Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my walk-in wardrobe tour for small studio apartments


We fell in love with the studio apartment the very first time we saw it. It just had so much potential, you know? The neighbors are lovely, the landscaping is gorgeous and there are tons of markets and little cafes run by expats sprinkled around the area. Best of all, the studio isn't small enough that I have to squeeze around my 6 foot tall hunk whenever I'm moving about, but it is big enough that I can get it all cleaned up in less than 30 minutes (moping the floor everyday is a a hygienic must, especially if you have two furballs living with you).

And with our limited budget and time, I wasn't sure if we could find a really nice home to settle down in without having to pay an arm, a leg and a furball for. With so many things going on back then, I didn't realize that I had no place to put all my clothes and stuff into until we've moved all the boxes into the place. (=.=);

So that's when I noticed this tiny 30sq. ft. crook right next to our bedroom. It was a storage area before this,  but I have since then subscribed to the "less is more" mantra and decided that if we're not going to use something, then we're definitely not storing it either.

It's still only partially done as I still have a whole bag of clothes that I haven't unpacked (no more clothes hangers. Aiya.) and I won't go into serious decoration mode until the rest of my house is looking neat. So here it is:

30 square feet of pretty!

I don't actually wear high heels anymore and 10 times out of 10, you'll see me in my gray sandals. But I think I should start wearing them again! I also threw out like half of my shoe collection because they were (a) falling apart and (b) they hurt to wear, so I wasn't going to donate it away and let some other poor girl limp all over the place. These days, I'm really into shoes by Charles & Keith. They're so gorgeous and comfy! 

Empty space for new shoes to come!

One hanger just for my t-shirts and tops. I think I'm over the t-shirt and shorts phase. I like dresses now. Also, notice how the OCD in me has decided to arrange the tops from singlet to t-shirt to long sleeves, in color code.

The back hanger is meant for my dresses and long bottoms. 
The front hanger is dedicated to my belts, pants and skirts. 

I got a mannequin so it would be easier to sell off dresses I didn't wear online. For example, my bust size is too big to fit into this gorgeous tailor-made dress... why is why it is now being used as a mood piece-cum-necklace hanger. I don't know why all my necklaces are of the same shade... they're all gifts, actually. I don't actually wear necklaces because I'm more of an ear-ring type of girl. 
On top of the doll is my favorite hat with cats ears! I got matching ones for my sister and mum-in-law. (^_^) 

These shoes were to pretty to hide away, so they get to be displayed right at the front. Kinky. 

I like to turn on my IKEA lights in the evening. Purrrrrrrdy.

The studio comes with an built-in shelf, which I use to keep my beauty products and small evening bags. 

These masks are so cheap and so hard to find in Malaysia! I bought these in bulk (and have been known to give them away to good friends) so I wouldn't ever have to fuss about doing a facial at home. Do try to source for Mint Julep Masques (which I got for like RM12) because it's great for pimples and breakout skins. Seriously. Just apply a drop on your acne, wait 20 minutes and wash off. 

My nail polish collection, which just looks OK only. I can't really see all my nail polish so I will probably move it again later on with the rest of my makeup. Did you know that I was so busy getting ready for my wedding that I didn't even get to paint my nails for the wedding? *shy*

It's OK though, because it turns out that people don't really notice the colour of your nails when your best men are wearing pink bows and suspenders. (^_^) 

Anyway, back to my shelf!

Random products lined up on the shelf. I'll probably go through this pile every 6 months or so.

There's a small counter top at a hidden corner which used to house the modem and phone. I've since replaced it with things I need to get to everyday - rubberbands, lotion and hair spray. I love the adorable photo of my Wewo! If I had it my way, the whole house would be filled with his/our photos *adoring wife goggles turned on*

Well, OK. That's about it! I'm expecting furniture for the rest of the house in two weeks, so I'll have more to show then. Ta~ 

Love, hugs and creamy creme brulee ~ Pam 


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