Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm trying to smile brightly but I don't like it (2NE1)

So I nearly had a heart attack trying to finish my LANEIGE post last week and... if all goes well, I can finally load it up on the 19th! Fingers crossed. It's definitely the post I spent the most amount of time working on.

I learned 3 things during the Laneige workshop - skin priming, daytime sweetheart and the GIZIBE bad girl look. It looks the same, but it's not! That's the sweet, sweet nature of Korean makeup. 

Anyway, thanks for waiting so patiently, you guys! Two more days to go till the final reveal! 

Until then, let's bounce to 2NE1's UGLY, which was pretty much resonating in my head for the whole of two weeks. 

Don’t tell me that you can understand me so easily
My ugly and crooked heart may even come to resent you
Don’t force me to talk, I’m not right for you
The cold thorns inside that patronizing gaze suffocate me

Don’t come closer, I don’t even want your concern
I want to leave away to somewhere,
I want to shout out
This world is full of lies

And we part with a gorgeous photo of the gorgeous BOM, because she's always so gorgeous *kya!!!*

I also attended the very first Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts Grand Finals at Stadium Negara last weekend. Will blog about it soon! 

Hugs from a busy Monday Manic Pam 


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