Thursday, May 30, 2013

my crazy personal crisis

A girl can do a lot in life, and she can do it pretty well.

I am finally settling down and getting used to being married and learning how to juggle work, two fluffy dogs, one incredibly charming husband and responsibilities that come with home ownership.

I am finally beginning to want more.

I used to think that I was happy just writing and having someone else take credit for the work I did. I liked marketing and PR stuff, but I didn't want the thanks for the work because it came with EXPECTATIONS and even more responsibility. I wanted to be a free spirit with minimal problems.

But now I want more.

I want to see my name in print. I want to be famous but not famous at the same time. I want to be liked by people and peers in an obscure, niche kind-of way. I am comfortable, but I am giving it up for angry, depressing, negative, fearful feelings as I let go of everything that is safe and familiar. CYP, it's time to go for broke!

I want to be someone who can see eye-to-eye with Park Bom.

OK, that's all I wanted to say today!

I've tried expressing my feelings and thoughts outloud, but no one seems to understand.

Happy Dust to all, Pam


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