Tuesday, February 19, 2013

get your life back on track.

Sweet, my wedding shoes and rings are famous! Featured on nigelsia.com 

Who also had a really fun time at our wedding: 

Along with everybody else: 

My wedding cost was less than RM18,000!!! I will post more about it later on and just tag everything wedding-related to make it easier for you guys to read. Seriously, there is nothing more satisfying for a bride than to have people still talk about the wedding even though it's been nearly a month. Also, did you know I have another wedding dinner coming up? This is what happens when a Klang girl marries a Penang boy and they both decide to settle in KL... THREE WEDDINGS! Jeff and Pam's Final Wedding Dinner will be at Penang soon --- although, this one really will be just a simple sit-down dinner with family. No big gowns and no flashy photographers. Just good food and great company. Love! :)

I am currently as settled as I possibly can in my new home/work space. The location is FABULOUS, and I like how I can send my husband off to work every morning, have a delicious tuna croissant and coffee at the cafe nearby and still come home to start work even before 9am!

Other changes post wedding include my working/blogging hours. No more late night feverish typing for me, because we only have like a couple of hours alone together every weekday before we finally pass out on the bed. We just watched Wreck It Ralph on the laptop, and it was hilarious. I highly recommend it.

So! With that being said, I guess you can expect more frequent updates from me! I'll probably show off my new walk-in open space wardrobe in the next post.

Things I'm Grateful for in January/February 2013
1. Getting married to a fabulous hunk
2. Getting Poppy PeeMaster Amzah Goh -- our new miniature poodle
3. Moving into my very first home
4. My first Chinese New Year as a married woman
5. Old friends who still care enough to organize house visits and get-togethers
6. A half-sponsored honeymoon trip in April (thanks to Wewo's company!)
7. E-mailing freaking R.A. freaking Salvatore AND GETTING A REPLY!!!

And I'm out! Time to send my 3-month old puppy for her monthly vaccination!

Love, light and apple-flavoured mousse! Pam


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