Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Carey Ng, Miss Universe Malaysia 2013!!!

I'm so psyched! A girl I just made friends with just got crowned MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA 2013!!! That's like, being upgraded into a PRINCESS FOREVER!!!

Congratulations, Carey!!! And yes, she really is super gorgeous in real life. Like, head-turning, jaw-dropping gorgeous. And she's so NICE!!!

How We Met 
Of course, ever the eloquent social person that I am, the very first thing I said to her was, "OMG you're gorgeous," which luckily, at that point in time was very true as she was dolled up for an event but I have a sneaky suspicion that she is simply one of those girls who naturally wake up looking sexy with their tussled hair and pouty bee stung lips. Following her Miss Universe journey from start to finish is not only satisfying (and addictive), but is also really, really trippy. I'm so happy right now! May you be super happy and fabulous always, pretty girl!!!

And also, she doesn't know this but I started practicing how to wear fake eye lashes after getting to know her and Rachel. They're my current beauty muses and make me want to be preetier, too. *shy*

Off topic, we had Ninja Joe at Sunway Pyramid last week.

Boy, burgers are really expensive these days. A meal like this cost like RM40?
I will probably have to start cooking up my own burger when we get a kitchen. WASABI BURGER! Yum! 

Feeling harassed that day because we had a tonne of things to do on a Saturday. (T_T) 
For example, we met up with my newly minted brother and sister in-law who were in town for a couple of hours:

I know, I am surrounded by pretty girls. I like pretty things! 

Good night and sleep tight, Pam at 2AM 

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