Wednesday, July 31, 2013

what are you up to, these days?

Hey guys!

July has been a troublesome month for me because I'm busy AND suffering from insomnia! I slept a total of 6 hours in the past 3 days and usually turn into a vegetable by the time I finish my daily work/writing projects. Talking about it makes me sad because Nanowrimo Camp (July) ends today and I've only written two pages in the past two weeks. I know. I never know when to stop when I get obsessed over things, and the very first thing I sacrifice is my sleeping time. Anyway, I've just downloaded an app on my iPhone today and it's supposed to help fix my sleep cycle, so we'll see! I'll post an update in 5 days to let you know if I'm back to my energetic bubbly self again! Let's do this!

This is my life: I like to turn on Korean dramas on VIKI (iPad app) and leave it running while I work just so there's sound in the room and some pretty boys and girls to look at when I'm having writer's block. I also eat plenty of salads because I'm a girl. 

Insufficient sleep time also means that I'm less likely to cook a good dinner for Wewo and I. As compensation, I stock the fridge with delicious pastries we can have at anytime. This is a strawberry tart we shared with a cup of Bailey's at 1 in the morning. I got the tart from ISETAN, KLCC! Highly recommended, especially since it has a chocolate center.

Man, I remember when I used to spend RM10 for a piece of lousy cheesecake at Starbucks. Ah, how the times have changed indeed! 

Here's me with more salad on another random afternoon. I watch a lot of beauty Youtube channels, and Blair Fowler (juicystar07) is one of my favorites. Two weeks ago, I was really, really into the Kardashians (probably because North West was just introduced into the world). I watched all 7 seasons of KUWTK in a single week, but mostly I let it play in the background while I cooked, cleaned house and had my breakfast/lunch. I now follow the Season 8 series on a weekly basis, but it is kinda boring/annoying. Can Khloe Kardashian please get more airtime?! 

My new minion nails that I made today after watching the cutepolish tutorial on Youtube. Neat, huh! The lighting's pretty dim because it's almost 10pm here. 

So yeah. 

I'll be working hard for the next couple of days, and then I'll be taking off for a long anticipated family vacation (which I planned) to the beach! After that, it'll be days of working hard until the end of August,. which is when we'll celebrate the impending wedding of three of my very best girlfriends with a penis cake, a few dancing poles and a very awesome scavenger hunt. I hope I'm not giving too many details away - I have so many things to talk about, you guys!

Well, here's hoping that I can get back to my normal routine again and blog more frequently. I miss this! 

Candy Crush kisses, Pam 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

why did you get married?

I woke up late last Saturday morning to the smell of fresh pastries and hot brewed coffee courtesy of my husband. We then spent a couple of hours just rolling in bed and laughing while reading about Chinese Wives Complaints About Their Husbands on You should read it, it’s funny:

Well, I’m a Chinese girl, so it’s kinda funny to me because some of the less harmful husband traits remind me of my dad, LOL.

By the time 3.30pm came about, we washed up and got dressed for church. Except that we got there late due to an important last minute phone call, and there was no parking. So we ditched church and went to MidValley instead.

After having an unexpectedly fun time watching Pacific Rim, we then shared risotto and scallop soup for dinner while discussing why Jaegers couldn’t be fitted with swords or large weaponry for long-range combat, because, you know, obviously Jaegers suck in hand-to-hand combat. Our conclusion is that based on the size of the Gaijus, the monster’s bone density must be as hard (or even harder) than diamonds, which would mean that weapons like swords would only break upon impact with the Gaiju surface area. Also, a sword or pole large enough to be held by a Jaeger would be brittle or downright impossible to store or hold. Wewo contends that a spear-like object would be good, and we both agree that the Jaeger should have been spiky like a porcupine so it would be harder to penetrate.

We then shopped for kick boxing shorts, because we also do kick boxing classes together twice a week.

What to do When Your Car Breaks Down in Mid Valley Megamall

Wewo then suggested dropping by the card game shop as well because he had the sudden interest of investing in card games. We picked one fantasy-based one that didn’t look too hard to play. It’s 10pm by the time we head to the car park, only to realize that the car battery had flat out DIED. I must say that the Mid Valley security car park management team is AWESOME.

All we had to do is press the button at the HELP pillar and there was an instant reply. Fifteen minutes later, the security head and guard came by with jump start cables for our car and a nice dude in a HONDA JAZZ helped to restart our car. Too bad the battery was seriously dead. Sigh. So we made a report, left our car parked in Mid Valley and went home in a taxi.

Nice security guard uncles helping us park the car manually at 1030pm. (^_^) Thank you!!! 

We then had a nice hot bath, had chamomile tea and played with our new board game until 2am.

We must have had a lot of fun the day before because we slept in and only woke up at 11am. We then drive back to Mid Valley at 12-ish to pick up Wewo’s dead car, only to realize that WE need to call our own mechanic to fix the car. Aw, but that wasn’t what the night guard said the night before...

So before we did anything else, we decided that Sunday had to be celebrated with a nice hearty breakfast. Off to Paddington Pancakes we go for good service, sweet pancakes and black coffee!

Sunday's breakfast

Anyway, we then came back again in the evening with a mechanic in tow (there’s a mechanic that’s open on Sundays just opposite our house, God bless us) and managed to change the entire car battery. We then head back to the security office in P2 to report that the problem has been solved and could now drive our resurrected car home. Yay! And that is the story of how Wewo parked his car in Mid Valley Megamall overnight for only RM3.

I come home and pass out for a few hours while Wewo sits by my side, reading his Chinese novel. At around 8pm, I call up KFC delivery and we eat hot, juicy fried chicken by our bed while watching the latest episodes of Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titans) from the laptop.

I then pause the anime to inform my husband that he is my best friend, because no one else can understand the art of wearing a pretty dress, eating fried chicken by the bed and watching anime on a Sunday night, like it is the most natural thing to do. My husband agrees and then wants to know if I ever made out with any of my other best friends. We then snuggle and get back to the anime action.

After that, we discuss about the different strategies of handling 4-feet, 5-feet, 15-feet tall titans in comparison to Gaijus, who are a hundred times larger.

After anime, Wewo spends some time meticulously ironing his work shirts while we watch one episode of Running Man on the DVD player. I write, research and prepare my work for the week ahead as well. Oscar and Poppy stretch their little furry bodies during this time as we prepare for another happy week ahead.

And this is why I married him. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The best book I've ever read in a really long time (aka I am the new Tammara Webber fan girl)

Holy Crap.

I spent Friday listening to the EASY audiobook and couldn't stop. I just couldn't stop listening, so I spent a lot of time doing repetitive things around the house, so I could still be productive and yet listen to the story as much as I wanted. Holy crap, this book is so damn good.

The only bad thing about the book is how cheesy-teenager-ish it looks. But trust me. You would want to read this. It's no erotic, teenage romance angsty book. If anything, it leans more towards serious adult subjects, like campus rape. Girl, just pick it up and read already. Trust me. It's GOOD!

OMG. So much genius in one story. When I grow up, I wanna be Tammara Webber. Happy sigh. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Big! Bang! I'm still alive!

I'm still alive! 

I suddenly received like a HUGE amount of last minute work and ended up with only 3-4 hours of sleep for the past two weeks - which explains my sudden hiatus from updating my blog, JUST WHEN the Laneige post drives hundreds of people to visit my blog everyday. Aiya, life is ironic like that, right? 

Anyway, life is gradually getting back to normal now and I will begin regular posting again starting tomorrow (Friday). I've got lots of things to talk about!

- Malaysia's very first Mixed Martial Arts Invasion 2013 
- My birthday celebration which was seriously off-the-hook 
- My deep dark guilty obsessions 
- Camp Nanowrimo 
- Confessions of a Copywriter (ie. advice for the eager) 

Until then, I recommend that you get on Youtube and check out Big Bang's songs - Still Alive and Monster. While you're at it, you might also want to take a look at 2NE1's hottest latest single - Falling in Love, which is already a monster hit across the world. 

Yes, I still love my kPop very much. OK. Back to work! 

I hope life has been good to you, too. Love, Pam 

This are is left blank on purpose