Thursday, December 13, 2012

the sleepy doily wedding card


Mmmm. Hungry.

It's pretty late right now and I've been deprived of sleep for so long that I'm just going to come right out and apologize for any bad grammar, spelling mistakes and disarrayed trains of thoughts that may or may not (or probably will) pop up along this blog post. Sorry! 

Man, blogging everyday (or every other day) is hard work. 

I would like to show off my Wedding Card for show-and-tell today. Look at it!

Purdy, even from the back. The envelope cost is like only RM0.25. 

Front view. The entire card was designed on my iPad! I used Martha Stewart's CraftStudio app, which I will probably upload a tutorial of after the wedding. 

A cute little wooden peg holds the card together with a transparent wedding map and a token photo of us!

There are a few photo designs, which we give out randomly to our friends and families. Wewo wants to turn the photos into playing cards, so hopefully we'll get to keep 52 pieces for ourselves. The photos were designed and purchased from Canon wedoo

Close up of the envelope. 

It's so pretty! 

Back of the envelope.

We have just distributed the bulk of the wedding cards this week and it was pretty well-received because it certainly is different from the standard Chinese wedding invitation card. I will post a tutorial on how to (a) create your own doily envelope and (b) create your own transparent wedding map. Maybe not tomorrow though, because I am planning a Twelve Days of Christmas surprise for Wewo. And I need sleep. 

How to DIY a Beautiful Wedding Card

1. Cut out the middle man! Design your own card and print it on your own! I had mine printed at Brilliant Job who print, cut and mailed it to my doorstep for only RM1.80 per piece. It's also a great way to ensure that there will be no spelling errors on your wedding card. 

2. Go to offbeatbride and read everything about DIY. Take your time. 

3. Go to Pinterest and check out the "Wedding" boards. I'm so glad Pinterest came along just before I got engaged. Yay! 

I daresay that the secret to the success of my wedding card is that there was no intention of making it grand or hoity-toity. I wanted to find some way to convey to our wedding guests that we really, really, really want them to come to our intimate wedding party, which is why I felt that the envelopes had to be handmade. But you know, that is just MY version of an offbeat rebel wedding. 

Tomorrow - Christmas presents wrapping! And sleep. And work. And many others. 

Good night, don't fight and stay bright! A comatose Pam 

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