Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Most Prized kPop Possession: 2NE1 Autograph!!!

So while everyone was busy buying loads of makeup, skincare and ginseng products in Korea, I stocked up on 2NE1 merchandise:

2NE1 merchandise... 2NE1 merchandise everywhere on my work desk!!! 

2NE1 original posters I got for FREE hanging at my walk-in wardrobe 

OMG I HAVE AN ITEM THAT WAS TOUCHED BY PARK BOM!!! We wandered around Dongdaemun and found this vintage music store selling autographed CDs. It's pretty expensive (basically over RM300), but it is a rare item that was touched by kPop Queens!!! 

*tears of happiness* 

Safe to say it's basically the best souvenir I could have ever gotten from Korea! 

I also got 2NE1 pens. Most of the items were purchased from roadside sellers, so I doubt that they're original... where does one go to buy original 2NE1 merchandise? I want to buy the concert light and their hot pink towel! 

2NE1 calendar. It's not July yet, but I like looking at Park Bom. 

2NE1 cup, which I use as my drinking chalice. I drink water from it everyday while I write. There's Poppy in the background! Her spidy senses tingle everytime I start taking random photos and she becomes curious. 

The creepy thing is that upon closer inspection of the 2NE1 autograph, I realized that my signature is very similar to that of Park Bom's! Coincidence... again??? Kya~~~ 

Because I'm still crazy insane really, really into 2NE1, I actually ordered the 2NE1 Wing shoes as well: 

This display of swag and awesomeness is arriving at my doorstep next week! 

Also, CL from 2NE1 released her solo MV today... it was... interesting. But I MISS MY 2NE1! 

Sigh, OK ! Back to work ! 

Blackjack Out, Pam! 


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