Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to DIY Wedding Doily Envelope

OK, I'm really glad that the wedding invitation was a success, but I still get really shy when people tell me how "detail oriented" and "well thought out" it was. Because... it wasn't. *hide under table* But let's just keep that a secret between you and I, OK!

So I only planned to have 100 guests at our wedding, and most wedding card printers print a minimum of 300pcs of wedding cards. I didn't need that many, which is why I concluded that I had to design and print my own wedding cards. My wedding card budget was RM200. 

So the first thing I did was design my wedding card with the Martha Stewart CraftStudio ipad app. It took like, 30 minutes to design. Then I had the parents proof-read the thing and it was sent off to a printing company to be printed. I think it cost somewhere around RM1.20 per card. 

So after I designed my card, I realized that IT COULD NOT FIT INTO NORMAL SIZED ENVELOPES, so unless I wanted to send my wedding cards off in brown envelopes, I had to hand-make my own. I would find out later on that you could also order customized envelopes, but our budget was only RM200. 

Hence, the doily envelope decision! 

Things you'll need: doily, wedding card, glue and scissors. 
I also require a good audiobook to listen to while crafting. (^_^) 

Step One: Cut the doily exactly in half. 

You'll need TWO doilies to make one envelope. 

Step Three: Take the first half and apply dots of glue. Apply sparingly. 

Step Four: Position the other half of the doily on top. I placed a wedding card at the bottom to help me position the doily such that the words LET'S CELEBRATE would be nicely framed. 
Essentially, you're creating the front flap of the envelope. 

Step Five: Gently remove the two pieces of doily glued together and allow to dry for like, 30 seconds. 

Step Five: Meanwhile, take a whole doily envelope and fold it around your wedding card. I've seen doily envelopes which are big enough to cover the entire wedding card, which was awesome! But once again, my card was way too big, so I had to create an additional flap. :( 

Step Six: Remove the wedding card, crease your doily properly and apply glue sparingly around the edges. 

Step Seven: You can now stick the two doily pieces together! 

Step Eight: Apply glue to the back of the doily to close the flaps together. Next, hang the doily to dry overnight.

Front of the doily envelope.

Back of the doily envelope.

One piece of doily only cost like RM0.25, and already comes with such pretty details! 

How long does it take to make an envelope?
I made mine in batches. It takes an average of one hour to make about 15 to 20 pieces. I spent more time thinking about how I would make the envelope then I did on actually making the thing. 

Would you do it again?
Yes, totally. I think it's safe to say that I had a pretty whimsical wedding, possibly the geekiest Chinese Wedding in Malaysia. And now you can have one too!

What else did you DIY?
After the envelopes were done, I realized that most people had NO CLUE where Passion Road was. So... I had to create my own MAP TO THE VENUE. I did mine on white A4 paper first, but it looked really ugly, so I settled on transparency paper printing. 

And then I found out that people were EXPECTING printed photos of us to take home (I guess it's a Chinese wedding thing) and lots of relatives didn't know what we looked like (hahahaha) so I got cute playing card-sized wedding photos as "wedding teasers". 

And then there was the problem of keeping everything together in an open envelope, which was why I used small little wooden pegs as well... 

In a way, I guess it was thoughtfully done. I can safely say that a lot of AFTER thought was put into the design of the wedding card. I hope this helps future brides and other DIY enthusiasts with overly large cards! The beauty about the doily envelope is that you can always cut and paste it however you like it, and it will still look great. Have fun! I'm getting all fluttery and excited, thinking about my BEST FRIEND and TWO GIRLFRIENDS who are getting married soon! (^_^) Yay! 

Iced coffee and fried chicken love from, Pam

Monday, February 25, 2013

My Wedding Comic Book

Our wedding did not feature any slideshow or video on a projector screen. Instead, we printed vintage childhood photos and displayed it on each wedding table, and each guests got a copy of our wedding comic as a door gift.

I was a little apprehensive because I'm not sure how much people would appreciate a wedding comic book, but our friends and families seemed to like it. So I guess it turned out allright in the end. We cut it pretty close though, as I only managed to collect the printed copies at 7pm THE DAY BEFORE MY WEDDING. Which explains why I didn't have any time to get my nails done, lol. (^_^) Wewo was right with me the whole time though, so it was fun! Adventure!

Anyway, here's the soft copy of the book:


Actual comic book:

And that's about it! I'll probably update this post when I have the actual comic book shots taken by our wedding photographers. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

blood test for pregnancy

Sooooooooooooo I just experienced a 24-hour pregnancy scare.

I had all the classic pregnancy symptoms - bloating, cramping, fatigue, late cycle, light bleeding, etc., which made me spend a large chunk of my time reading through stories of people who had false positives and false negatives via home pregnancy tests. I took three tests - one was botched up, another one had a faint pink line on the PREGNANT window and another one had a clear line on the NOT-PREGNANT window. It was driving me craaaazy (BTW, if you're testing yourself, you need to wait 10 days after you miss your menstrual cycle. Don't fall for the false advertising on the home pregnancy test kits!!!)

Our discussions at home began to revolve around things we have to do, or haven't done yet during our fresh one month marriage, although I must say Wewo has a really great poker face. He's the most supportive husband ever! I asked him what would happen if we weren't pregnant and he jovially answered that we'll just have to try harder. Tee hee.


Anyway, I'm FINALLY CALM right now because I caved in and got a blood test at a proper women's specialist clinic. It's only RM50, which is a great bargain considering that one home pregnancy kit can cost as much as RM28. If I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant. If I'm not pregnant, then I'm not pregnant. I just don't want to be in limbo, you know? It's the waiting that really kills you. Long story short, the nice doctor just SMS-ed to say that I'm not pregnant. Yet. I have an infection in my body that's causing me to have all the early pregnancy symptoms. Oh well!

Super duper honestly, I can't wait to be a baby mama! But at the same time, there's just wayyyy too many things going on right now (dude, we don't even have proper furniture), and I'm not sure if it makes me a bad mama because I was actually sad that I wouldn't be able to go to the Korean hot springs if I really was pregnant. Well, I dunno. I guess when we do become parents, everything takes a different sort of priority.

And No Black Tie!

Did you know that I used to have a strict curfew before I was married? This made visiting clubs and staying out late a near impossibility. But now that I am a married woman (ahem ahem) I can finally go to Jazz bars like No Black Tie with Wewo to protect me!

I wanna wear a pretty slinky black dress and watch saxophonists jazz a room up at No Black Tie! We've been talking about going for a year now, and thanks to this pregnancy scare, it has motivated me to proactively list down everything I've ever wanted to do sans curfew and get it done!

At the same time, this pregnancy scare also made me learn plenty of things about prepping for a baby. For instance, did you know you should take plenty of folic acid even before you do the dirty deed? It's important for the baby's embryonic growth! This freaked me out a little because I seriously couldn't remember the last time I had dark leaf vegetables. Time to eat healthy and live well now! Boy, this making a baby business is serious business.

And that is my lesson of the day. Sweet diapers and Poppy kisses! Pam

Thursday, February 21, 2013

the one where I accidentally get a puppy

So like two days after our wedding, we decided to go furniture shopping for a mattress (we got one in the end, a King Koil memory foam mattress for about RM2,000. It's so difficult to get out of bed now!), and we sort-of remembered spotting a really nice mattress at Empire Gallery, Subang a couple of weeks back and the price was alright, so we decided to go back there again. We are not the kind of shoppers who are patient enough to traipse across Kuala Lumpur looking for the perfect mattress at a bargain price.

Lo and behold, we drive there only to discover that the mattress salesman, fair, products, shop - EVERYTHING - completely disappeared! ^_^;

So then we decided to go exchange credit card points for shiny new hardware for our kitchen. That's how we got a Breville coffee maker and Tefal food steamer for free. Just as we were loading up our already packed car (because, you know, this was two days after our wedding so there were like cake stands, wedding photos and two wedding gowns already taking up plenty of space), we decided to head back for some bottles of water.

We passed by a pet shop on the way up the escalator and I asked Wewo if we could just look in and look at all the pretty puppies.

Looking at cute little dogs cheer me up, and I especially love looking at Shih Tzus. Puppy shih tzus look so funny!

So there I was, minding my own business when Wewo pointed out this tiny little furball sleeping away in her cage.

Next thing I know, the sale assistant had opened up the cage and was letting Wewo and I hold the little furball. She just slept through the whole sales pitch and I already kinda liked her because she looked so TINY compared to Wewo. 

Look at how gently he's holding her! Well, besides the fact that he stuffed her into a bedroom slipper. Also, I like how Wewo has that just-got-out-of-bed sexy disheveled look going on. Moving on.


I don't even like poodles, because I think their paws look scary and they look weird with their haircut. But Poppy is seriously a classic one-of-a-kind gal.

Poppy sleeping everywhere - on laps, shoe racks, dust pans, cake boxes, floor, bed, people... 

It's pretty safe to say that everybody instantly loves Poppy, with her teeny tiny size and big brown human-like eyes.

I'm happy to report that Poppy and Oscar the Shih Tzu are learning to get along with each other. Oscar is surprisingly gentle, even though he's like 5 x Poppy's size. Even his bowel movement is bigger than Poppy. Seriously.

She's supposed to be a miniature poodle but at 3 months old, she's seriously too small! She's not even as wide as a manga! At the same time, she's much too big to be a teacup poodle, so Wewo has surmised that she's a midget mini poodle. 

The upside is that Poppy is super portable. 

And she's super smart! She toilet trained herself in just one day. ONE DAY.

Wewo says he knew Poppy was special because she has the same hair color as I do. Really? (=.=)

We often get asked why we got Poppy, especially since we just moved into our first home and are only now learning to settle down. I don't know exactly why, but it's probably because there really was no good reason to say no to taking care of Poppy. We already have Oscar to take care of after all, what's one more? :P 

We did have a 15 minute family discussion though where we talked about the pros and cons, divided the responsibility and impending issues before we actually purchased Poppy. OK, it was probably more like 5 minutes. Ahem. Moving on.

So that's how we got Poppy Pee Master Amzah Goh. No regrets at all, only heartwarming happiness everyday! 

Doggy treats and happy tails, Pam 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my walk-in wardrobe tour for small studio apartments


We fell in love with the studio apartment the very first time we saw it. It just had so much potential, you know? The neighbors are lovely, the landscaping is gorgeous and there are tons of markets and little cafes run by expats sprinkled around the area. Best of all, the studio isn't small enough that I have to squeeze around my 6 foot tall hunk whenever I'm moving about, but it is big enough that I can get it all cleaned up in less than 30 minutes (moping the floor everyday is a a hygienic must, especially if you have two furballs living with you).

And with our limited budget and time, I wasn't sure if we could find a really nice home to settle down in without having to pay an arm, a leg and a furball for. With so many things going on back then, I didn't realize that I had no place to put all my clothes and stuff into until we've moved all the boxes into the place. (=.=);

So that's when I noticed this tiny 30sq. ft. crook right next to our bedroom. It was a storage area before this,  but I have since then subscribed to the "less is more" mantra and decided that if we're not going to use something, then we're definitely not storing it either.

It's still only partially done as I still have a whole bag of clothes that I haven't unpacked (no more clothes hangers. Aiya.) and I won't go into serious decoration mode until the rest of my house is looking neat. So here it is:

30 square feet of pretty!

I don't actually wear high heels anymore and 10 times out of 10, you'll see me in my gray sandals. But I think I should start wearing them again! I also threw out like half of my shoe collection because they were (a) falling apart and (b) they hurt to wear, so I wasn't going to donate it away and let some other poor girl limp all over the place. These days, I'm really into shoes by Charles & Keith. They're so gorgeous and comfy! 

Empty space for new shoes to come!

One hanger just for my t-shirts and tops. I think I'm over the t-shirt and shorts phase. I like dresses now. Also, notice how the OCD in me has decided to arrange the tops from singlet to t-shirt to long sleeves, in color code.

The back hanger is meant for my dresses and long bottoms. 
The front hanger is dedicated to my belts, pants and skirts. 

I got a mannequin so it would be easier to sell off dresses I didn't wear online. For example, my bust size is too big to fit into this gorgeous tailor-made dress... why is why it is now being used as a mood piece-cum-necklace hanger. I don't know why all my necklaces are of the same shade... they're all gifts, actually. I don't actually wear necklaces because I'm more of an ear-ring type of girl. 
On top of the doll is my favorite hat with cats ears! I got matching ones for my sister and mum-in-law. (^_^) 

These shoes were to pretty to hide away, so they get to be displayed right at the front. Kinky. 

I like to turn on my IKEA lights in the evening. Purrrrrrrdy.

The studio comes with an built-in shelf, which I use to keep my beauty products and small evening bags. 

These masks are so cheap and so hard to find in Malaysia! I bought these in bulk (and have been known to give them away to good friends) so I wouldn't ever have to fuss about doing a facial at home. Do try to source for Mint Julep Masques (which I got for like RM12) because it's great for pimples and breakout skins. Seriously. Just apply a drop on your acne, wait 20 minutes and wash off. 

My nail polish collection, which just looks OK only. I can't really see all my nail polish so I will probably move it again later on with the rest of my makeup. Did you know that I was so busy getting ready for my wedding that I didn't even get to paint my nails for the wedding? *shy*

It's OK though, because it turns out that people don't really notice the colour of your nails when your best men are wearing pink bows and suspenders. (^_^) 

Anyway, back to my shelf!

Random products lined up on the shelf. I'll probably go through this pile every 6 months or so.

There's a small counter top at a hidden corner which used to house the modem and phone. I've since replaced it with things I need to get to everyday - rubberbands, lotion and hair spray. I love the adorable photo of my Wewo! If I had it my way, the whole house would be filled with his/our photos *adoring wife goggles turned on*

Well, OK. That's about it! I'm expecting furniture for the rest of the house in two weeks, so I'll have more to show then. Ta~ 

Love, hugs and creamy creme brulee ~ Pam 

This are is left blank on purpose