Sunday, January 20, 2013

The best RM30 I ever spent in my life.

Wewo picked me up again during our registration ceremony. 
Any bets on whether he'll pick me up again on our wedding day? The dude is super strong :3 

So yes, I have been officially married for a while now. My ROM photos turned out GREAT considering that I was bedridden for the past 36 hours before my ROM, randomly made up my hair and did my own makeup in 15 minutes. And my shoe broke (which is why I am shoe-less in the last pic). Ahem. My photographer is the darling Anna-Rina, who is seriously wonderful. All she had to work with was the two of us - no props, no vision, na-da. And the photos turned out so lovely! <3 

Well, OK. My life is about to change drastically starting from this Thursday onward as we build up to the conclusive finale of the wedding journey on Saturday -- which is when I have the whole epic wedding ceremony, dinner, etc.

And then I will be living with this really hot guy for the rest of my life, with my writing and dog in tow, and life will be a whole other adventure all over again. 

P/S - In case anyone ever needs information on how you too can get married for only RM30 in Putrajaya, this blogger explains it quite well! Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Light and Love, Pam 


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