Friday, February 22, 2013

blood test for pregnancy

Sooooooooooooo I just experienced a 24-hour pregnancy scare.

I had all the classic pregnancy symptoms - bloating, cramping, fatigue, late cycle, light bleeding, etc., which made me spend a large chunk of my time reading through stories of people who had false positives and false negatives via home pregnancy tests. I took three tests - one was botched up, another one had a faint pink line on the PREGNANT window and another one had a clear line on the NOT-PREGNANT window. It was driving me craaaazy (BTW, if you're testing yourself, you need to wait 10 days after you miss your menstrual cycle. Don't fall for the false advertising on the home pregnancy test kits!!!)

Our discussions at home began to revolve around things we have to do, or haven't done yet during our fresh one month marriage, although I must say Wewo has a really great poker face. He's the most supportive husband ever! I asked him what would happen if we weren't pregnant and he jovially answered that we'll just have to try harder. Tee hee.


Anyway, I'm FINALLY CALM right now because I caved in and got a blood test at a proper women's specialist clinic. It's only RM50, which is a great bargain considering that one home pregnancy kit can cost as much as RM28. If I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant. If I'm not pregnant, then I'm not pregnant. I just don't want to be in limbo, you know? It's the waiting that really kills you. Long story short, the nice doctor just SMS-ed to say that I'm not pregnant. Yet. I have an infection in my body that's causing me to have all the early pregnancy symptoms. Oh well!

Super duper honestly, I can't wait to be a baby mama! But at the same time, there's just wayyyy too many things going on right now (dude, we don't even have proper furniture), and I'm not sure if it makes me a bad mama because I was actually sad that I wouldn't be able to go to the Korean hot springs if I really was pregnant. Well, I dunno. I guess when we do become parents, everything takes a different sort of priority.

And No Black Tie!

Did you know that I used to have a strict curfew before I was married? This made visiting clubs and staying out late a near impossibility. But now that I am a married woman (ahem ahem) I can finally go to Jazz bars like No Black Tie with Wewo to protect me!

I wanna wear a pretty slinky black dress and watch saxophonists jazz a room up at No Black Tie! We've been talking about going for a year now, and thanks to this pregnancy scare, it has motivated me to proactively list down everything I've ever wanted to do sans curfew and get it done!

At the same time, this pregnancy scare also made me learn plenty of things about prepping for a baby. For instance, did you know you should take plenty of folic acid even before you do the dirty deed? It's important for the baby's embryonic growth! This freaked me out a little because I seriously couldn't remember the last time I had dark leaf vegetables. Time to eat healthy and live well now! Boy, this making a baby business is serious business.

And that is my lesson of the day. Sweet diapers and Poppy kisses! Pam


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  2. Hello!

    It has been a few years so I’ve lost the clinic’s contact. It’s in Mount Kiara and I don’t recommend that you go there because waiting time is few hours.

    As I understand it, you can do blood test at any Klinik Wanita or hospital- they will draw your blood, then send it to blood labs to analyse the HCG hormone levels. If it is above a certain limit, then they will diagnose you as pregnant.

    But I seldom hear about people taking blood tests unless their pregnancy test is all unclear. The doctor will ask you to take a pregnancy test at the clinic and if there is a double line, he/she should discourage you from wasting money on the blood test.

    A better method would be to do an ultrasound at Week 6 onwards (after 2 weeks of missing your period) so they can locate the baby’s sac. Good luck and do email me if you have any other questions - I will do my best to find out :)

    Baby dust!



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