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How to plan the Best Hen Night / Bachelorette Party in Kuala Lumpur (no alcohol)

Most hen night parties in KL include selling condoms to strangers and drinking lots and lots of alcohol. This might sound really fun to most people, but for my group of Klang girls, we prefer a more EPIC party sans alcohol. Read on for some cute ideas on how we launched a fun girly day out!

The Itinerary
3pm: Ladylike High Tea at the Apartment, the Curve
6pm: Pole dancing and sexy class at Bobbi's Pole, Jalan Ampang, KL 
830pm: Dinner at Italiannies 

The Apartment had a high tea special - a set of high tea plus coffee/tea for 2 people for less RM50! 
The 7 sets of tea we ordered for 13 girls was more than enough and the bill came up to less than RM350. 

This is me feathering and crowning the next Bride-to-be. We had THREE brides that day and four of us were already married, so we took turns to crown the next mrs-to-be. Purchased the crowns, feather boa and bride-to-be sash from eBay. The sashes sold in Malaysia is priced exorbitantly at RM80 per piece, when it's actually only RM12 online. eBay rocks! 

This pretty diamante crown probably cost around RM50 offline, but if you look for China sellers on Ebay, you can get it for less than RM10. 

The other girls wore grey headbands (^_^) Kawaii! Purchased the headbands from Mr. DIY (the Curve) for less than RM2 per piece! Great party favors you can use again and again. Can you spot the badge on my chest? We also wore badges with faces of the lucky husbands! 

The badges were RM3.50 per piece from a Malaysian company. They're fast and the badges came out in high quality! If you print more badges, you get a cheaper price but I only needed like 15 pieces. For quotation, email I secretly resent the husbands because NONE of them replied when I asked for their photos to be secretly printed. They probably thought I was a stalker, but seriously... (=____=) I am married to a super hot man, OK! 

Ahem, ahem anyway ~ 

Instead of lingerie, I decided to prepare photobooks for each of the brides. The photobooks were presented by the only pregnant woman amongst us. ^_^ Ho ho ho 

The brides had to fill up the photobooks with photos taken during the hen night, otherwise they couldn't go home. I brought along a portable printer for the occasion. Leave a comment if you would like to know more about the printer I used. 

The back of the photo album was filled with personal letters from us to the brides. I only wrote mine on a post it note, but some of the other girls went all out! There were photos, stickers and SM even typed hers out. LOL, we are straight-A nerdy students forever!

The penis cake I ordered was a downright disappointment. Ordered from Bliss Cupcakes for RM300. The cake was so hard and sweet that we couldn't eat it at all and the baker was downright irresponsible. The penis was supposed to read: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD but she changed it to SQUEEZE ME without even telling me. Obviously, she has no humor, no class nor taste buds. Order at your own peril. I prefered the Wondermilk penis cupcakes we got for a previous hen night event which costed only RM90.

After high tea, off to Bobbi's Pole studio in Jalan Ampang. We're lucky because we managed to book the private bungalow studio! It's so pretty in black and pink! Bobbi's has now moved to Bangsar, which is harder to park at. The fee was RM120 per girl, which trust me, is very worth the money. Suffice to say, there was a lot of sexiness in the room, and someone showed up with a perky butt, thigh-high knee boots and a bikini. 

All of my childhood girlfriends and I posing together with our sexy teachers (in front). It was so fun that Bobbi Pole actually featured us on their Facebook Page \(^_^)/ Yay, MGS! 

Ahem, after the sexy pole dancing session, we traipsed back to the Curve and had dinner at Italiannies. 

The brides are busy filling up their album with photos! You can't go home if your photo book isn't filled up with memories!

I suggested Italiannies because it's one of the few places in KL where you can order a big, big plate of pasta and share it among friends you've known for more than half your life. Also, it was much cheaper. The dinner bill for 11 of us came up to be less than RM550. Also, the three brides decided to pay for our dinner so it was free for the rest of us! Hur, hur, hur! 

You don't need alcohol to do crazy things like these. You just need really sporting brides and a supportive group of friends! BTW, what happens at Hen Night, stays in Hen Night. *wink* 

Our Alcohol-Free Boy-Free Scavenger Hunt List for the Photobook:
Take Group Photo 
Write down 3 things you love about future hubby 
Kiss a Girl
Sexy pose with your penis cake 
Wear your crown the whole day 
Take photo with someone wearing the same color underwear as you 
Give someone a lap dance 
Find a pole and spin around it 
Construct a penis from food 
Demonstrate putting on a condom on a sweet potato 

Other Tips
1. Fix the hen night date two months in advance. If you have several girlfriends getting married in the same year, get them all to celebrate the hen night together so this will take away the trepidation of the night and more people will turn up.

2. Get your guests to pay you their share of the hen night in advance so there's no last minute back-out. I kept the cash for the day and paid everything first, so everyone could just enjoy themselves and not have to worry about anything. The fee per person was only RM300 (excluding the three brides). RM300 for 10 hours of fun with 3 brides! Who says Malaysian money is small, huh :D

3. One of the things the brides had to do was put a condom on a sweet potato with their mouths. I highly recommend this dare for every hen night party because the physical properties of a sweet potato is similar to the anatomy of a male appendage. If you're doing this in a public place, get the guests to gather around the girls so they won't be shy about outsiders watching in bemusement.

Happy Planning! 

For the men: Read about how to plan the best stag night of your life in KL with a giant rolling ball, beer, Guinness, a gold crown and a Princess Aurora costume. 


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