Friday, August 2, 2013

Are you sleeping better now?

Bello, fellow minions!

Boy, am I feeling much, much better now!

So just in case you missed my previous posts, I've been getting by with barely any sleep (an average of two hours per night) since Sunday night. I'm happy to inform you that by Thursday night, I was back to sleeping 6 solid hours again. Yay!

Wednesday night's report. I only managed to fall asleep at 1am+ but suddenly woke up again around 2am+! 
The reading is a little inaccurate because by 4am, I was really bored of lying in bed so I got up and went out to do some work. The app thought I was sleeping though since I forgot to turn it off. 

Yesterday night's reading. Can you SEE the big difference between the two charts? Whoa... I had deep, deep relaxing sleep all the way through until I woke up at 7 this morning.

I highly recommend this app for those of you who want to gauge how well you're sleeping. It's the yellow app here called SLEEP CYCLE: 

It costs USD0.99 I think and it's supposed to help you fall asleep and wake up gently when you're in the light sleeping zone. It obviously did NOTHING to help me fall asleep (else I wouldn't have trouble sleeping on Wednesday night) but I liked how I woke up pretty quickly this morning without having to press the snooze button. 

I read how this person got a heart attack and died, and they later found out that he only had 4 hours of sleep everyday which taxed his heart. So. I think it's a good thing to invest in an app that helps you keep track of how many hours you sleep everyday. Sleep is very important, especially for girls! Gosh, you have no idea how much eye cream I spent this past week alone due to lack of sleep. 


The secret to FINALLY falling asleep yesterday was to down TWO SHOTS of Yomeishu. I'd previously tried falling asleep with a glass of Bailey's, but all it did was make my head throb and I got over it pretty quickly. I kinda like how my body adapts to liquor when I do not have insufficient sleep. That's me - a five feet tall, sleep deprived bad ass. Move over before I cut you~!

I also tried foot rubs, body acupressure and meditation - none of which worked because I'm not stressed and I'm not a person who worries too much or incessantly. Rather, I'm just obsessed with staying up and getting work done and I haven't yet found a way to discipline myself into thinking that sleep time is sleep time, writing time is writing time. If you are struggling with insomnia, FIND A SOLUTION ASAP. Driving while you're sleepy is actually much more dangerous compared to when you're driving drunk because your reflexes are much slower.

Anyway. I'm feeling much better now. Let's hope I get even more sleep time tonight!

Forty winks and kisses, Pam 

Note 1: I'm still really obsessed with Tammara Webber. OMG. Did you know she wrote her novel EASY from her personal experience? I've been reading all her blog posts here starting from 2010 onwards. Sigh.

Note 2: As you can see from my iPhone screenshot, I'm on LINE but I hardly use it. I only registered so I can get the latest postings from 2NE1 and pretend as though they're talking to me. I also downloaded the LINE PLAY app because the goddess Park Bom is on it and I like that we're friends.

Graphic evidence of my avatar being buddies with Park Bom's avatar. So close, yet so far! 


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