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How to Have a 5-Star Holiday in Pangkor Island for 6pax, RM800 only

I had a good rest during Hari Raya holidays! 

I am a girl who tends to over extend herself. For instance, I promise a good time when I’m usually the first one to pass out at sleepovers. I promise giving birth to plenty of precious little babies before actually experiencing the pain of child birth and I’ve also promised to serve regularly at a nice little family church but I haven't actually found a church I'd like to attend regularly. Ahem. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of holiday planning as well, and the reason why people keep letting me do it is because I’m quite good at keeping my promises, 8 times out of 10. Ahem ahem. 

We're a good looking bunch, eh! (^_^) Family love!

That’s how the Pangkor trip came about. The lovely family decided to go on a holiday trip and I took it upon myself to helm the project by first suggesting, then researching and then finally booking the perfect holiday for my family and me. We had a GREAT TIME and you’ll be surprised with the parameters that I had to work with. Well, if you've ever planned a big family trip, you'll know how challenging it can be to please everybody, especially if everyone is old enough to vote! 

♫♪ 4 out of the 6 family members lived in Penang. We live in KL. We needed to decide on a middle place (Pangkor!)

♫♪ One member is pregnant (not me eheheheheh) so nothing crazy during the holiday, please.

♫♪ Two of them are old enough to qualify for senior citizen discounts, and they like doing crazy things.

♫♪ More importantly, it must be LOW BUDGET, which was why my suggestion to head on over to Pangkor Laut for a glamorous holiday was mooted earlier on.

And now I’m going to tell you the story of how you can spend RM800 for 6pax in Pangkor. Bookmark this page OK because this holiday is recommended for single people, friends, lovers and families! 

God bless Nipah Guesthouse resort, an awesome bed-and-breakfast inn walking distance from the gorgeous Coral Beach!

AWARD winning place, not a dodgy place OK! 

Soooo pretty. 

The perfect inn popular with kids, families, cats and horn bills. 

The actual interior of the lobby/dining area


The site's landmark 

Welcome to paradise. I highly recommend eating snacks and having a late night swim, or lying back and watching stars after the sun sets. 

Our room for 6pax!

The awesome place includes cook-it-yourself breakfast, your very own private dipping pool and a gorgeous location walking distance from beach and food. The boarding is RM400 per night for 6 pax, but I recommend that you try out the cute triangle houses for 2 pax, it’s super cute and romantic! Sure to impress your lady love!

A Pam buying Apam kuih. Hee hee. 

This ice-cream didn't taste like anything much, but the container was SO PRETTY! 

We had dinner at DADDY's restaurant, also walking distance from Nipah Guesthouse. The tourists next table were all slim and beautiful, and half naked in their bikinis. I like. 

It's not a beach holiday without a beach drink! We ordered a main meal and fancy drink for 7 pax, and the bill only came up to less than RM200! I recommend eating at Daddy's, too. 

Couple hornbills! Called Bobby and Samantha. There's another hornbill that I named Billy. They asked me why Billy, and I said because he's a hornbilly, so Billy. Wewo suggested that Billy should be named "Horny" instead. We are geeky and corrupted like that. 

Exclusive long dining table for 6 pax! 

Samantha and Bobby arrive in the mornings for their breakfast feeding right in Nipah Guesthouse. 
No need to go out! Yes, we are lazy like that. Tee hee.

I cooked this! Breakfast includes sausage, egg, pancake, toast and fresh fruits. 

I also discovered this awesome new method of eating Asam Pedas, Pangkor style!
First eat up all the noodles. Then add in the mi snack packet and then enjoy a bowl of crunchy goodness. Yum!

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

We also decided to sneak attack Api with a birthday celebration. So we improvised with a tub of ice-cream and candles bought from the convenience store nearby. Ta-dah, birthday cake celebration on Pangkor island mission success!  

Another happy memory made! 

Also, we brought hero capes along for the trip, because we are trippy bad ass that way:

Beautiful beach, fun people and beautiful memories. Pangkor, I’ll miss you! It was totally worth it, even though it took us 11 hours to reach home due to the Hari Raya exodus traffic back home.

Two weeks from now, I’ll be helming a wild bridal shower for not one, not two, but THREE brides-to-be too! That’s going to be pretty awesome too and I’m excited to tell you guys all about it in September. Also, the Pangkor trip was such a hit that my in-laws have requested that we celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong end of the year. I said OK and promised to plan for the trip.

But I’m not promising anything else, OK!

BTW, better book your reservation at Nipah Guesthouse ASAP as they get filled up very fast. They only run 8 units to ensure privacy and quiet at all times.

Nipah Guesthouse facebook:
Booking can be done via email to
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