Tuesday, June 11, 2013

our book collection at home

I have not written any money-making piece in the past 24 hours. It has not been a good start to the week!

Poppy looks like Falcor the Luck Dragon after her haircut (^_^) Kawaii!!! 


I think my brain is currently overwhelmed with the many awesome stories I've accidentally discovered. If you love manga, you should try: 

Arisa. I thought that it was going to be some lovey-cutesy manga, but it turns out to be a psychological comic. I couldn't put it down! 

I read Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei to sleep yesterday, thinking that a short manga will cheer me up, but in the end it costed me 3 hours of my bedtime. (T_T) It's a love story, but it's also very innocent and pure at the same time! Highly recommend! 

And now, since writing something worthwhile is much better than mopping around at my work desk, I will show off my recently un-boxed book collection!

David Gemmell and Raymond E.Feist book collection. Wewo and I read the same books growing up! He also happens to be a bookworm who lifts weights. 

OMG do you remember reading Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine and FEAR STREET? 
I can't believe boys read those books as well!!! 

This looks like a normal book shelf ... 

But it's secretly hiding wayyyy more books inside! It's double-layered! 

WARHAMMER Collection. My favorite is Ciaphas Cain! He's the bomb!

Dictionaries, technical Engineering guidebooks and my Sailormoon collection circa 1999. 

I didn't actually bring many of my books with me during the move. Books like Harry Potter and the Twilight series are still in Klang, so basically, these are all Wewo's books! 

Forgotten Realms Collection + Jim Butcher. I would read anything Jim Butcher writes, these days. Sigh. 

I wonder if there will come a day when someone would look forward to reading my writing as well? (=_____________=)
*gloom doom kaboom* 

 Ahem, ahem. I had a lot of socially awkward fun at last weekend's beauty workshop! Will blog about that soon, too! For now, I'm going to get myself out of this funk by indulging in some grocery shopping followed by cooking up something really delicious for dinner.

Toodles with Oodles of Poodles, Pam 


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