Monday, May 6, 2013

emo posts everywhere after GE13!

It is the morning after a very worrying election in Malaysia! Ho! At last!

I must the only person in Malaysia who failed to remove the infamous indelible ink! I tried toothpaste, dishwasher, shampoo, handsoap, bodywash and even scrubbed my poor finger... my finger must be very porous. (T_T) I don't waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!! 

Everyone started putting up black photos on Facebook the moment the ruling coalition won 112 seats. They complained, sighed and sighed. Aigoo. On one hand, I feel bad that the party I voted for lost (although they won big in my constituency!), but I also feel strangely relieved.

Honestly, frankly, between Jib Gor and Anwar, I still trust Jib Gor more! Anwar should just retire, along with Lim Kit Siang. I know, I am the worst.

Also, I kinda think that people who refer to the current government as "pure evil" haven't read enough about politics in other countries. You guys are so cute with your little petitions to the US. Yes, why not get the white man to help us out instead of educating the rural areas? Why not cry foul instead of creating an environment where people would actually prefer a nurturing, healthy political party? Why not have a super violent BERSIH 4.0 riot in KL?

Because being a sore loser is so much easier to do! High five!

Haih, I'm not even going to start about all the fake, seditious Facebook posts that have been going around which everyone totally IGNORED. I almost got a heart attack when I received my ballot paper because I thought it was spoiled (but it turns out that it is correct, and the ballot paper tutorial floating around Facebook is A BIG FAKE). Serves me right, no more trusting anymore Facebook sources!  (=.=);

Guys, Lim Guan Eng is Awesome but please remember that there are also bad/evil/mean people in PR also. Just take a good long look at all the photoshopped photos and fake tutorials floating around Facebook slamming the government... it's not a coincidence, it was all on purpose! Haven't you noticed that there are unseen forces literally asking Malaysian citizens to go up against the EC? Ask yourself why would anyone want to do that.

But that's OK, because all is fair in love and (political) war. As long as nobody gets hurt.

Anyway, I'm going to give PR another 5 more years to get their act straight. Honestly, there has been no growth in my hometown these past 5 years, which made me feel so guilty about voting for them again. We will see what change may come. Don't win me with talk, do something, bro. Even the roads are messed up.

In the meantime, my future kids are still going to grow up with the best things in life! Because I'm going to work hard and give it to them, regardless of the government.

Malaysia, don't give up! Life is too fabulous to be a pawn in politician's game! Take a good long look outside, the sun is shining bright! :)


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