Friday, June 7, 2013

three good things are enough to make me happy

Yo! Guess who's back on her feet again! *(*´∀`*)☆

Crazy traffic jam today on the way to kPop dance class. Check out my nails! ヽ(^Д^)ノ

I took some time off to get my nails done today. I ran out of 2NE1-inspired nails to do, so I did this simple one by Real Asian Beauty - it's from Super Junior. Colorful, huh! The Youtube tutorial is available here. She has lots of easy kPop nail art tutorial! <3 People seem to think that nail art takes a lot of time, patience and talent, but I personally think it's actually much easier to do as opposed to a regular manicure. On average, I can complete my nail art in half an hour.

Anyway, I am now feeling much more confident and pumped up for a few reasons... 


I am going to wear this E V E R Y D A Y or, well, as much as I fashionably can. 2NE1!!! Fighting! 

NUMBER TWO: I just spent three days with my favorite in-laws. It's hard to feel down when you're constantly being filled with praise, love and good food. 

My in-laws are so cool that they insisted on sleeping in the same room with the dogs. Oscar and Poppy dressed up in pink ribbon and matching bow tie for the occasion. 


This arrived in my Inbox 2 days ago. I won something from Nuffnang with my very first contest entry! Whoa! Thank you!!! Although, now that I actually won it, I'm kinda worried about attending this beauty workshop thing... I think I'm supposed to go there barefaced so I can get a makeover.. but... I'm not sure if the public is ready to see me without any makeup. 


Anyway, I'll probably bring my makeup bag along just in-case! It's gonna be a fun day tomorrow!

And now... time for some beauty sleep because I'll be going for my first ever kickboxing class later on.

Hey! Do the Unnie Hey! Pam~ 


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