Thursday, February 21, 2013

the one where I accidentally get a puppy

So like two days after our wedding, we decided to go furniture shopping for a mattress (we got one in the end, a King Koil memory foam mattress for about RM2,000. It's so difficult to get out of bed now!), and we sort-of remembered spotting a really nice mattress at Empire Gallery, Subang a couple of weeks back and the price was alright, so we decided to go back there again. We are not the kind of shoppers who are patient enough to traipse across Kuala Lumpur looking for the perfect mattress at a bargain price.

Lo and behold, we drive there only to discover that the mattress salesman, fair, products, shop - EVERYTHING - completely disappeared! ^_^;

So then we decided to go exchange credit card points for shiny new hardware for our kitchen. That's how we got a Breville coffee maker and Tefal food steamer for free. Just as we were loading up our already packed car (because, you know, this was two days after our wedding so there were like cake stands, wedding photos and two wedding gowns already taking up plenty of space), we decided to head back for some bottles of water.

We passed by a pet shop on the way up the escalator and I asked Wewo if we could just look in and look at all the pretty puppies.

Looking at cute little dogs cheer me up, and I especially love looking at Shih Tzus. Puppy shih tzus look so funny!

So there I was, minding my own business when Wewo pointed out this tiny little furball sleeping away in her cage.

Next thing I know, the sale assistant had opened up the cage and was letting Wewo and I hold the little furball. She just slept through the whole sales pitch and I already kinda liked her because she looked so TINY compared to Wewo. 

Look at how gently he's holding her! Well, besides the fact that he stuffed her into a bedroom slipper. Also, I like how Wewo has that just-got-out-of-bed sexy disheveled look going on. Moving on.


I don't even like poodles, because I think their paws look scary and they look weird with their haircut. But Poppy is seriously a classic one-of-a-kind gal.

Poppy sleeping everywhere - on laps, shoe racks, dust pans, cake boxes, floor, bed, people... 

It's pretty safe to say that everybody instantly loves Poppy, with her teeny tiny size and big brown human-like eyes.

I'm happy to report that Poppy and Oscar the Shih Tzu are learning to get along with each other. Oscar is surprisingly gentle, even though he's like 5 x Poppy's size. Even his bowel movement is bigger than Poppy. Seriously.

She's supposed to be a miniature poodle but at 3 months old, she's seriously too small! She's not even as wide as a manga! At the same time, she's much too big to be a teacup poodle, so Wewo has surmised that she's a midget mini poodle. 

The upside is that Poppy is super portable. 

And she's super smart! She toilet trained herself in just one day. ONE DAY.

Wewo says he knew Poppy was special because she has the same hair color as I do. Really? (=.=)

We often get asked why we got Poppy, especially since we just moved into our first home and are only now learning to settle down. I don't know exactly why, but it's probably because there really was no good reason to say no to taking care of Poppy. We already have Oscar to take care of after all, what's one more? :P 

We did have a 15 minute family discussion though where we talked about the pros and cons, divided the responsibility and impending issues before we actually purchased Poppy. OK, it was probably more like 5 minutes. Ahem. Moving on.

So that's how we got Poppy Pee Master Amzah Goh. No regrets at all, only heartwarming happiness everyday! 

Doggy treats and happy tails, Pam 


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