Thursday, December 6, 2012

Of Hit & Mrs

Remember how I just got really sick a few days ago due to over fatigue?

It is amazing how shockingly bad I am at time management as here I am, awake and working again at 1am in the morning with only 8 hours of sleep spread out over the past 60 hours. I am taking Vitamin B supplements now though, so that is supposed to help boost my energy levels, right? Right?

Work at the studio stretched out all the way past 8PM today, so Wewo decided to buy me a nice dinner to cheer me up. We checked out the new restaurant in Bangsar called "Hit & Mrs" because we liked the name, it looked really chic shabby and was popular.

Complimentary Dough Bread and Wholemeal Bread. I was so hungry, I ate the whole basket except one piece.
The butter is yummy, too. 

Wewo being the gentlemen and buttering my bread for me. Oho. 

Mental note to self: Have candles prepared at future dining table at home. Wewo likes candles! 

Man hard at work to put bread on the table. 

Appetizer: Foei Gras mousse on top of bread and cranberry jam. This dish offended me so much. I took one bite of it and gave the rest to Wewo. Seriously, foei gras is already delicious on its own, no need to pummel and blend it into baby food to charge us extra! But then again, I am a classy burger and fries sort-of broad, so this dish was probably too refined for my palette. Wewo finished it completely, after all.

Puffy face, baggy eyes and offensive foei gras mousse. Mmmm.

The main event! Risotto with scallop! This was delicious. Delicious! 

At the end of the day, I don't think we'll be going back any time soon. All appetizers and starters cost RM25, whereas all main meals cost RM35. All we had was one starter and one main meal, and the bill came up to about RM100, plus the portions aren't big at all. Comparatively, I could get a beer, two desserts, two main meals and two appetizers at French restaurant Croisette Cafe for RM110.

Hit & Mrs does use really good ingredients though, and we really like the friendly staff. I guess, if money wasn't an issue, then it would be a nice place to go to once in awhile.

In other news, ho boy, the new JK Rowling book is seriously challenging to read!

Everything about the book is just so ... ugly and uncomfortable, and not in an addictive way at all. So after two days of tolerating it, I simply had to put it down and take up Jim Butcher's latest novel instead.

Shaking and crying... Please, please have a happy ending, OK! 

HARRY DRESDEN IS SO AWESOME, especially since the audiobook is being narrated by James Marsters. I feel guilty about abandoning JK Rowling since I've reread all her previous Harry Potter books over 12 times, but ... OK, that's it for today. Good night!

With lots of love, a caffeine-loaded Pam.


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