Saturday, May 25, 2013

My 8D6N Honeymoon Trip to Korea with Apple Vacations

It's been a month since I came back from Korea, and I'm still reeling from all the awesomeness! I am SO OBSESSED with Korea that I'm actually planning to take up the Korean language in July and have already started K-pop dance classes every Friday. We also started watching Running Man at home too.


If I would ever want/need to migrate, I would definitely choose Korea! The country is super safe (ZERO snatch theft incidents), the people are gorgeous, the country is beautiful and the food is super appetizing. KOREA!!!

We spent nearly RM2,000 eating on good food alone...

We did lots of tourist stuff too like learn how to make kimchi, ice-cream, sight see... 

This is a remote control for the toilet bowl in the bathroom 
Korea is a must-visit country! If you're like me and Wewo and don't have time to backpack/plan your travels to Korea, then I highly recommend Apple Vacations (link here). It's seriously the best travel agency in Malaysia! The trip was not boring at all and we had the best of VIP treatment (imagine not having to line up when you go to Everland, the best amusement park in Korea). Funny tour guide, great hotels and delicious meals everyday for a week is a great holiday for a busy man like Wewo! 

Also, the package for 8D6N for 2pax to Korea with Apple Vacations was just under RM10k, including MAS flight tickets and entry to all attractions. Start saving and go, go, go! 

Corn in Korea is so starchy and different from Malaysian corn. I still love it though, because Park Bom loves it too!

Also, my trip to Korea did not help to assuage my obsession with Park Bom and 2NE1. 

I squealed like a fangirl when I realized that she wore a shirt with the word: PAM on it! Coincidence? I think not!!! 

I also bought special 2NE1 merchandise in Korea! Show you guys in the next post! 

2NE1, Nolja! Love, Blackjack Pam 


  1. Hello do you mind to share which package you took? you took the package in Matta fair or direct from the sales office? Thanks :)

  2. Hey Hooi Sin,

    We took the 8D6N DYNAMIC KOREA package. We went directly to the office near Low Yat Plaza, but I think the packages during MATTA fair should be cheaper. You can also meet the funny Korean tour guide also if you visit the MATTA fair because he comes over often. :) Whichever one you choose, you'll definitely have fun and it's worth the money to go with Apple Tours.

    Our package was less than 10K for 2 pax for 5 star hotel and a lot of delicious food. It was very difficult to spend money there because the tour guide kept telling us not to anyhow buy korean noodles or seaweed back to KL since you can already buy it for roughly the same price, LOL. Ah, I wanna go back again to Korea! (T_T) The food with this tour is really delicious!


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