Saturday, December 1, 2012

French Food After a Traumatic Day

I finally had a day off after running around the past two weeks. By "day off", I mean a day in which I am free to do as I please and not to have to worry about deadlines or other commitments. I am proud to announce that the wedding card is officially done!

I know, it seemed as though the wedding cards should have been done like, ages ago (at least two months), but then I worried that all the wedding guests wouldn't be able to locate our wedding venue, which spurred me on to think about adding a wedding map to the wedding invite --- which, after some trial and error was finally printed onto Japanese transparent paper. Like so:

The final product, after weeks of trial and error. 
I will probably put up a DIY wedding map tutorial later on so no other bride-to-be would suffer the tribulations as I have. *dramatic pause* 

My very fulfilling afternoon was rudely interrupted by a two-hour jam to get to KL, and while I actually don't mind traffic jams so much, this one involved two road bullies going head-to-head with each other. Everything happened really fast, and before I knew it, one of the cars involved was scraping and bumping it's way through a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam to get away from the other angry people on the road. 

As the driver tried to make his getaway, another tall dark man was attacking the car with flying kicks and angry voices. It was scary, and traumatic, and I seriously worried that my car was hurt in the incident, considering that she was bumped on the side AND on the front. It turns out that my 8-year old car is a pretty tough gal, and she survived with only two scratch lines on her bumper, which is fine as she was due for a paint job anyway. Phew. 

Another plus to being married is that you have free pass to call your better half anytime you're in trouble, so I rang him up at work and immediately felt better after hearing his voice. Wewo-sama is awesome, and he literally took off from work and declared that we would be having a relaxing dinner to take my mind off the scary event.

And that was how we ended up having French Food at Croisette Cafe

I'd always wanted to dine there, as the food is reputedly delicious and affordable! Affordable French Food for everyday people! How lovely is that! 

Mushroom... something. This was just OK. 

You MUST have the Prawn Bisque soup. You MUST! 

Have a small bite of this along with your prawn bisque soup. It is heavenly. 

I really, really, really, really, really, really like the Prawn Bisque soup.

The mash potato which came with the Beef Bourguignon. 

Beef Bourguignon is really difficult to pronounce, so we just called it Beef Bourgo-go. I know, we are so uncouth.

Wewo let me try the beer. It was easy to drink, and I don't even drink beer. 

Dessert! This basically tastes like the McDonalds strawberry sundae with a generous helping of Peach fruit on top. 

Pretty chocolate mousse orange dessert thingy (sorry about getting all the names wrong. It's 1am now) 

It's so pretty!!!! And it's really dense, so a small spoon should be used to enjoy this beauty.

We asked for cappucino, but it turns out that Pierre does not serve cappucino due to the lack of equipment. Never fear! He serves great espresso and macchiato (pictured above). 

Wewo approves of the really delicious macchiato. Must order! 

How much did the bill cost? 

Beer, beef, two desserts, prawn bisque, mushroom starter and two cups of Illy macchiato only cost us RM111. Boo-yah! We're totally going to be repeat customers, especially since Wewo really wants to try out their Monk Fish dish.

I rest now. We'll be hanging out with Wewo's brother and sister tomorrow. Yay~

With lots of love, a Pam who is currently infatuated with Taylor Swift and fake eyelashes. 


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