Sunday, May 5, 2013

GE13: Confessions of an Ignorant Swing Voter

My heart is so heavy now! In 7 hours, I will be driving down to Klang to cast my vote for Malaysia's 13th General Election.

Before the election date was announced, my heart was pretty much set on voting with the popular party. But then all the nasty, scary people started popping up online and on the Internet. You know... the kind of mean people who branded hot Malaysian bond girl Michelle Yeoh as a traitor (MICHELLE YEOH, I LOVE YOU!!!), the kind of fanatics who worshiped the ground certain politicians walked on and so on... people are NASTY SCARY when it comes to Malaysian politics and instead of getting into the whole 'vote for change' business, I started to ask myself if i really could live with supporting a party that seemed bent on winning - no matter the human cost. We are supposed to be a democratic country but it seems that the moment someone is pro-BN, you are branded a traitor of the country, no questions asked. I am scared and creeped out. This does not sound very democratic to me. I am naive.

Then there is the party I am supposed to be rooting for... I want to like them, but they are really, really weird.

They ask us to do things like, "shout loudly if you see an illegal immigrant at the voting center", and I start to wonder what exactly will this achieve.

Will causing a scene or a ruckus at the voting center help Malaysia? Will anyone save me when I get sent to jail or worse, what if someone points at my and tells me that I am an illegal immigrant since I have dark skin and look nothing like a Chinese Malaysian? I am genuinely worried that someone will beat me up tomorrow, but I guess that probably won't happen because my hunky husband is accompanying me. I am a lucky girl.

They say things like "Malaysia is bankrupt" but they offer expensive gifts like "cheaper cars, free education, no more PTPN loans, cheaper food and petrol" at the same time. How can a broke country still provide freebies as such? Sure or not?

In my humble opinion, politicians who claim to be anti-corrupt are big pansy liars. Please, if you are not corrupt, God would have sent you to heaven already! We are all corrupt and naughty in our own way. All I really want is a competent government that gets things done. 

People say that we should change "for the good of our children" etc. but I am wondering, how can I put the fate of my (future) children in anyone else's hands? I beg to differ, if your child grows up to be demented, it is not the government or anybody else's fault but yours. To me, Malaysia is a beautiful country with plenty of opportunities. I am living a comfortable life with flexible working hours, a handsome husband and two dogs. I can eat anything I want and go anywhere I want. When I have no money, all I need to do is work harder to get more money. I guess that's why I find it hard to relate to the woes of other Malaysians.

Are other Malaysians really hurting so bad? What have I been missing out on? I feel bad for other Malaysians.

People say that the government favors the Malay, but I am a Malaysian Chinese and I have no problem applying for government grants. I find that most people do not even bother looking up SME grants and complain unnecessarily for things they do not want or need. I feel bad, but it makes me grateful that I am blessed with so much happiness and contentment in my life.

Anyway. So it has now boiled down to either voting for the Blatantly Corrupt Party vs. the Dodgy Party. I have opened up my heart to people I trust and they have advised me to vote 50-50 during this election to ease my troubled mind. I still don't know who to vote for. I will pray about it and we will see what happens tomorrow. May Malaysia prosper!

Man, my voting process 5 years ago was much easier! No hesitation at all! But I guess, this is part of growing up. Oh well! Come Monday, we will all still go to work, draw our regular salary and continue as usual. Because if you think your life will change just because there's a new Prime Minister and Cabinet, then you are seriously mistaken.

Your life changes when you decide to change.

Anyway. Here are some stuff I stocked up on just in-case of election riots/zombie apocalypse! RM650 worth of groceries!


Jumbo dog food. Can you spot Oscar's sexy paw? 

Four shelves of food (two here) 

Non-painted nails, for the indelible ink application tomorrow. That's my 2NE1 drinking cup!


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