Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I fell down!

Hi guys! How's your day? I'm having a slice of mushroom salami pizza from Ficelle for lunch right now. Om nom nom. Pizza is the best food invention ever, right after desserts and asam laksa!

So. I fell down last month. It "conveniently" occurred at around 10pm on a Monday night, just after I picked up Wewo from work. I decided to celebrate the end of Monday with some fruit juices, so we made a detour to our favorite fruit shop. I ordered a banana lassi and nectarine ice blended. then headed back to the car. Wewo who was waiting for me in the car with Poppy saw me walking confidently towards the car. Then the next thing he knew, I was splat on the ground.

I had to use my knees to break my fall because my two hands were busy holding onto the fruit juice.

My sweet mom in-law teased me, "What will happen when you carry the baby next time?"
And I replied with, "But the fruit juice was OK!"

If you look closely, you can see small stones and gravel stuck to my wound. Adoi. 

We had to improvise because we didn't have a plaster large enough to cover the wound. Wewo was so gallant! He drove all over the neighborhood looking for antiseptic wash for me, but all the pharmacies and shops were already closed. (T_T) So I patched myself up with a glob of Dettol antiseptic cream, covered it with a white bandage thingy and secured the dressing with cute animal plasters. 

I basically single-handedly ruined my husband's Monday night, so I had to cheer him up! This is a special fan service for him! 

But when I woke up the next day, the bandage was all icky (p.s. sorry, hope this post isn't too graphic. I'm eating a pizza now and I'm OK!) It's been awhile since I hurt myself so badly that I forgot what a pain healing can be! We need knees to do everything! 

Trying to take a shower without getting your wound wet was pretty challenging. It took me 10 days to realize that trying to avoid water in a shower is very futile. So the next time you have a deep wound you can't get wet, gently wrap cling wrap/plastic bag around it and secure with masking tape. Masking tape is great, because it doesn't remove your leg hair. Trust me. I know these things. 

Another big challenge for me was trying to avoid the dogs! Poppy can only stand up as high as knee level, so you can imagine how scary it is to have a handful of fur consistently attacking your maimed knee that's been leaking puss and blood for the past week or so. 

Le femme fatale Poppy. Knee killer. 

So cute! I take her out for a ride in the car once a day when I pick up Wewo from work. 

Poppy and Oscar are now best of friends too! 

Two menaces. One house. (=.=)

Two dogs. One plate. (-.-) Even though both plates contain the same doggy food (-.-).

I am currently seriously obsessing over this old manga, called Glass Mask:

I love everything about this anime! It's perfect for girls and those who like acting. Did you know I used to play lead roles in my high school drama? One of my dreams is to go back into acting next time, but only when I'm like 50 and above. I want to play evil step mothers or nice grandmothers. Mwahahahha. The comic was published in 1970s, so you can expect the drawing to be very Saint Seiya-ish. But that's OK because the storyline actually makes up for it! 

I also really, really, really like 2NE1 still. If you're interested, you can watch their subbed videos and follow up on their latest news at

My Best Date of 2013 (so far) 
I really, really hate horror and gore stuff but Wewo is a big fan of it. So we downloaded all THREE SEASONS OF THE WALKING DEAD and had an awesome romantic weekend right in our cosy studio. All we did starting from Friday night till Sunday night was watch the Walking Dead while munching on snacks and drinks in our PJs. We went out for proper food once a day on Saturday and Sunday, but otherwise ordered pizza or KFC delivery to our home, so we never had to waste time cooking and eating. Because we were adults, we also had plenty of grapes, sugar plums, mango and melons as well. 

Zombies + Food in Bed + Spouse + Pyjamas = Best Romantic Weekend Ever 

My favorite character in The Walking Dead. Wub.

I highly recommend The Walking Dead, although I usually spend most of my time hiding behind Wewo's shoulder. (=.=) It was a great weekend! This week will be all about preparations and Adult Stuff though, because we'll be heading to Korea next Friday! OK, let's work hard now!

Ghoul Love, Pam 


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