Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jeff + Pam play at Jeju Island Trick Art Museum 2013

A recent comment left on my My 8D6N Honeymoon Trip to Korea with Apple Vacations posts reminded me that I actually haven't told you guys about my awesome trip to Korea earlier this year. Oops!

We played at the Trick Museum in Jeju Island, Korea. I highly recommend getting a camera tripod (mine was less than RM20) especially if you're going on a trip for just two people.

So much WIN in this pic. Check out our masterpieces! 

I call this: Itchy. 

Somebody's gonna get butt-hurt soon... 

Defend the husband!



Can we keep her?

I'm ancient, and I still make faces in front of the camera (part I) 


I'm ancient, and I still make faces at the camera (part II)

Maybe if we keep very still, it'll go away.

Can we keep him?

Brush. Your. Teeth!

I look weird today.

Freaking dragon power!



Tomb raider (part I)

Tomb raider (part II)

Tomb raider and his love interest 

So many things going on in this photo.

Highlights of Jeju Island for me are the Trick Museum, Mysterious Road and black pork meat. 

Check it out! We had two hours of great fun in there!

For more info on Jeju Island Trick Art Museum, click here.


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