Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to DIY Wedding Doily Envelope

OK, I'm really glad that the wedding invitation was a success, but I still get really shy when people tell me how "detail oriented" and "well thought out" it was. Because... it wasn't. *hide under table* But let's just keep that a secret between you and I, OK!

So I only planned to have 100 guests at our wedding, and most wedding card printers print a minimum of 300pcs of wedding cards. I didn't need that many, which is why I concluded that I had to design and print my own wedding cards. My wedding card budget was RM200. 

So the first thing I did was design my wedding card with the Martha Stewart CraftStudio ipad app. It took like, 30 minutes to design. Then I had the parents proof-read the thing and it was sent off to a printing company to be printed. I think it cost somewhere around RM1.20 per card. 

So after I designed my card, I realized that IT COULD NOT FIT INTO NORMAL SIZED ENVELOPES, so unless I wanted to send my wedding cards off in brown envelopes, I had to hand-make my own. I would find out later on that you could also order customized envelopes, but our budget was only RM200. 

Hence, the doily envelope decision! 

Things you'll need: doily, wedding card, glue and scissors. 
I also require a good audiobook to listen to while crafting. (^_^) 

Step One: Cut the doily exactly in half. 

You'll need TWO doilies to make one envelope. 

Step Three: Take the first half and apply dots of glue. Apply sparingly. 

Step Four: Position the other half of the doily on top. I placed a wedding card at the bottom to help me position the doily such that the words LET'S CELEBRATE would be nicely framed. 
Essentially, you're creating the front flap of the envelope. 

Step Five: Gently remove the two pieces of doily glued together and allow to dry for like, 30 seconds. 

Step Five: Meanwhile, take a whole doily envelope and fold it around your wedding card. I've seen doily envelopes which are big enough to cover the entire wedding card, which was awesome! But once again, my card was way too big, so I had to create an additional flap. :( 

Step Six: Remove the wedding card, crease your doily properly and apply glue sparingly around the edges. 

Step Seven: You can now stick the two doily pieces together! 

Step Eight: Apply glue to the back of the doily to close the flaps together. Next, hang the doily to dry overnight.

Front of the doily envelope.

Back of the doily envelope.

One piece of doily only cost like RM0.25, and already comes with such pretty details! 

How long does it take to make an envelope?
I made mine in batches. It takes an average of one hour to make about 15 to 20 pieces. I spent more time thinking about how I would make the envelope then I did on actually making the thing. 

Would you do it again?
Yes, totally. I think it's safe to say that I had a pretty whimsical wedding, possibly the geekiest Chinese Wedding in Malaysia. And now you can have one too!

What else did you DIY?
After the envelopes were done, I realized that most people had NO CLUE where Passion Road was. So... I had to create my own MAP TO THE VENUE. I did mine on white A4 paper first, but it looked really ugly, so I settled on transparency paper printing. 

And then I found out that people were EXPECTING printed photos of us to take home (I guess it's a Chinese wedding thing) and lots of relatives didn't know what we looked like (hahahaha) so I got cute playing card-sized wedding photos as "wedding teasers". 

And then there was the problem of keeping everything together in an open envelope, which was why I used small little wooden pegs as well... 

In a way, I guess it was thoughtfully done. I can safely say that a lot of AFTER thought was put into the design of the wedding card. I hope this helps future brides and other DIY enthusiasts with overly large cards! The beauty about the doily envelope is that you can always cut and paste it however you like it, and it will still look great. Have fun! I'm getting all fluttery and excited, thinking about my BEST FRIEND and TWO GIRLFRIENDS who are getting married soon! (^_^) Yay! 

Iced coffee and fried chicken love from, Pam


  1. Hi Pam, would you be able to do these doily envelopes for a fee? In need of 5" x 4" envelopes by 15.3.13...Lemme know if you're interested..thx ;)

    1. Hey Intan,

      OMG congrats!!!! :D :D :D

      I'm so sorry as I'm tied up with work right now, and my house is still in a mess (T_T) perhaps you could gather all your sisters/girlfriends and make the doily envelopes together! It is really worth the effort as everyone said a lot of love was put into the invitations. Good luck ya :)

  2. Hey Ellie!

    You can buy the doily paper at any shop selling bakery tools. I've also seen it at AEON Jusco Supermarkets and Jaya Grocer (baking section). Good luck and have fun! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Nan Yeng,

      Happy New Year! This is the email contact of the printer I used: fion@brilliantjob.com but I'm not sure if they're still in business. Lately I also like ordering from this supplier because you send your artwork online, pay online and they deliver to your doorstep: http://www.imagemagic.com.my/

      Happy planning! :)


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