Wednesday, March 13, 2013

all girls should learn how to create a hair bun.

O-ho! New ability unlocked today!

So darn cute! So cute so cute so cute! 

Trying not to laugh because I can't remember the last time I camwhored. I'm ANCIENT! 

I made a cute donut-shaped bun thingy on my head! ALL BY MYSELF! All you need to do is gather your hair up in a super high ponytail and then pin the hair around the ponytail until you create a bun. I didn't even have to use hair spray and the bun stayed upright throughout the whole afternoon. Hell yeah.  

The weather has been so hot lately that even wearing a high-up ponytail gets my angry and annoyed for no apparent reason (-,-) I was supposed to get my hair cut after all the hoobla about the wedding, but then I dented Barbara the car, so the haircut money for this month went to my dearest car. (=.=); 

Wewo is a very wise man. He carefully avoided asking me how much my hair cut costs, such that I actually need to SAVE to afford one. Sufficient to say that it's a hair coloring and hair cutting session that usually lasts about 3-4 hours, and is usually done by a very cute guy ala Japanese style. Wewo gets his haircut for RM15 at those 15-minute hair shops. He is just so naturally handsome that he doesn't have to try hard to be just so, plus his Hokkien genes probably won't allow him to pay anything above RM50 for a haircut, hahahaahha. 

Fingers crossed I will have made enough money to (a) save for retirement, (b) save for Honeymoon trip to Korea next month and (c) have an awesome haircut by the end of this month/early next month. 

My target! 
I have had my hair long for over 3 years, which is seriously WAY TOO LONG already, so I'm going to go all Anne Hathaway on it and keep it short. I secretly think that brides with short hair look super hot and sophisticated, but I didn't have the guts to cut my hair before the wedding *shy*. That, and my best friend-cum-maid of honor would have killed me. Tee hee. Maybe it's time to break out my RM5 lady ducky pretty soon... 

That is all, back to work now. Wewo is coming home late so I still have 1-2 hours to be sloppy and eat junk food before I have to dress up nicely and serve cut fruits when he comes home. He can't figure out how I manage to keep it altogether. Ho ho. Shhh!!! 

By the way, please watch Pitch Perfect! It's SO EPIC! 

Also, writer Kevin Hearne is awesome. His Iron Druid Chronicles reminds me of an amped up, smarter version of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. 

Manga I've recently completed/started on:
Akuma To a Love Song
Bambino (Recommend! Especially if you love food!) 
Crazy Girl Shin Bia (Recommend! Completed series) 
Dear My Girls
Hana to Akuma
Love So Life 
Papilion - Hana to Chou
Bride of the Water God 
The Sleepy Residents of Bird Cage Manor (This one was weird. Not recommended). 

OK, that's it! Off to eat my Hot & Spicy KFC drumstick now. Bai!


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