Friday, May 24, 2013

my haircut after 3 years at number76, new Bangsar branch!

(^-^*)/コンチャ! This is way overdue, but I cut my hair!

People who know me long enough would know that me suddenly cutting my hair super short is pretty common, but everyone else seems really surprised! "Why did you cut your hair?" "Why is it so short" hahaha I get asked things like that a lot these days 

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ it seems that having short hair makes me look cheekier and much more boyish. 

I brought my new hair cut with me to my Korea trip! Do I look Korean-ish?

I basically cut, coloured and had my hair permed at number76, new Bangsar branch! I missed handsome Yoshi-sama!!! *tears up* He is still so good looking even after all these years!!!

( ^‐^)_且~~


number76 Bangsar Branch review 

number76 has been receiving some negative feedback these days as most girls feel that the stylist are too busy to provide any personal touch. It's true that number76 used to be much more fun last time, but I'm happy that the salon is doing very well! Yoshi-sama did a good job on my hair and spent a fair amount of time trying to give me what I want and still make me look good! Best of all... they actually gave me a free perm!

I got a free perm at number76!!! Thank you, you guys!!! And as usual, my hair process took 5 hours... *shy* How the free perm came about what because Yoshi-sama noticed that my hair was too flat to suit the hairstyle that I wanted, so I requested for a perm and he did it. When I asked about the additional perm later on, they told me that I didn't have to pay for it. WHOAAAAAA mwahahahahahah I am not famous or anything like that, they just provided it to me for free because it would make my hair look nicer... *super happy*

If you want a good haircut at number76, here are a few tips -

1. Choose the hairstyles you want or like beforehand. Print it out and bring it along with you to show your hairstylist. I use this Japanese site to view the latest styles: The stylists at number76 will then customize the hairstyle to suit your facial structure and skin color.

2. Weekends are always super full at number76, so consider taking a day off to do your hair instead! I had mine done on a Thursday morning.

3. Always eat before going for your hair appointment! I was so hungry by the time they let me off at 4pm ε-(´・`) フー

4. They will ask you if you prefer coffee/tea or a new type of organic tea. Don't choose the organic tea! It's not delicious at all! HAHAHAHAHA actually... it would be a great idea of number76 could serve Japanese dessert while we wait for our hairstyles to set, right right right? hohohohoho

How to get to number76, Bangsar outlet

1. Park at Bangsar Village 2 for easy parking
2. Head towards the exit at Delicious
3. Walk until you see PapaRich nearby
4. Telawi Square is a building around the corner!
5. Take the escalator all the way to the top floor
6. The interior of number76 salon is entirely made of glass, so it's easy to spot. It's the preetiest interior so far!

This is Telawi Square

I want to dye my hair a crazy colour for my 29th birthday (I'm thinking of purple), but I am still unsure. *thinking hard*

Do you guys want to hear about my Korea trip? Most of the photos have been up on my Facebook already, though!

Shall I blog about my Korean trip? It was fun! 

XOXO, I will be more hardworking with my posts now!

Running Man Pam ~ out!


Are you thinking about curling your hair permanently? Read about my digital perm experience at number76, Mid Valley branch

Update 2013: See what my hair looks like 6 months after my very short haircut at number76!


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