Thursday, January 31, 2013

my wedding report

OMG you guys, my wedding was off the top --- and we didn't even finish all the booze! My wedding guests were just CRAAAZY~! :D People were already breaking out all their bad ass dance moves even before the main meal was served. This crazy footloose phenom lasted all the way till midnight. Midnight! *pant* I was one bedraggled, happy bride. Seriously, you guys are the best. 

I am also in-between houses right now and do not have access to my work station. Everything is STILL packed up in boxes and bags, up to the critical point where Wewo had to take me out for fresh clothing *blush*. 

Also, we went out two days ago to buy a brand new memory foam mattress but somehow came home with an imported coffee maker, food steamer and a brand new mini poddle instead. Her name is Poppy and she is also CRRAAAAAZY. I seriously suspect that she does not sleep. All she does is eat, drink, poop and demand to be let out of her laundry basket (she lives in a laundry basket, because it looked much more comfortable than her steel cage). 

So this is the new Pam of 2013 - technically homeless with a brand new handsome husband, Oscar the 6-years old Shih Tzu and Poppy the 2-month old Miniature Poodle. 

We'll be moving this weekend! Onward to freedom and more adventures! 


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