Thursday, May 30, 2013

my crazy personal crisis

A girl can do a lot in life, and she can do it pretty well.

I am finally settling down and getting used to being married and learning how to juggle work, two fluffy dogs, one incredibly charming husband and responsibilities that come with home ownership.

I am finally beginning to want more.

I used to think that I was happy just writing and having someone else take credit for the work I did. I liked marketing and PR stuff, but I didn't want the thanks for the work because it came with EXPECTATIONS and even more responsibility. I wanted to be a free spirit with minimal problems.

But now I want more.

I want to see my name in print. I want to be famous but not famous at the same time. I want to be liked by people and peers in an obscure, niche kind-of way. I am comfortable, but I am giving it up for angry, depressing, negative, fearful feelings as I let go of everything that is safe and familiar. CYP, it's time to go for broke!

I want to be someone who can see eye-to-eye with Park Bom.

OK, that's all I wanted to say today!

I've tried expressing my feelings and thoughts outloud, but no one seems to understand.

Happy Dust to all, Pam

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Most Prized kPop Possession: 2NE1 Autograph!!!

So while everyone was busy buying loads of makeup, skincare and ginseng products in Korea, I stocked up on 2NE1 merchandise:

2NE1 merchandise... 2NE1 merchandise everywhere on my work desk!!! 

2NE1 original posters I got for FREE hanging at my walk-in wardrobe 

OMG I HAVE AN ITEM THAT WAS TOUCHED BY PARK BOM!!! We wandered around Dongdaemun and found this vintage music store selling autographed CDs. It's pretty expensive (basically over RM300), but it is a rare item that was touched by kPop Queens!!! 

*tears of happiness* 

Safe to say it's basically the best souvenir I could have ever gotten from Korea! 

I also got 2NE1 pens. Most of the items were purchased from roadside sellers, so I doubt that they're original... where does one go to buy original 2NE1 merchandise? I want to buy the concert light and their hot pink towel! 

2NE1 calendar. It's not July yet, but I like looking at Park Bom. 

2NE1 cup, which I use as my drinking chalice. I drink water from it everyday while I write. There's Poppy in the background! Her spidy senses tingle everytime I start taking random photos and she becomes curious. 

The creepy thing is that upon closer inspection of the 2NE1 autograph, I realized that my signature is very similar to that of Park Bom's! Coincidence... again??? Kya~~~ 

Because I'm still crazy insane really, really into 2NE1, I actually ordered the 2NE1 Wing shoes as well: 

This display of swag and awesomeness is arriving at my doorstep next week! 

Also, CL from 2NE1 released her solo MV today... it was... interesting. But I MISS MY 2NE1! 

Sigh, OK ! Back to work ! 

Blackjack Out, Pam! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Laneige K-Beauty Blogger

Omo, do you believe in coincidences? Nuffnang is running a beauty blogging contest for Korean cosmetics company Laneige --- just when I'm in the midst of my Korea pop culture fever! Ahh! O(≧▽≦)O

Speaking of which, you guys must seriously read the Korean manhwa, Cheese in a Trap. It is the BOMB. I stayed up till 3am yesterday just to catch up with the latest release! Daebak!

So sexy and creepy at the same time! 

Korean comic here:
English translation here:

The English translation is WAYYYY behind the Korean comic version, which is great! More motivation for me to pick up the Korean language! *fiery spirit of determination burning bright* Seriously, READ THE COMIC OK! IT WILL MESS WITH YOUR BRAIN! IN A GOOD WAY!

OK, enough digressing and back to the main topic - to enter the K-Blogger beauty contest, all I need to do is answer the question : Which is your favourite Laneige skincare & make-up product, and why?” 

My chosen coveted product is Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes! (ノ´ー`)ノ

I added red hearts to the photo to show that I will use the eye cream well!!! 

Everybody says it's important to wash, tone and moisturize everyday but personally, I am of the opinion that EYE CREAM IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SKIN CARE PRODUCT EVER INVENTED because eye wrinkles and saggy bags don't go away, even with makeup!

If you're like me and constantly put on fake eyelashes and/or contact lenses, then you need to be doubly diligent when it comes to eye cream application due to the increased tugging and pulling of the skin around your eye area.

Pro-tip: Did you put on too much heavy makeup around your eye area? Dab on some eye cream onto a q-tip and gently remove the excess make up from your skin. Alternatively, you may also dab some eye cream under your eye area at any time of the day for a moisture boost. If I'm working from home, I usually apply extra eye cream during the late afternoons when my eyes are extra heavy and sleepy. (T_T) 

I'm lucky enough to not have to worry about wrinkles yet, but with long waking hours and plenty of things to do, I do have some trouble dealing with tired-looking eyes.

Puffy panda eyes (O_O)  after  4 hours of sleep!

Here's how you can add a sparkle to your eyes in 3 minutes:

 Create the illusion of bigger eyes by lining the lower outer corner of your eyes a dark brown colour, then line the inner to middle section with white eyeshadow. 


Just line your bottom eyelid with white eyeliner. Same effect, less fancy and less time needed:

I usually use powder eyeshadow to line my lower lids as I'm worried that dragging an eyeliner pencil along my waterline will cause wrinkles.

And we're done! 

The biggest drawback with makeup though is that you can't wear it 24 hours a day! So be sure to properly clean your eye area and apply a high quality eye cream (ahem, like Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes) day and night to maintain the suppleness of your skin.

The funny thing about K Pop Culture is that while it has certainly made me much more vain, it is also simple in nature. My current makeup routine is to:

1. Wash
2. Apply eye cream
3. Moisturize face
4. Apply BB Cream
5. Draw eyebrows
6. Draw eyeliner
7. Apply swab of lipstick

And I'm done! If I'm feeling fancy on that particular day, I'll add eyelashes and some bronze eyeshadow to the mix. If you're new to makeup and have no idea what to budget for, there are two things I believe no girl should leave home without:

1. Laneige BB Cushion
2. Laneige Natural Brow Liner-Pencil

BB Cream is great! It has plenty of skin healing properties, but the two most important points for me is that (a) it protects your skin from evil sun rays and (b) it evens out your skintone. Laneige BB Cushion is special as you can drop it in your purse and tote it around all day so your skin will stay fresh and oil-free from day to night.

Hmm, should I post a photo of myself wearing nothing but BB cream and eyebrow penciling? I might do so in another post to show you how a 5 minute makeup session can instantly brighten your day!

Ja. until next time, readers! Pam

Saturday, May 25, 2013

My 8D6N Honeymoon Trip to Korea with Apple Vacations

It's been a month since I came back from Korea, and I'm still reeling from all the awesomeness! I am SO OBSESSED with Korea that I'm actually planning to take up the Korean language in July and have already started K-pop dance classes every Friday. We also started watching Running Man at home too.


If I would ever want/need to migrate, I would definitely choose Korea! The country is super safe (ZERO snatch theft incidents), the people are gorgeous, the country is beautiful and the food is super appetizing. KOREA!!!

We spent nearly RM2,000 eating on good food alone...

We did lots of tourist stuff too like learn how to make kimchi, ice-cream, sight see... 

This is a remote control for the toilet bowl in the bathroom 
Korea is a must-visit country! If you're like me and Wewo and don't have time to backpack/plan your travels to Korea, then I highly recommend Apple Vacations (link here). It's seriously the best travel agency in Malaysia! The trip was not boring at all and we had the best of VIP treatment (imagine not having to line up when you go to Everland, the best amusement park in Korea). Funny tour guide, great hotels and delicious meals everyday for a week is a great holiday for a busy man like Wewo! 

Also, the package for 8D6N for 2pax to Korea with Apple Vacations was just under RM10k, including MAS flight tickets and entry to all attractions. Start saving and go, go, go! 

Corn in Korea is so starchy and different from Malaysian corn. I still love it though, because Park Bom loves it too!

Also, my trip to Korea did not help to assuage my obsession with Park Bom and 2NE1. 

I squealed like a fangirl when I realized that she wore a shirt with the word: PAM on it! Coincidence? I think not!!! 

I also bought special 2NE1 merchandise in Korea! Show you guys in the next post! 

2NE1, Nolja! Love, Blackjack Pam 

Friday, May 24, 2013

my haircut after 3 years at number76, new Bangsar branch!

(^-^*)/コンチャ! This is way overdue, but I cut my hair!

People who know me long enough would know that me suddenly cutting my hair super short is pretty common, but everyone else seems really surprised! "Why did you cut your hair?" "Why is it so short" hahaha I get asked things like that a lot these days 

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ it seems that having short hair makes me look cheekier and much more boyish. 

I brought my new hair cut with me to my Korea trip! Do I look Korean-ish?

I basically cut, coloured and had my hair permed at number76, new Bangsar branch! I missed handsome Yoshi-sama!!! *tears up* He is still so good looking even after all these years!!!

( ^‐^)_且~~


number76 Bangsar Branch review 

number76 has been receiving some negative feedback these days as most girls feel that the stylist are too busy to provide any personal touch. It's true that number76 used to be much more fun last time, but I'm happy that the salon is doing very well! Yoshi-sama did a good job on my hair and spent a fair amount of time trying to give me what I want and still make me look good! Best of all... they actually gave me a free perm!

I got a free perm at number76!!! Thank you, you guys!!! And as usual, my hair process took 5 hours... *shy* How the free perm came about what because Yoshi-sama noticed that my hair was too flat to suit the hairstyle that I wanted, so I requested for a perm and he did it. When I asked about the additional perm later on, they told me that I didn't have to pay for it. WHOAAAAAA mwahahahahahah I am not famous or anything like that, they just provided it to me for free because it would make my hair look nicer... *super happy*

If you want a good haircut at number76, here are a few tips -

1. Choose the hairstyles you want or like beforehand. Print it out and bring it along with you to show your hairstylist. I use this Japanese site to view the latest styles: The stylists at number76 will then customize the hairstyle to suit your facial structure and skin color.

2. Weekends are always super full at number76, so consider taking a day off to do your hair instead! I had mine done on a Thursday morning.

3. Always eat before going for your hair appointment! I was so hungry by the time they let me off at 4pm ε-(´・`) フー

4. They will ask you if you prefer coffee/tea or a new type of organic tea. Don't choose the organic tea! It's not delicious at all! HAHAHAHAHA actually... it would be a great idea of number76 could serve Japanese dessert while we wait for our hairstyles to set, right right right? hohohohoho

How to get to number76, Bangsar outlet

1. Park at Bangsar Village 2 for easy parking
2. Head towards the exit at Delicious
3. Walk until you see PapaRich nearby
4. Telawi Square is a building around the corner!
5. Take the escalator all the way to the top floor
6. The interior of number76 salon is entirely made of glass, so it's easy to spot. It's the preetiest interior so far!

This is Telawi Square

I want to dye my hair a crazy colour for my 29th birthday (I'm thinking of purple), but I am still unsure. *thinking hard*

Do you guys want to hear about my Korea trip? Most of the photos have been up on my Facebook already, though!

Shall I blog about my Korean trip? It was fun! 

XOXO, I will be more hardworking with my posts now!

Running Man Pam ~ out!


Are you thinking about curling your hair permanently? Read about my digital perm experience at number76, Mid Valley branch

Update 2013: See what my hair looks like 6 months after my very short haircut at number76!

Monday, May 6, 2013

emo posts everywhere after GE13!

It is the morning after a very worrying election in Malaysia! Ho! At last!

I must the only person in Malaysia who failed to remove the infamous indelible ink! I tried toothpaste, dishwasher, shampoo, handsoap, bodywash and even scrubbed my poor finger... my finger must be very porous. (T_T) I don't waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!! 

Everyone started putting up black photos on Facebook the moment the ruling coalition won 112 seats. They complained, sighed and sighed. Aigoo. On one hand, I feel bad that the party I voted for lost (although they won big in my constituency!), but I also feel strangely relieved.

Honestly, frankly, between Jib Gor and Anwar, I still trust Jib Gor more! Anwar should just retire, along with Lim Kit Siang. I know, I am the worst.

Also, I kinda think that people who refer to the current government as "pure evil" haven't read enough about politics in other countries. You guys are so cute with your little petitions to the US. Yes, why not get the white man to help us out instead of educating the rural areas? Why not cry foul instead of creating an environment where people would actually prefer a nurturing, healthy political party? Why not have a super violent BERSIH 4.0 riot in KL?

Because being a sore loser is so much easier to do! High five!

Haih, I'm not even going to start about all the fake, seditious Facebook posts that have been going around which everyone totally IGNORED. I almost got a heart attack when I received my ballot paper because I thought it was spoiled (but it turns out that it is correct, and the ballot paper tutorial floating around Facebook is A BIG FAKE). Serves me right, no more trusting anymore Facebook sources!  (=.=);

Guys, Lim Guan Eng is Awesome but please remember that there are also bad/evil/mean people in PR also. Just take a good long look at all the photoshopped photos and fake tutorials floating around Facebook slamming the government... it's not a coincidence, it was all on purpose! Haven't you noticed that there are unseen forces literally asking Malaysian citizens to go up against the EC? Ask yourself why would anyone want to do that.

But that's OK, because all is fair in love and (political) war. As long as nobody gets hurt.

Anyway, I'm going to give PR another 5 more years to get their act straight. Honestly, there has been no growth in my hometown these past 5 years, which made me feel so guilty about voting for them again. We will see what change may come. Don't win me with talk, do something, bro. Even the roads are messed up.

In the meantime, my future kids are still going to grow up with the best things in life! Because I'm going to work hard and give it to them, regardless of the government.

Malaysia, don't give up! Life is too fabulous to be a pawn in politician's game! Take a good long look outside, the sun is shining bright! :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

GE13: Confessions of an Ignorant Swing Voter

My heart is so heavy now! In 7 hours, I will be driving down to Klang to cast my vote for Malaysia's 13th General Election.

Before the election date was announced, my heart was pretty much set on voting with the popular party. But then all the nasty, scary people started popping up online and on the Internet. You know... the kind of mean people who branded hot Malaysian bond girl Michelle Yeoh as a traitor (MICHELLE YEOH, I LOVE YOU!!!), the kind of fanatics who worshiped the ground certain politicians walked on and so on... people are NASTY SCARY when it comes to Malaysian politics and instead of getting into the whole 'vote for change' business, I started to ask myself if i really could live with supporting a party that seemed bent on winning - no matter the human cost. We are supposed to be a democratic country but it seems that the moment someone is pro-BN, you are branded a traitor of the country, no questions asked. I am scared and creeped out. This does not sound very democratic to me. I am naive.

Then there is the party I am supposed to be rooting for... I want to like them, but they are really, really weird.

They ask us to do things like, "shout loudly if you see an illegal immigrant at the voting center", and I start to wonder what exactly will this achieve.

Will causing a scene or a ruckus at the voting center help Malaysia? Will anyone save me when I get sent to jail or worse, what if someone points at my and tells me that I am an illegal immigrant since I have dark skin and look nothing like a Chinese Malaysian? I am genuinely worried that someone will beat me up tomorrow, but I guess that probably won't happen because my hunky husband is accompanying me. I am a lucky girl.

They say things like "Malaysia is bankrupt" but they offer expensive gifts like "cheaper cars, free education, no more PTPN loans, cheaper food and petrol" at the same time. How can a broke country still provide freebies as such? Sure or not?

In my humble opinion, politicians who claim to be anti-corrupt are big pansy liars. Please, if you are not corrupt, God would have sent you to heaven already! We are all corrupt and naughty in our own way. All I really want is a competent government that gets things done. 

People say that we should change "for the good of our children" etc. but I am wondering, how can I put the fate of my (future) children in anyone else's hands? I beg to differ, if your child grows up to be demented, it is not the government or anybody else's fault but yours. To me, Malaysia is a beautiful country with plenty of opportunities. I am living a comfortable life with flexible working hours, a handsome husband and two dogs. I can eat anything I want and go anywhere I want. When I have no money, all I need to do is work harder to get more money. I guess that's why I find it hard to relate to the woes of other Malaysians.

Are other Malaysians really hurting so bad? What have I been missing out on? I feel bad for other Malaysians.

People say that the government favors the Malay, but I am a Malaysian Chinese and I have no problem applying for government grants. I find that most people do not even bother looking up SME grants and complain unnecessarily for things they do not want or need. I feel bad, but it makes me grateful that I am blessed with so much happiness and contentment in my life.

Anyway. So it has now boiled down to either voting for the Blatantly Corrupt Party vs. the Dodgy Party. I have opened up my heart to people I trust and they have advised me to vote 50-50 during this election to ease my troubled mind. I still don't know who to vote for. I will pray about it and we will see what happens tomorrow. May Malaysia prosper!

Man, my voting process 5 years ago was much easier! No hesitation at all! But I guess, this is part of growing up. Oh well! Come Monday, we will all still go to work, draw our regular salary and continue as usual. Because if you think your life will change just because there's a new Prime Minister and Cabinet, then you are seriously mistaken.

Your life changes when you decide to change.

Anyway. Here are some stuff I stocked up on just in-case of election riots/zombie apocalypse! RM650 worth of groceries!


Jumbo dog food. Can you spot Oscar's sexy paw? 

Four shelves of food (two here) 

Non-painted nails, for the indelible ink application tomorrow. That's my 2NE1 drinking cup!

This are is left blank on purpose