realize that it is very 2011, but the series is just so damn addictive AND DELICIOUS. I am also pleased to report that the Fever mania has been successfully transferred to Wewo as well, so all we did this weekend was hold hands and look distracted as we both listened to the audiobook on our headphones. Move over, Edward Cullen, there is a new genuine bad boy in town and he is SMOKIN' HOT.

I am down to Book 4 out of 5, and after completing the whole series, I totally intend to re-read the whole thing again. It is SO yummy and sexy, definitely better than 50 Shades of Grey and/or True Blood. So, probably no proper blogging, eating or functioning like a normal human being for the next week or so.

Yep, I really, really, really like books. I really, really, really like this series too, so read it! NOW!

Friday, December 14, 2012

what do you do all day, Pam?

Dear Diary,

 I opened my eyes at 8am this morning and have been productive all day, except for a 20 minute break to have some sushi. It's almost 11PM now. I am going to have a nice hot shower, hop into bed and continue with my latest addiction, the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. It's like True Blood - meets - Twilight - meets - Veronica Mars - meets Clueless. Which is nice, because after I finished Jim Butcher's Cold Days, I felt a dark and empty void in my life.

Today is the calm before the storm just before Christmas, New Year and a Wedding comes down upon me.

I embrace it with a big, big exhalation and a facial mask.


Lots of love, a kinda manic-looking Pam. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

the sleepy doily wedding card


Mmmm. Hungry.

It's pretty late right now and I've been deprived of sleep for so long that I'm just going to come right out and apologize for any bad grammar, spelling mistakes and disarrayed trains of thoughts that may or may not (or probably will) pop up along this blog post. Sorry! 

Man, blogging everyday (or every other day) is hard work. 

I would like to show off my Wedding Card for show-and-tell today. Look at it!

Purdy, even from the back. The envelope cost is like only RM0.25. 

Front view. The entire card was designed on my iPad! I used Martha Stewart's CraftStudio app, which I will probably upload a tutorial of after the wedding. 

A cute little wooden peg holds the card together with a transparent wedding map and a token photo of us!

There are a few photo designs, which we give out randomly to our friends and families. Wewo wants to turn the photos into playing cards, so hopefully we'll get to keep 52 pieces for ourselves. The photos were designed and purchased from Canon wedoo

Close up of the envelope. 

It's so pretty! 

Back of the envelope.

We have just distributed the bulk of the wedding cards this week and it was pretty well-received because it certainly is different from the standard Chinese wedding invitation card. I will post a tutorial on how to (a) create your own doily envelope and (b) create your own transparent wedding map. Maybe not tomorrow though, because I am planning a Twelve Days of Christmas surprise for Wewo. And I need sleep. 

How to DIY a Beautiful Wedding Card

1. Cut out the middle man! Design your own card and print it on your own! I had mine printed at Brilliant Job who print, cut and mailed it to my doorstep for only RM1.80 per piece. It's also a great way to ensure that there will be no spelling errors on your wedding card. 

2. Go to offbeatbride and read everything about DIY. Take your time. 

3. Go to Pinterest and check out the "Wedding" boards. I'm so glad Pinterest came along just before I got engaged. Yay! 

I daresay that the secret to the success of my wedding card is that there was no intention of making it grand or hoity-toity. I wanted to find some way to convey to our wedding guests that we really, really, really want them to come to our intimate wedding party, which is why I felt that the envelopes had to be handmade. But you know, that is just MY version of an offbeat rebel wedding. 

Tomorrow - Christmas presents wrapping! And sleep. And work. And many others. 

Good night, don't fight and stay bright! A comatose Pam 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Carey Ng, Miss Universe Malaysia 2013!!!

I'm so psyched! A girl I just made friends with just got crowned MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA 2013!!! That's like, being upgraded into a PRINCESS FOREVER!!!

Congratulations, Carey!!! And yes, she really is super gorgeous in real life. Like, head-turning, jaw-dropping gorgeous. And she's so NICE!!!

How We Met 
Of course, ever the eloquent social person that I am, the very first thing I said to her was, "OMG you're gorgeous," which luckily, at that point in time was very true as she was dolled up for an event but I have a sneaky suspicion that she is simply one of those girls who naturally wake up looking sexy with their tussled hair and pouty bee stung lips. Following her Miss Universe journey from start to finish is not only satisfying (and addictive), but is also really, really trippy. I'm so happy right now! May you be super happy and fabulous always, pretty girl!!!

And also, she doesn't know this but I started practicing how to wear fake eye lashes after getting to know her and Rachel. They're my current beauty muses and make me want to be preetier, too. *shy*

Off topic, we had Ninja Joe at Sunway Pyramid last week.

Boy, burgers are really expensive these days. A meal like this cost like RM40?
I will probably have to start cooking up my own burger when we get a kitchen. WASABI BURGER! Yum! 

Feeling harassed that day because we had a tonne of things to do on a Saturday. (T_T) 
For example, we met up with my newly minted brother and sister in-law who were in town for a couple of hours:

I know, I am surrounded by pretty girls. I like pretty things! 

Good night and sleep tight, Pam at 2AM 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

the one with the laptop

Holy crap.

Sir Wewo's Samsung laptop started acting wonky and kept shutting itself down midway through every movie we watch on the laptop, so we decided to get a replacement unit at Digital Mall. For some strange reason, the afternoon ended with Wewo declaring that he is perfectly satisfied with his wonky laptop and me, with a brand new pink Sony laptop. A dude bought me a pretty laptop just because my eyes turned bright and gooey the moment I set eyes on it, no strings attached. I think I am in a Korean drama. Score!

Whatever I did in this life, or any other life, or have not but will eventually get around to doing, I am so so so glad he's mine. I promise to feed him, love him, cherish him, hug him, take care of him and be with him forever and ever, Amen.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Of Hit & Mrs

Remember how I just got really sick a few days ago due to over fatigue?

It is amazing how shockingly bad I am at time management as here I am, awake and working again at 1am in the morning with only 8 hours of sleep spread out over the past 60 hours. I am taking Vitamin B supplements now though, so that is supposed to help boost my energy levels, right? Right?

Work at the studio stretched out all the way past 8PM today, so Wewo decided to buy me a nice dinner to cheer me up. We checked out the new restaurant in Bangsar called "Hit & Mrs" because we liked the name, it looked really chic shabby and was popular.

Complimentary Dough Bread and Wholemeal Bread. I was so hungry, I ate the whole basket except one piece.
The butter is yummy, too. 

Wewo being the gentlemen and buttering my bread for me. Oho. 

Mental note to self: Have candles prepared at future dining table at home. Wewo likes candles! 

Man hard at work to put bread on the table. 

Appetizer: Foei Gras mousse on top of bread and cranberry jam. This dish offended me so much. I took one bite of it and gave the rest to Wewo. Seriously, foei gras is already delicious on its own, no need to pummel and blend it into baby food to charge us extra! But then again, I am a classy burger and fries sort-of broad, so this dish was probably too refined for my palette. Wewo finished it completely, after all.

Puffy face, baggy eyes and offensive foei gras mousse. Mmmm.

The main event! Risotto with scallop! This was delicious. Delicious! 

At the end of the day, I don't think we'll be going back any time soon. All appetizers and starters cost RM25, whereas all main meals cost RM35. All we had was one starter and one main meal, and the bill came up to about RM100, plus the portions aren't big at all. Comparatively, I could get a beer, two desserts, two main meals and two appetizers at French restaurant Croisette Cafe for RM110.

Hit & Mrs does use really good ingredients though, and we really like the friendly staff. I guess, if money wasn't an issue, then it would be a nice place to go to once in awhile.

In other news, ho boy, the new JK Rowling book is seriously challenging to read!

Everything about the book is just so ... ugly and uncomfortable, and not in an addictive way at all. So after two days of tolerating it, I simply had to put it down and take up Jim Butcher's latest novel instead.

Shaking and crying... Please, please have a happy ending, OK! 

HARRY DRESDEN IS SO AWESOME, especially since the audiobook is being narrated by James Marsters. I feel guilty about abandoning JK Rowling since I've reread all her previous Harry Potter books over 12 times, but ... OK, that's it for today. Good night!

With lots of love, a caffeine-loaded Pam.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

my oppa gangnam styled wedding

We discovered the Gangnam video the night before our prewedding photoshoot, and the infectious dance somehow made it's way into the shoot. Rather than waste all our hard work (ahem), we had a wedding video teaser done featuring Psy's legendary song.

This video was totally unplanned, and if you look carefully, you'll notice that all I'm doing is basically bounce around in a white wedding gown, bwahahahahhaa.


Monday, December 3, 2012

hot malaysian girls at weddings. yes.

When one of my high school friends got married like, about 3-4 years back, she predicted that I would be the next to get married because of all the glee and happiness I emitted as I poured through her pre-wedding album. At that moment, it felt really weird because contrary to popular belief, not every girl grows up expecting to get married and have kids before turning 30. Hell no, living with boys are a lot of work! My advise is to think properly before agreeing to do so!

I like weddings because of the romanticism, hope and heroic displays of affection, but it didn't mean that I had to get married immediately just to experience that sort of thing. Marriage is supposed to be a commitment, a promise and a guarantee to stand by each other always, whereas weddings are just a pretty party where you get to be the only one who wears a white fluffy dress.

And then came along Sir Wewo who literally swept me off my feet, but that is another story altogether. My point is, I really, really like weddings. I'll be the sap in the corner listening attentively to every wedding announcement and participate in every activity or performance during weddings.I mean, come on you guys, two people have found TRUE LOVE, we need to celebrate it, pronto! 

So I tagged along with Wewo to his colleague's wedding today and while I had absolutely no idea who all these people were, I had plenty of fun. Not because I want to get married, but simply because weddings are so beautiful and should be cherished. I think it's silly that younger girls are not allowed to look excited or happy during wedding events simply because some older person might tease, "A-HA! YOU'RE ENJOYING YOURSELF! YOU'RE DEFINITELY GOING TO GET MARRIED NEXT!" because, seriously, it doesn't work that way. And it's creepy. 

Anyway, now that I am older, I have found a new wonderful aspect about attending weddings --- BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS EVERYWHERE! 

Ahem, and some boys, just to even things out 
I guess it's much easier to take random photos with gorgeous girls when (a) Wewo does all the talking and (b) you tell them honestly that you are collecting a photo album of Beautiful Girls. It's OK, now that I am officially a married woman, I can get away with things like that. Ho ho ho.

In other news.

I spent the weekend burrowed under the covers with Wewo, and we're nearly halfway through City Hunter, the popular Korean drama. 

I am also currently reading Stephen King:

Life is busy, but a good kinda busy. Like a happy, mandarin pink kinda busy.

With lots of love, Pam at 1:33 in the morning. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

French Food After a Traumatic Day

I finally had a day off after running around the past two weeks. By "day off", I mean a day in which I am free to do as I please and not to have to worry about deadlines or other commitments. I am proud to announce that the wedding card is officially done!

I know, it seemed as though the wedding cards should have been done like, ages ago (at least two months), but then I worried that all the wedding guests wouldn't be able to locate our wedding venue, which spurred me on to think about adding a wedding map to the wedding invite --- which, after some trial and error was finally printed onto Japanese transparent paper. Like so:

The final product, after weeks of trial and error. 
I will probably put up a DIY wedding map tutorial later on so no other bride-to-be would suffer the tribulations as I have. *dramatic pause* 

My very fulfilling afternoon was rudely interrupted by a two-hour jam to get to KL, and while I actually don't mind traffic jams so much, this one involved two road bullies going head-to-head with each other. Everything happened really fast, and before I knew it, one of the cars involved was scraping and bumping it's way through a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam to get away from the other angry people on the road. 

As the driver tried to make his getaway, another tall dark man was attacking the car with flying kicks and angry voices. It was scary, and traumatic, and I seriously worried that my car was hurt in the incident, considering that she was bumped on the side AND on the front. It turns out that my 8-year old car is a pretty tough gal, and she survived with only two scratch lines on her bumper, which is fine as she was due for a paint job anyway. Phew. 

Another plus to being married is that you have free pass to call your better half anytime you're in trouble, so I rang him up at work and immediately felt better after hearing his voice. Wewo-sama is awesome, and he literally took off from work and declared that we would be having a relaxing dinner to take my mind off the scary event.

And that was how we ended up having French Food at Croisette Cafe

I'd always wanted to dine there, as the food is reputedly delicious and affordable! Affordable French Food for everyday people! How lovely is that! 

Mushroom... something. This was just OK. 

You MUST have the Prawn Bisque soup. You MUST! 

Have a small bite of this along with your prawn bisque soup. It is heavenly. 

I really, really, really, really, really, really like the Prawn Bisque soup.

The mash potato which came with the Beef Bourguignon. 

Beef Bourguignon is really difficult to pronounce, so we just called it Beef Bourgo-go. I know, we are so uncouth.

Wewo let me try the beer. It was easy to drink, and I don't even drink beer. 

Dessert! This basically tastes like the McDonalds strawberry sundae with a generous helping of Peach fruit on top. 

Pretty chocolate mousse orange dessert thingy (sorry about getting all the names wrong. It's 1am now) 

It's so pretty!!!! And it's really dense, so a small spoon should be used to enjoy this beauty.

We asked for cappucino, but it turns out that Pierre does not serve cappucino due to the lack of equipment. Never fear! He serves great espresso and macchiato (pictured above). 

Wewo approves of the really delicious macchiato. Must order! 

How much did the bill cost? 

Beer, beef, two desserts, prawn bisque, mushroom starter and two cups of Illy macchiato only cost us RM111. Boo-yah! We're totally going to be repeat customers, especially since Wewo really wants to try out their Monk Fish dish.

I rest now. We'll be hanging out with Wewo's brother and sister tomorrow. Yay~

With lots of love, a Pam who is currently infatuated with Taylor Swift and fake eyelashes. 

This are is left blank on purpose