Monday, December 3, 2012

hot malaysian girls at weddings. yes.

When one of my high school friends got married like, about 3-4 years back, she predicted that I would be the next to get married because of all the glee and happiness I emitted as I poured through her pre-wedding album. At that moment, it felt really weird because contrary to popular belief, not every girl grows up expecting to get married and have kids before turning 30. Hell no, living with boys are a lot of work! My advise is to think properly before agreeing to do so!

I like weddings because of the romanticism, hope and heroic displays of affection, but it didn't mean that I had to get married immediately just to experience that sort of thing. Marriage is supposed to be a commitment, a promise and a guarantee to stand by each other always, whereas weddings are just a pretty party where you get to be the only one who wears a white fluffy dress.

And then came along Sir Wewo who literally swept me off my feet, but that is another story altogether. My point is, I really, really like weddings. I'll be the sap in the corner listening attentively to every wedding announcement and participate in every activity or performance during weddings.I mean, come on you guys, two people have found TRUE LOVE, we need to celebrate it, pronto! 

So I tagged along with Wewo to his colleague's wedding today and while I had absolutely no idea who all these people were, I had plenty of fun. Not because I want to get married, but simply because weddings are so beautiful and should be cherished. I think it's silly that younger girls are not allowed to look excited or happy during wedding events simply because some older person might tease, "A-HA! YOU'RE ENJOYING YOURSELF! YOU'RE DEFINITELY GOING TO GET MARRIED NEXT!" because, seriously, it doesn't work that way. And it's creepy. 

Anyway, now that I am older, I have found a new wonderful aspect about attending weddings --- BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS EVERYWHERE! 

Ahem, and some boys, just to even things out 
I guess it's much easier to take random photos with gorgeous girls when (a) Wewo does all the talking and (b) you tell them honestly that you are collecting a photo album of Beautiful Girls. It's OK, now that I am officially a married woman, I can get away with things like that. Ho ho ho.

In other news.

I spent the weekend burrowed under the covers with Wewo, and we're nearly halfway through City Hunter, the popular Korean drama. 

I am also currently reading Stephen King:

Life is busy, but a good kinda busy. Like a happy, mandarin pink kinda busy.

With lots of love, Pam at 1:33 in the morning. 

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