Sunday, July 14, 2013

The best book I've ever read in a really long time (aka I am the new Tammara Webber fan girl)

Holy Crap.

I spent Friday listening to the EASY audiobook and couldn't stop. I just couldn't stop listening, so I spent a lot of time doing repetitive things around the house, so I could still be productive and yet listen to the story as much as I wanted. Holy crap, this book is so damn good.

The only bad thing about the book is how cheesy-teenager-ish it looks. But trust me. You would want to read this. It's no erotic, teenage romance angsty book. If anything, it leans more towards serious adult subjects, like campus rape. Girl, just pick it up and read already. Trust me. It's GOOD!

OMG. So much genius in one story. When I grow up, I wanna be Tammara Webber. Happy sigh. 


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