Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am Park Bom / 2NE1's New BlackJack

Haiya guys! I had a really bad fall, so I'm having some trouble doing certain stuff these days. Also, my working hours are crazy long right now because I'm attempting a two-week break from work in April for my honeymoon. So right now, my working hours are like 9AM to 5PM, which means that I have been working an average of 40-45 hours per week. I have my lunch breaks at the computer and go back to work at night and on weekends also, occasionally.

When people tell me that they think working from home is a fabulous job where I get to lounge around and watch television all day, I NEVER CORRECT THEM ANYMORE because I am secretly hoping that I will achieve the perfect work-life balance one day and will be able to lounge by the swimming pool on weekdays, while also having the perfect hair, the perfect mani/pedi and a fat bank account.

Someday my dream will come true! *shiny eyes*

I've been inspired by plenty of Japan/Korean culture lately.

It first started out with my movie date to watch Rurounin Kenshin

The movie was fun! This is what I imagine Samurai X would be like in real life.

And then one night, I suddenly felt like listening to this really, really catchy song that I always listen to on the bus trip back to Penang/KL:

The Aeroline bus is KPop friendly and you can watch the LONELY video clip while you travel in style!

Check out the video with English subtitles here. It's the perfect breakup song!

My favorite version is 2NE1 singing LIVE. 

I SO totally had a crush on Dara / Sandara Park and one thing lead to another, I ended up stalking her on Youtube. I mean, LOOK at how gorgeous she is!

Then I find out that 2NE1 has like THREE SEASONS worth of reality TV footage, so then I spent two weeks watching/stalking Dara and the rest of the girls. If you like pretty girls or feel curious about what it takes to be a KPop superstar, then 2NE1tv is seriously highly recommended. I watched EVERYTHING. 

And then I decided that I liked the main vocal, Park Bom even more than Dara. 

I love Park Bom's voice, she looks like a doll and she LOVES TO EAT 

And she has an unhealthy obsession with corn, just like me. I can eat corn everyday! 

And next thing I know, I hear that 2NE1 will be performing at the Twin Towers Live Concert! 

It must be fate, right? So off I went~

Green dress (Bom likes green), swag jewellery and high ponytail just like Bom. Ahem.

Nails from Dara's look in the "I Am The Best" Music Video

I went for a 7 hour concert and all I got was a Poncho from the concert organizers, lol 

Our survival kit included portable mini fans! It was an outdoor concert after all. 

Twin Towers Alive 2013 #tta 
Seriously, the concert sucked. It was more like Twin Towers Dead. They confiscated our food and water at the entrance (no prior warnings given) and then expected us to stand all smooshed up in the crowd for 7 hours. And the other performers sucked. Seriously. The local singers were lip synching and the local dancers couldn't even dance in-sync with each other or the music. Sigh. 

We got there at 5pm and had to wait. The concert began at 730pm, even though the ticket said it would start at 5pm. 

The concert began at 730pm but it was all local acts, all of which were boring except the one guy who could beatbox. In between were 20 minute breaks for no apparent reason. We all just stood and waited. Hungry and thirsty.

2NE1 only came out at 10pm plus!!! Seeing the girls on stage made everything totally worth it, so that was when I knew I had become a full fledged Blackjack fan club member. I mean, normal people don't stand around for 5 hours for any random person, right? 

2NE1's performance was great!!! 


Also, I'm proud to brag that Park Bom personally smiled directly at me halfway during the performance, because she was looking my way and while everyone else was waving their arms according to the music, I waved my arms vigorously at her. So she smiled. Park Bom is the best. 

It was also Park Bom's birthday the next day, so they had a birthday cake on the stage.

I wished Park Bom happy birthday along with everyone else. Best. Concert. Ever. 

And the Backstreet Boys were there too:

My first love Nick Carter was so close that I could actually see the stubble on his face. He was so handsome and I was the perfect creepy stalker fan. While everyone was busy shouting the lyrics to every classic BSB song they knew, all I did was stare fixatedly at Nick Carter. I was 12 feet away. When he gets a restraining order against me, I'll still be able to see him clearly even from 12 feet away. Interesting.

BSB will be releasing a new album this year, by the way! Kevin Richardson said so in the middle of their set.

So that was my very first concert of the year. We won't be going to any more randomly organized concerts because of the poor organization skills. I'M GOING TO GO FOR A 2NE1 FULL ON CONCERT NEXT TIME!!! Poor Wewo was so dehydrated and tired by the time we got home, which was around 1AM. I owe my husband a big favor now, but at least I managed to check one item off my bucket list (i.e. to see the Backstreet Boys perform live). My hubby is the best, look at him, making all my dreams come true just like that.

These are my nails for this week, inspired by 2NE1's "I Love You" Music Video. You can look up the tutorial on Youtube! Incidentally, Dara is a beauty ambassador for Etude House, but I didn't know that when I bought the product.

So, I guess I am a full fledged 2NE1 supporter now. I seriously love EVERYTHING about the four girls.

Funny how a person can change so much in just two weeks!

And I'm going to Korea soon! Super psyched! I wanna get a 2NE1 poster!

2NE1 제일 잘 나가! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

all girls should learn how to create a hair bun.

O-ho! New ability unlocked today!

So darn cute! So cute so cute so cute! 

Trying not to laugh because I can't remember the last time I camwhored. I'm ANCIENT! 

I made a cute donut-shaped bun thingy on my head! ALL BY MYSELF! All you need to do is gather your hair up in a super high ponytail and then pin the hair around the ponytail until you create a bun. I didn't even have to use hair spray and the bun stayed upright throughout the whole afternoon. Hell yeah.  

The weather has been so hot lately that even wearing a high-up ponytail gets my angry and annoyed for no apparent reason (-,-) I was supposed to get my hair cut after all the hoobla about the wedding, but then I dented Barbara the car, so the haircut money for this month went to my dearest car. (=.=); 

Wewo is a very wise man. He carefully avoided asking me how much my hair cut costs, such that I actually need to SAVE to afford one. Sufficient to say that it's a hair coloring and hair cutting session that usually lasts about 3-4 hours, and is usually done by a very cute guy ala Japanese style. Wewo gets his haircut for RM15 at those 15-minute hair shops. He is just so naturally handsome that he doesn't have to try hard to be just so, plus his Hokkien genes probably won't allow him to pay anything above RM50 for a haircut, hahahaahha. 

Fingers crossed I will have made enough money to (a) save for retirement, (b) save for Honeymoon trip to Korea next month and (c) have an awesome haircut by the end of this month/early next month. 

My target! 
I have had my hair long for over 3 years, which is seriously WAY TOO LONG already, so I'm going to go all Anne Hathaway on it and keep it short. I secretly think that brides with short hair look super hot and sophisticated, but I didn't have the guts to cut my hair before the wedding *shy*. That, and my best friend-cum-maid of honor would have killed me. Tee hee. Maybe it's time to break out my RM5 lady ducky pretty soon... 

That is all, back to work now. Wewo is coming home late so I still have 1-2 hours to be sloppy and eat junk food before I have to dress up nicely and serve cut fruits when he comes home. He can't figure out how I manage to keep it altogether. Ho ho. Shhh!!! 

By the way, please watch Pitch Perfect! It's SO EPIC! 

Also, writer Kevin Hearne is awesome. His Iron Druid Chronicles reminds me of an amped up, smarter version of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. 

Manga I've recently completed/started on:
Akuma To a Love Song
Bambino (Recommend! Especially if you love food!) 
Crazy Girl Shin Bia (Recommend! Completed series) 
Dear My Girls
Hana to Akuma
Love So Life 
Papilion - Hana to Chou
Bride of the Water God 
The Sleepy Residents of Bird Cage Manor (This one was weird. Not recommended). 

OK, that's it! Off to eat my Hot & Spicy KFC drumstick now. Bai!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Good days after bad days

Behold, mortal! I give you... rebirth!

Not a dent, not a scratch! Nada!

My car Barbara is the BOMB!!! My mechanic is also the BOMB!!! It only took 3 days to fix her up, and she's looking mighty fine for a 9 year old car, especially after her horrible scrape last week. I love you Barbara!

By the way, did you know that we are all legally obliged to lodge a police report after you get into an accident? Failure to do so (even if you are the victim) can cost you up to RM300 in fines! To make matters even more inconvenient, you can't just anyhow lodge a police report at any police station. It needs to be a traffic police station.

The one and only one in KL is located along Jalan Tun H.S. Lee.

Photo credits to

So I guess, for future reference, the first thing you need to do after you're in an accident is (1) make sure everyone is OK (2) take a photo of the other car (3) drive straight to the traffic police station or contact a tow car (4) make a police report within 24 hours.

I didn't get a fine though. Phew! Let's hope that I'll never ever have to experience something scary like that again!

I am in an especially good mood today because Wewo bought me lunch:

It is the BEST taco's in the whole of Malaysia. Seriously, hands down.

 It's kinda expensive at RM14, but it's totally worth it! If it makes you feel any better, you could just pretend that it's a salad with a crispy exterior. Hohoho. I seriously love the Pancake House at Mid Valley Megamall. They're under-rated and have the most delicious set meals in Mid Valley, so if you're looking for delicious pancakes, etc. on a budget, then this is definitely the best place to go! (Hint: they're just next to the Krispy Kreme stall).

And I also found out that freaking Stephenie Meyer's book, The Host, HAS BEEN MADE INTO A FREAKING MOVIE

OHHHH MANNNN I am so totally watching it. This totally made my morning. Why is Ms Meyer taking so long to release the next two books?

Speaking about books, I am having the worst luck with books lately.

I picked up this book by Emily Griffith because I wanted some chic-lit indulgence, but it turned out to be a so seriously annoying.

I mean, the prequel to this book actually became a movie with John Krasinski in it, so how bad could it be, right? IT WAS BAD. It was so damn predictable and the main character was SO ANNOYING. Main character is about to get married. Main character is dumped by her fiance who runs off with her best friend. It looked like harmless literature (if you can call it that), but then the twist is that the main character CHEATED on her fiance and spends a good amount of time in the book harping on about how bitchy her best friend was for stealing her man. And the person the main character cheated with was kind-of her best friend's love interest. So much drama and not enough humor to keep me interested. So I just put it down and didn't pick it up again.

Then I found this highly rated series on goodreads-

The covers look cool, right? The first book was fine, but I felt like I was drowning of boredom throughout the rest of the books. By the time I reached book four, I had to just put it down. I didn't care anymore if the main characters were going to get together or not. I didn't care that Lucifer was going to collect all the angels and I sure as heck did not appreciate the idea that God is so petty as to separate two individuals who love each other. At least Edward Cullen had the balls to say that he loved everything about Bella, from her smell to her independence and awkwardness. In the Fallen series, all there is is lust between a human and an angel. He doesn't love you! He's just a psychotic angel! And his brother is so much cuter! 

There. I can't even remember the names of the main characters in this book, despite nearly completing the whole series. That's how much I hated it. 

And so I decided to go back to the "butt-kicking, hot girl" genre... 

I've almost finished the first book. It started out great, but... I don't know. I think I've... outgrown these books. *sad* 

I'm going to start on Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles today, hopefully some cute boy-kicks butt action is what I need to really get my imagination roaring again. Do hit me up if you have any books to recommend, but it must have a happy ending (this means you, Satnam)! 

The tardy smartie, Pam 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to Get the Guy of Your Dreams (Malaysian edition)

What a day! All I did was write, write, write and here I am, writing some more! Writing is awesome. :3 

For some weird reason, I was suddenly inspired to write about how I came to be happily married in like, super record time. Everything just pretty much escalated quickly right from the very first day we met each other, and even though I highly do not recommend going as fast as we did (he proposed after we dated for one year, but we were already considering marriage 3-4 months into the relationship), I have some pointers which I feel can help other girls get settled down with her dream soul mate. 

I used to be a really nosy love guru to all my friends, but now that I am married --- it just seems kinda obnoxious to give them advice now *shy*. So I only listen these days and don't offer any opinions or ask any questions. Marriage is not a race, you know? Anyway, here's me letting go of a weight off my shoulders! Pom Pom! 

1. Make Up

Some girls wake up looking naturally gorgeous, but if you're not one of those girls, then it is time to learn how to look hot. Don't be afraid to be called a "bimbo" or "shallow". If people call you silly things like that just because you like makeup, then they are quite simply not your friends. You can look out for GroupOn packages offering makeup courses or you could learn from YouTube beauty gurus (I watch their videos every week!). Make up doesn't have to be difficult - I get my hair and makeup done everyday in ten minutes. For beginners, I recommend learning how to wear eyeliner. Eyeliner makes a whole lot of difference, especially if you're Asian. If you're pressed for time, colored contact lenses, a swab of eyeliner and light lipstick can instantly make you look pretty! 

2. Wear Nice Things

For clothes, I draw the line at jeans and baby t-shirts, or a graphic shirt and shorts. Don't wear baggy clothes, even if it really is super comfy! At the same time, don't wear highly revealing clothes unless you're planning on getting picked up by pervy guys.You don't have to be a fashionista to pull off a great look. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I went clothes shopping. The point is to maintain a cute wardrobe as best as you can, whether it's by DIY or shopping or thrifting second hand goods. Ditto with shoes, hair and jewelery. I don't think guys actually notice the difference with our accessories, but they can definitely tell the difference between sexy kitten pumps and old flip-flops. Just like at work, the clothes you wear and the way you carry yourself on dates/social events says a lot about you. 

3. Lose Some Weight
Honestly, there are way too many hot girls in Malaysia already,  and men are visual creatures. If you are medically classified as overweight, then lose the damn weight already. Saying dramatic things like "take me as I am" does not apply to obese people. The same goes for ultra skinny girls as well. If you want to get that dream guy, you need to look the part, too. 

4. Learn to Do Fun Things. Alone. 
If you like manga, dress up for cosplay conventions. If you like travelling, then go see the world! I recommend actively looking for things that can help you upgrade yourself all the time, like taking up language classes, learning programming or improving your speech crafting skills at Toastmasters. If you like doing so-called "superficial things" like clubbing, chatting or shopping, don't lie about it either. Have fun! You go, girl! Be yourself and just keep living your life. Be happy. Guys don't like moody girls who hover in the background at home, waiting for prince charming to sweep them off their feet. That's a lot of pressure to put on a guy, you know? So make it your responsibility to keep yourself happy! I guarantee this will go a long way in keeping your relationship upbeat and stress-free. 

5.  How to Meet Him
Lots of nice people are still single because in Malaysia, you either hook up in school, uni or at work. Because our aim is to settle down with the Man of Our Dreams, you should never aim for anything less, even if it is more convenient. The fun thing about being a grown up is that you can always "network" with other adults. The Internet is filled with forums, blogs and social network sites that allows you to connect to other like-minded individuals. If you're feeling brave enough, you might also wanna put yourself up on love matchmaking sites as well, although I highly advise you to practice safety precautions at all times. The point is that you need to poke your head out every once in awhile and befriend someone new to grow your social circle. Don't jump into anything with the objective of looking for a man -- just casually look, and see what happens. Every time you go to a party or event, make it a point to at least talk to one good looking man, just for fun.

Also, if you pick a guy up at a club, please understand that there is a 90% chance that it's not going to be a long term relationship.

6. Be Independent

Nobody wants to be nagged by a girl who is in her mid-thirties and is itching to be married. To be frank, I never ever imagined that I would get married! After all, who wants to be another divorce statistic, right? If you are in a relationship, don't push for the next step in your relationship. Let it happen naturally (i.e. both of you must want it). Instead of worrying about babies and your future dream home, concentrate on your career progression, achievements, friends and families instead. I have yet to see a guy dump a lively girl who can afford her own luxury bags, holidays and comfort items. You'll earn bonus points if you can treat him every now and then too, but things like paying for his rent and gas money is totally out of the question. Girl, just do your own thing and he'll spend many days and nights wrecking his brain on how he can keep you for good.

7. No drama, please 

OK, some couples get married and they can still last even with all the drama surrounding them, which is fine. But if you have the option of choosing, please do not go for the guy who gambles, smokes too much, drinks too much, is violent or crazy. Guys who play mind games with you or makes you feel any less worthy is also certainly not your time. I once dated a guy who offhandedly said that he might cheat even after marriage. I dumped his ass so fast, he didn't even know what hit him, lol. Regardless of how cute he is or how perfect he may seem or how well you guys "get" each other, no woman deserves to be put under mental torture for the rest of her life. Your man's job is to make you laugh and giggle, and hold your hand when things get sad. If you need to spend every waking hour worrying about the latest issue you guys are having, then you're just better off alone.

That's it, basically. When guys talk about their dream girl, they envision girls who know how to have fun, yet not take things too seriously. The funny thing about karma is that you give what you get, so if you're looking for a tall, dark, handsome, crazily romantic guy, then you need to be the perfect counterpart to him. If you want someone who can cook, is financially savvy and sporty, then you can't be too far off the mark either, you know? :)

Don't change for a guy, change for you. You'll feel much more positive if you look better, smell better and have a happier lifestyle. We'll have plenty of time to be wrinkly and musky when we're a 100 years old.

The thing about change is that it's scary, but the alternative, i.e. just "waiting for someone nice to come along" is clearly not working out for you right now. Don't be afraid to give love a chance and take the plunge! After all, a life without love is no life at all.

Wao, this is a super mega wall of text!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Even Perfect Girls Have HORRIBLE DAYS

Oh. Gosh. I don't even know where to start, so let's start off with some photos of what happened to me at 9 this morning.


I have been driving for over 9 years, and today of all days was the day of my very first accident. Which isn't actually very major, despite the horrible look of my fender. Oh gosh. The ironic thing is that it happened on a clear road big enough to fit FOUR VEHICLES -- but, I guess these things just happen.

So there I was, minding my own business at the T-Junction when this ice van (you know, those vans carrying ice?) basically turned into my road and rammed into my stationary car, which wasn't even moving. I guess he thought he could clear me, but he didn't. Boo. So then I parked on the side of the road and three Indian guys came out of the ice van. 

I was stunned, but I remembered everyone telling me that if you get into an accident, you must never ever come down - especially when the other dude is driving a van and there are three of them (all males) and you are a 5 foot tall Chinese girl. Sorry, but it's true. So I just sat in my car while the Indian man told me how I was in the wrong because I didn't see him coming, even though I didn't even move my car and wasn't even making a turn. (=.=); So I just said "oh ok my fault", wound up my car window and called my husband. 

The guys left, of course. Because they were in the wrong. After all, if you were in the right of way and was on a payroll as a van driver, you would definitely want to hash out all the details before moving on, right? Drivers lose their jobs when they cause accidents, after all. They weren't very nice, so I'm glad they didn't stick around though. 

Thankfully Wewo promptly picked up his phone and after assuring him that I was fine, I asked him what to do next. Do I go to PERODUA or should I just go to our regular mechanic? He said to go to our regular mechanic, so I did. 

What I should have done though was get down from my car after the ice guys left and survey the damage. I think I was still afraid that they would come back and that my heart would break at the sight of my very first car looking wrecked. Who says girls don't love cars, eh? 

Anyway. Because I didn't know how precarious the situation was, I drove 20 minutes to my mechanic's place all the way in SS20. I now know better because not only is it a road violation to drive with metal bits hanging out of your car, it is also dangerous and I could have seriously hurt somebody. A better option would have been to get my car towed, regardless of the cost. Sorry, fellow road users! 

Like a robot, I started my car and drove straight on towards the mechanic. 

That morning, Wewo had forgotten his wallet at home and so I borrowed him the Touch N Go in my car, thinking that there's no way I'd be taking the highway today. 

It turns out that I had to go through TWO toll booths, and because I didn't have my tag with me, I had to line up in the cash section. The first time I went through it, I misjudged the distance and had the metal fender scrapping up against the toll booth. Sorry, toll booth! 

The toll booth ladies looked so nervous, and I couldn't blame them. I remember reading about nasty car accidents happening right at the toll booth. Sorry, toll booth ladies! 

I would also like to mention that there were some motorcyclists and drivers who cared enough to honk at me and gestured at my car, just in case I didn't realize that there was a metal sheet hanging from the side of my car. It was really sweet of them to do so. Thank you fellow motorists! I drove at 40kmph from KL to PJ via the highway, and no one honked at me or gestured at me obscenely. If anything, everyone avoided me rather nervously which I really, really appreciated because after the accident, it felt as though I had taken a deep breath and forgotten how to exhale. 

Ever the perfect husband, Wewo called the mechanic in advanced and asked him to be kind to his wife, who was still shaken up by the incident. Sure enough, the mechanic took my keys, explained the fixing process to me and ordered me off to have my coffee. So I went off to have a cappucino and played some games on my iPad while trying to let everything sink in. I was in an accident. I was in an accident. Not someone else - me. I was in an accident.

Despite my insistence that I was fine, everything was fine, Wewo took an hour off work to come and see me anyways. All he did was hold my hand for an hour and listened to me talk about the accident. We are an odd couple. After the initial rehashing of the story of my accident and repairs, we just moved on to other topics and I didn't mind at all.  But he always held my hand. Calmly, kindly. Damn, this man is a fine piece of husband. 

I also called my mother in-law to tell her about what just happened to me and smiled when I listened to her complain about how she should be there with me at the very moment, despite being a 5 hours drive away. She is a gem! 

So in the end, my car will cost RM1,250 to repair. Hallejuah! It could have been cheaper, except that I wanted to get my back bumper painted as well. I mean, if Barbara (my car) was going to be away for 3 days, she might as well come back looking pretty and new, eh? This lovely girl certainly does not look like a 9 year old car and she's downright robust. I love you, Barbara! 

I got home, trying to process what it's like to be without a car for 3 days. Then I got to replacing the leaky tap in the bathroom:

And then I got down to doing some writing, cooked soup for dinner and now I'm off to clean up my studio apartment. 

Oh yes, I also shared the incident with my in-laws, who are seriously the best family a girl could dream of, ever. So I guess I'm OK. Despite everything that's happened, I still feel really grateful. The only seriously damaged part was the fender. Otherwise, all of Barbara's internal organs are still well-maintained and functional. She's a tough girl. I love you, Barbara! 

And I'm also grateful that I'm safe. 

Anyway, if you ever get into a car accident -- just take as many photos as you can of the culprit's vehicle. All that writing and memorizing thing won't come in handy when you're in a daze like I was. 

If you think you're having a bad day, watch this video by luanlegacy: 

When Things Go Wrong, It Goes ALL WRONG 

But I personally find his other videos funnier, like this one: 

So We Eating Tampons Now?

If you're having a bad day --- smile! I had a pretty bad (and expensive!) one too. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Plenty of hugs, Pam 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Most Awesome Chinese Malaysian Garden Wedding Ever

Good morning! We just got back from Penang yesterday for our third and final wedding celebration. I keep telling Wewo I'm not sure what I did to have so many people wanting to celebrate our wedding with us, but I'M SO GLAD we do! Watch the video, it's AWESOME and is sure to put a smile on your face. I don't want to give too much away, but it involves dancing groomsmen. 

My boobs look super big, right? Thank my makeup artist! Bwahahahahaha. 

OK, off to work! Ta! 

This are is left blank on purpose