Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Even Perfect Girls Have HORRIBLE DAYS

Oh. Gosh. I don't even know where to start, so let's start off with some photos of what happened to me at 9 this morning.


I have been driving for over 9 years, and today of all days was the day of my very first accident. Which isn't actually very major, despite the horrible look of my fender. Oh gosh. The ironic thing is that it happened on a clear road big enough to fit FOUR VEHICLES -- but, I guess these things just happen.

So there I was, minding my own business at the T-Junction when this ice van (you know, those vans carrying ice?) basically turned into my road and rammed into my stationary car, which wasn't even moving. I guess he thought he could clear me, but he didn't. Boo. So then I parked on the side of the road and three Indian guys came out of the ice van. 

I was stunned, but I remembered everyone telling me that if you get into an accident, you must never ever come down - especially when the other dude is driving a van and there are three of them (all males) and you are a 5 foot tall Chinese girl. Sorry, but it's true. So I just sat in my car while the Indian man told me how I was in the wrong because I didn't see him coming, even though I didn't even move my car and wasn't even making a turn. (=.=); So I just said "oh ok my fault", wound up my car window and called my husband. 

The guys left, of course. Because they were in the wrong. After all, if you were in the right of way and was on a payroll as a van driver, you would definitely want to hash out all the details before moving on, right? Drivers lose their jobs when they cause accidents, after all. They weren't very nice, so I'm glad they didn't stick around though. 

Thankfully Wewo promptly picked up his phone and after assuring him that I was fine, I asked him what to do next. Do I go to PERODUA or should I just go to our regular mechanic? He said to go to our regular mechanic, so I did. 

What I should have done though was get down from my car after the ice guys left and survey the damage. I think I was still afraid that they would come back and that my heart would break at the sight of my very first car looking wrecked. Who says girls don't love cars, eh? 

Anyway. Because I didn't know how precarious the situation was, I drove 20 minutes to my mechanic's place all the way in SS20. I now know better because not only is it a road violation to drive with metal bits hanging out of your car, it is also dangerous and I could have seriously hurt somebody. A better option would have been to get my car towed, regardless of the cost. Sorry, fellow road users! 

Like a robot, I started my car and drove straight on towards the mechanic. 

That morning, Wewo had forgotten his wallet at home and so I borrowed him the Touch N Go in my car, thinking that there's no way I'd be taking the highway today. 

It turns out that I had to go through TWO toll booths, and because I didn't have my tag with me, I had to line up in the cash section. The first time I went through it, I misjudged the distance and had the metal fender scrapping up against the toll booth. Sorry, toll booth! 

The toll booth ladies looked so nervous, and I couldn't blame them. I remember reading about nasty car accidents happening right at the toll booth. Sorry, toll booth ladies! 

I would also like to mention that there were some motorcyclists and drivers who cared enough to honk at me and gestured at my car, just in case I didn't realize that there was a metal sheet hanging from the side of my car. It was really sweet of them to do so. Thank you fellow motorists! I drove at 40kmph from KL to PJ via the highway, and no one honked at me or gestured at me obscenely. If anything, everyone avoided me rather nervously which I really, really appreciated because after the accident, it felt as though I had taken a deep breath and forgotten how to exhale. 

Ever the perfect husband, Wewo called the mechanic in advanced and asked him to be kind to his wife, who was still shaken up by the incident. Sure enough, the mechanic took my keys, explained the fixing process to me and ordered me off to have my coffee. So I went off to have a cappucino and played some games on my iPad while trying to let everything sink in. I was in an accident. I was in an accident. Not someone else - me. I was in an accident.

Despite my insistence that I was fine, everything was fine, Wewo took an hour off work to come and see me anyways. All he did was hold my hand for an hour and listened to me talk about the accident. We are an odd couple. After the initial rehashing of the story of my accident and repairs, we just moved on to other topics and I didn't mind at all.  But he always held my hand. Calmly, kindly. Damn, this man is a fine piece of husband. 

I also called my mother in-law to tell her about what just happened to me and smiled when I listened to her complain about how she should be there with me at the very moment, despite being a 5 hours drive away. She is a gem! 

So in the end, my car will cost RM1,250 to repair. Hallejuah! It could have been cheaper, except that I wanted to get my back bumper painted as well. I mean, if Barbara (my car) was going to be away for 3 days, she might as well come back looking pretty and new, eh? This lovely girl certainly does not look like a 9 year old car and she's downright robust. I love you, Barbara! 

I got home, trying to process what it's like to be without a car for 3 days. Then I got to replacing the leaky tap in the bathroom:

And then I got down to doing some writing, cooked soup for dinner and now I'm off to clean up my studio apartment. 

Oh yes, I also shared the incident with my in-laws, who are seriously the best family a girl could dream of, ever. So I guess I'm OK. Despite everything that's happened, I still feel really grateful. The only seriously damaged part was the fender. Otherwise, all of Barbara's internal organs are still well-maintained and functional. She's a tough girl. I love you, Barbara! 

And I'm also grateful that I'm safe. 

Anyway, if you ever get into a car accident -- just take as many photos as you can of the culprit's vehicle. All that writing and memorizing thing won't come in handy when you're in a daze like I was. 

If you think you're having a bad day, watch this video by luanlegacy: 

When Things Go Wrong, It Goes ALL WRONG 

But I personally find his other videos funnier, like this one: 

So We Eating Tampons Now?

If you're having a bad day --- smile! I had a pretty bad (and expensive!) one too. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Plenty of hugs, Pam 


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