Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am Park Bom / 2NE1's New BlackJack

Haiya guys! I had a really bad fall, so I'm having some trouble doing certain stuff these days. Also, my working hours are crazy long right now because I'm attempting a two-week break from work in April for my honeymoon. So right now, my working hours are like 9AM to 5PM, which means that I have been working an average of 40-45 hours per week. I have my lunch breaks at the computer and go back to work at night and on weekends also, occasionally.

When people tell me that they think working from home is a fabulous job where I get to lounge around and watch television all day, I NEVER CORRECT THEM ANYMORE because I am secretly hoping that I will achieve the perfect work-life balance one day and will be able to lounge by the swimming pool on weekdays, while also having the perfect hair, the perfect mani/pedi and a fat bank account.

Someday my dream will come true! *shiny eyes*

I've been inspired by plenty of Japan/Korean culture lately.

It first started out with my movie date to watch Rurounin Kenshin

The movie was fun! This is what I imagine Samurai X would be like in real life.

And then one night, I suddenly felt like listening to this really, really catchy song that I always listen to on the bus trip back to Penang/KL:

The Aeroline bus is KPop friendly and you can watch the LONELY video clip while you travel in style!

Check out the video with English subtitles here. It's the perfect breakup song!

My favorite version is 2NE1 singing LIVE. 

I SO totally had a crush on Dara / Sandara Park and one thing lead to another, I ended up stalking her on Youtube. I mean, LOOK at how gorgeous she is!

Then I find out that 2NE1 has like THREE SEASONS worth of reality TV footage, so then I spent two weeks watching/stalking Dara and the rest of the girls. If you like pretty girls or feel curious about what it takes to be a KPop superstar, then 2NE1tv is seriously highly recommended. I watched EVERYTHING. 

And then I decided that I liked the main vocal, Park Bom even more than Dara. 

I love Park Bom's voice, she looks like a doll and she LOVES TO EAT 

And she has an unhealthy obsession with corn, just like me. I can eat corn everyday! 

And next thing I know, I hear that 2NE1 will be performing at the Twin Towers Live Concert! 

It must be fate, right? So off I went~

Green dress (Bom likes green), swag jewellery and high ponytail just like Bom. Ahem.

Nails from Dara's look in the "I Am The Best" Music Video

I went for a 7 hour concert and all I got was a Poncho from the concert organizers, lol 

Our survival kit included portable mini fans! It was an outdoor concert after all. 

Twin Towers Alive 2013 #tta 
Seriously, the concert sucked. It was more like Twin Towers Dead. They confiscated our food and water at the entrance (no prior warnings given) and then expected us to stand all smooshed up in the crowd for 7 hours. And the other performers sucked. Seriously. The local singers were lip synching and the local dancers couldn't even dance in-sync with each other or the music. Sigh. 

We got there at 5pm and had to wait. The concert began at 730pm, even though the ticket said it would start at 5pm. 

The concert began at 730pm but it was all local acts, all of which were boring except the one guy who could beatbox. In between were 20 minute breaks for no apparent reason. We all just stood and waited. Hungry and thirsty.

2NE1 only came out at 10pm plus!!! Seeing the girls on stage made everything totally worth it, so that was when I knew I had become a full fledged Blackjack fan club member. I mean, normal people don't stand around for 5 hours for any random person, right? 

2NE1's performance was great!!! 


Also, I'm proud to brag that Park Bom personally smiled directly at me halfway during the performance, because she was looking my way and while everyone else was waving their arms according to the music, I waved my arms vigorously at her. So she smiled. Park Bom is the best. 

It was also Park Bom's birthday the next day, so they had a birthday cake on the stage.

I wished Park Bom happy birthday along with everyone else. Best. Concert. Ever. 

And the Backstreet Boys were there too:

My first love Nick Carter was so close that I could actually see the stubble on his face. He was so handsome and I was the perfect creepy stalker fan. While everyone was busy shouting the lyrics to every classic BSB song they knew, all I did was stare fixatedly at Nick Carter. I was 12 feet away. When he gets a restraining order against me, I'll still be able to see him clearly even from 12 feet away. Interesting.

BSB will be releasing a new album this year, by the way! Kevin Richardson said so in the middle of their set.

So that was my very first concert of the year. We won't be going to any more randomly organized concerts because of the poor organization skills. I'M GOING TO GO FOR A 2NE1 FULL ON CONCERT NEXT TIME!!! Poor Wewo was so dehydrated and tired by the time we got home, which was around 1AM. I owe my husband a big favor now, but at least I managed to check one item off my bucket list (i.e. to see the Backstreet Boys perform live). My hubby is the best, look at him, making all my dreams come true just like that.

These are my nails for this week, inspired by 2NE1's "I Love You" Music Video. You can look up the tutorial on Youtube! Incidentally, Dara is a beauty ambassador for Etude House, but I didn't know that when I bought the product.

So, I guess I am a full fledged 2NE1 supporter now. I seriously love EVERYTHING about the four girls.

Funny how a person can change so much in just two weeks!

And I'm going to Korea soon! Super psyched! I wanna get a 2NE1 poster!

2NE1 제일 잘 나가! 


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