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Be Gorgeous Everyday thanks to the Laneige K-Beauty Blogger Workshop

Very Important Note: None of the photos in this blog post has been image edited. No filter or photoshop has been used to truly highlight the LANEIGE skincare and cosmetic products. They're amazing! 

Three looks. One brand. LANEIGE! 

Hello everybody!

I’ve been infected by LANEIGE mania the past week! I’ve TWEETED, FACEBOOKED, and INSTAGRAMMED all about it!  

In other words, the Nuffnang-Laneige K-Beauty Blogger Workshop was DAEBAK! \(^_^)/
I learned so much! Thank you for having us there!


The star of the show! The new BB cushion! <3

The three things we learned that day – skincare, daytime look and night siren look. It’s really easy!

Geraldine gave us SOOOO many tips that day. Thank you Laneige! (^_^) 

Each table had one. So pretty! <3 
I also liked that they played a lot of 2NE1 songs in the background. 
2NE1 is making a big comeback from July onwards, yo! NOLJA!

Me with just BB cream. Just draw on some eyebrows and I'm ready to go out! 

Makeup guru Geraldine helping out my table partner, who also wore green that day. (^_^) Let's meet again! 

As a Nuffnang Rookie, I’m not sure what I was expecting from my very first exclusive event, but I surely wasn’t expecting a whole row of luxury pastries and hot, steaming coffee from Starbucks just for us VIP. Thank you so much for the coffee, I had two cups of really good quality coffee while learning all about Korean beauty makeup. I was a little too nervous to eat much, though! *shy* 

It was really humbling to be in a room full of a dozen Beautiful Malaysian Bloggers and to be treated like a superstar who’s endorsing a luxury skincare line. I’m pretty sure blogger BoboStephanie was sitting behind me, but I was too shy to turn around so I just kept peeking and peeking from my mirror because that girl is just so darn gorgeous hahahahaha... I want to work hard and attend even more exclusive events by Nuffnang-Laneige! You guys should work hard and join the next contest too!

I am a big fan! <3 Geraldine, teacher ! 

My favourite part about the whole event though has to be learning from the Super Makeup Guru, Geraldine Loy. She’s a celebrity by her own right, being recognized by Harper’s Bazaar and has worked at many glitzy events. This same Wonder Woman actually took the time out to teach us how to use our makeup products properly as well! Thank you, teacher! I will work hard every day to achieve the perfect Korean eyebrows! *bows politely* I was so touched when she actually took the time to advise me about my eyebrows because mine are exceptionally weird shaped *sigh* (pics below!)


As a take-home assignment, all of us has to blog about the event. I thought about it for quite some time on how I could create a posting that is (a)valuable (b) entertaining and not too generic because you guys would be bored if you had to read about the same event 10 times, right? So... I’m just going to show you what I learned with animated .gifs!

Basically, we learned about skin preparation, day time makeup and night time makeup. Sigh. I’m not really sure if I’m brave enough to show you my clean-face photo, so this will have to do for now, OK? OK!


Skin preparation is very important because it acts as the base/foundation for your makeup. We were taught how to use the LANEIGE White Plus Renew Line, which comes with pretty basic steps. After washing your face, you only need three more product application: Skin Refiner, Emulsion and Essence.



I always wondered how those girls on Korean dramas managed to look so flawless without a lot of makeup! Now you and I both know how! The highlight of this tutorial is the new BB Snow Cushion from LANEIGE. It’s quite possibly the only BB cream in the world in powder form, and it’s super convenient to use!

The Makeup Steps are: Foundation, Conceal, Eyebrow, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Blush and Lipstick. That’s all! You can also dust on some finishing powder to lock in the makeup, but I like the dewy look given by the BB cushion.

Step One - Foundation 

Step Two - Conceal Imperfections

Step Three - Draw thick eyebrows! The thicker, the better! Don't be scared!!! 

Step Four - Eyeshadow

Step Five - Tightline Your Eyelids 

Step Six: Lashes! 

Step Seven: Blush only the apples of your cheeks 

Step Eight: Lipstick (actually best applied with a lip brush)

And here is an extra large before and after photo so you can better see the difference:

Now you know the 8 makeup steps to look like a completely different girl (^_^) 

Now that you’ve achieved the innocent, girl-next-door look, you can choose to stop here and proceed to do the Gwiyomi finger dance. Or, read on to learn how you can transform this daytime look into a glamorous night time concept with LANEIGE makeup!



The main point of this look is in heavily lining your eyes. To achieve a smoother and darker look with your eyeliner,  you should warm the tip up against your hand first.

The added steps are: Darker eyeshadow, heavy eyeliner, highlight and darker lipstick.

Step One: Dark eyeshadow first, then apply thicker eyeliner

Step Two: Shiny skin is not suitable for night time! Matte everything with finishing powder 

Step Three: Highlight your cheekbones and nose, then apply lipstick. Done! 

Check out my before and after photos! The girl on the left likes to wear vintage clothes and visit cute cafes, the girl on the right likes to dance hiphop at underground clubs. Yo yo! 

So yes, I had a lot of fun at my very first Nuffnang-Laneige event and I didn’t even know anyone there! All of the bloggers, Nuffnang and Laneige staff were super friendly and there is something seriously addictive about learning how to be more beautiful. It reminds me of the introduction session during the workshop, when Geraldine asked us why we wanted to learn how to apply makeup.

For me, makeup makes me pretty and that in return helps with my self-confidence and happiness. I also like how you can transform from one person to another with just a few strokes or dab of colour. If you’re a girl, I highly recommend that you learn makeup too! It’s amazing how your world can change with a little more beauty added to it.

This must be the longest post ever! Thank you for staying with me until the end! Fingers crossed that I’ll be lucky enough to attend more Nuffnang-Laneige events!

Love from your beauty guru, Pam 

For more info on LANEIGE products, visit: 
For more info on the awesome Geraldine Loy, visit her Facebook Page at Artists at Work 


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